The Story So Far (Joshler)

Just Read It


1. Chapter 1

"Josh?" Tyler said with a soft voice so quiet he could barley hear himself. 

"Yeah?" Josh replied at he looked over from the T.V to his best friend sitting on the couch.

"Have you ever...wondered...oh never mind." Tyler said mostly to himself but changed his mind.

"Have I ever wondered what?" Josh pushed.

"Nothing, forget it." Tyler said looking down. Josh placed his fingers softly under Tyler's chin and lifted his head to look him in the eyes. 

"Have I ever wondered what Tyler?" Josh said barley above a whisper.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do this?" Tyler said slowly moving his face towards Josh. As Tyler closed his eyes Josh threw himself away from Tyler. 

"What the hell?!" Josh yelled in disgust as he pushed himself to the T.V stand. He quickly scrambled to his feet and ran to the front door.

"Wait! Josh!" Tyler pleaded as he ran after Josh. Josh just ran to his car and sped off into the night. Tyler shut the door and leaned his back against the door. His body slowly slid down the door until he was on his butt with his knees to his chest and his arms wrapped around them. His head rested neatly between his knees and his arms. He wiped away the tears as they poured down his face.

Josh sped down the road until he came upon his own house. He parked his car and ran up to his front door unlocking it. He immediately went to his bedroom and changed into his pajamas and got into bed. As soon as he slipped into his bed under the covers he placed his head on his pillow and closed his eyes. He tossed and turned and couldn't get to sleep. He finally got to sleep and his mind went on an adventure. 

Josh walked up to Tyler's front door and he took a key out of his pocket. He unlocked the door and walked inside. He closed the door behind him and walked to the kitchen and saw Tyler at the table with his laptop and a notebook. 

"Hey" Josh said to Tyler. Tyler looked up and smiled. He stood from his chair and walked over to Josh. Josh placed his hand on Tyler's cheek and pulled his face closer to his own. He pressed his lips softly onto Tyler's and closed his eyes. His lips moved in synch with Tyler's. Tyler's hands were softly gripping Josh's sweatshirt at his waist. Josh placed his other hand on Tyler's other cheek. It was perfect. Josh pushed Tyler against the counter softly and Tyler smiled into the kiss. Suddenly Tyler moved his hand and there was a loud "BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!" 

Josh jumped away from Tyler in surprise. 

Josh sat up in his bed and looked at his clock. He pressed "Off" and the beeping stopped. He slowly got up and opened the curtains to reveal a sky full of bright light from the floating orb in the sky. Josh sighed.

"It was a dream...of course..." he said to himself sadly. He got himself dressed and just sat on the couch all day thinking about Tyler's lips on his. Or at least the dream he just woke up from. He was disgusted with himself and the fact that he liked a boy. 

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