The Story So Far (Joshler)

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2. Chapter 2

Josh was disgusted with himself. How could he like a man? He decided to clear his mind by going on a walk. He grabbed his key and locked the front door after he left his house. He walked down a few blocks until he got to a park. He saw a few cameras and a red headed girl sitting on a bench talking to a man while she was getting filmed. Josh walked over and waited for them to finish. When they finally finished the girl walked over to Josh. Josh looked up and smiled. 

"Hi." he said. "I'm Josh." he held his hand out and she took it.

"I'm Debby." she said shaking Josh's hand.

"I happened to notice you standing here and I wanted to give you this." Debby said handing Josh a piece of paper.

Josh took it and opened it. It was her phone number.

"Do you wanna go get some coffee?" Josh said even though she was WAY out of his league, for more than one reason.

"Sure." Debby replied taking Josh's hand in her own. They walked to a coffee shop by the park. They sat there for a few hours just talking. Finally Josh stood up as did Debby.

"Well it was really nice meeting you Debby." Josh said. As soon as he looked up at the door he saw Tyler walking into the shop. In a panic Josh wanted to show himself that he could be in live with a woman. Quickly he grabbed Debby's face and smashed his lips onto her own. They moved along with each others as Josh was trying not to push her away and wipe off his mouth. He kept kissing her. He then heard the door close and he opened his eyes and saw Tyler leaving. He pulled away from Debby and wiped his mouth off. He wanted to be with Debby to prove to himself he was was not *Whisper whisper* homosexual. He didn't even like to think about it. He thought it was wrong. 
"Will you be my girlfriend?" Josh asked Debby holding down his coughing. He wanted this. He was going to fall in love with Debby. He doesn't like Tyler. He is not *whisper whisper* homosexual. 

"Yeah, sure." Debby answered. She pulled Josh unto another kiss.

"What did I just get myself into?" Josh thought to himself.

"At least I'm not *whisper whisper* homosexual...."

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