The Story So Far (Joshler)

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3. Chapter 3

When Josh woke up the next day he regretted everything. He wanted to be with Tyler. Did he want to be with Tyler? No. Of course not. He wants to be with Debby. Today Josh would figure it out when Ashley came over. Or you may know her by Halesy. But her real name is Ashley Frangipane. Josh sat up in his bed with a headache. He groaned rubbing his temples. He stood up making mis migraine worse. He slowly made his way to the bathroom where he stripped his clothes off and got into the shower letting it was off all of his stress. He stood there in the shower until it got cold. Then he washed his hair and body as quickly as he could. He got out of the shower as soon as he washed all of the soapy bubbles off of his tall, muscular frame. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist going into the main area of his room and walking to his dresser drawers and opened the top drawer and grabbed a fresh pair of boxers. He slipped them onto his legs pulling them all the way up. He grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans with holes there the knees are. He pulled them onto his legs as well as soon as he did so fixing the hold to be right over his knees. When he was doing do he saw the black mark in his knee. It was a word. A name. "Tyler"  He forgot about that. He immediately ripped the tight fabric off of his legs and got a new pair of jeans and instead of holes at the knees, there were leather pieces over the knees. He put on his favorite shirt. It was the NASA shirt that he bought when he went to a space museum with...with Tyler. He took that off as well and grabbed a plain grey tee shirt. He slipped that on and grabbed a pair of socks. He wasn't leaving but it just felt better than walking around barefoot. He slinked out of his room and flew down the stairs. He rounded the corner to the kitchen and got a bowl from a cabinet. He pulled out the silverware drawer and grabbed a spoon . He set the bowl next to the spoon on the counter. He opened another cabinet and grabbed a box of froot loops. He went over to the fridge and got the gallon of milk (which was actually almost gone) and poured it into the bowl. He then grabbed the cereal box, opened it, and poured it in until it was full. He put the cereal and milk away in their respectable homes and took the spoon in his hands. He dipped the spoon into the bowl and took a bite of the cereal before hearing the doorbell ring. He groaned and got up from his seat at the table to see who it was. It was probably just Ashley. And it was. He opened the door and saw his blue haired friend. He welcomed her into his house and she followed him into the kitchen where Josh ate his cereal. 

"So, what's up Jishwa?" Ashley asked, curious.

"Tyler..." Josh said as he rinsed out his bowl and grabbed the sponge scrubbing the bowl with some dish soap.

"Why is that?" Ashley said, leaning forward resting her head in her fist. 

"I like him..." Josh whispered. Ashley's eyes widened and she smiled. 

" him like him?" She pushed. Josh just simply nodded. Ashley smiled. 
"What are you gonna do about it?" She said a smirk rowing large on her face. Josh shrugged. 
"I asked a girl out and now I don't know what to do." Josh admitted. He slumped down into his seat at the table. 
"I know what you can do." Ashley said sitting up excited. Josh raised his eyebrows. 


"I know we just got together but...I made a mistake. We can't be together anymore." Josh said into his phone.
"I don't understand. You were the one who asked me out!" Debby screamed from the other end. "You know what?! Don't talk to me again!" She screamed and hung up on Josh. He looked back over to where Ashley was sitting.

"I think I'm done with dating for now." Josh said a little scared of the female gender at the moment.

"Good! That'll give you time to understand yourself a little more. Until then, no hanging out with Tyler." Ashley said causing Josh to frown. "I think I love him..." he thought to himself.


One week later!


Josh: Ashley...I know what I want to do...

Ashley: Good! I'm coming over...

Ashley drove over to Josh house. She didn't knock she just waltzed right in. Josh looked at her with confusion clear on his face. 

"Two words," Ashley said with a smirk. "Gay...Bar..."

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