Life gets complicated after the death of Magnus. Especially as the only person who makes Alec feel anything, even if it is only hate, is Clary Fray. However, its not smooth sailing when you're boyfriend and his Parabatai both love you. But, with Jace moving further away, will he push Clary into Alec's arm.


6. Dance

Only You - Selena Gomez

I hate you, I love you - Gnash

Can I have this dance - HSM3

Clary's Pov

"You just look so good." Izzy spun me around, as if I was a piece of her work she was proud of. "Jace isn't going to be able to keep his hands off you, or Alec for that matter." She teased me and I rolled my eyes, but didn't disguise the crimson that rose upon my cheeks.

"The boy's should be waiting for us now." Izzy smiled, rolling purple lipstick across her lips. 

I always found it strange dressing up for a party that was taking place at the institute, they always made the training rooms look so beautiful in comparison to the mundane realities. 

Cars and portals alike were ripe around the building. Downworlders were allowed to attend the review event, as we worked in close proximity the Clave liked to check on everyone. People were smiling at us as walked down the long corridor. 

"So much for them waiting for us." Izzy had complained, "They are already inside?" I asked her, and she nodded slowly. We walked to the room which held all. 

People in long dresses of all different colours, different suits scattered around the room. There were so many runes on show it was almost hard to keep track of who everyone was. We were here to represent the clave, not to have fun. Whereas Izzy, was here to have fun. 

Izzy left my side almost immediately after we got into the room, I was stood stranded like a gazelle in a room of lions.  You always get a couple of stares when you're the daughter of Valentine, but it was always worse at public events. 

"You look lost." I heard, and I turned and smiled up to Jace who wore a dashing grey suit. "Wow, look at you." I grinned and gesture for him to give me a twirl, he simply rolls his eyes and laughs. "Do you want a drink?" he offers, and I shake my head telling him I am okay for now. 

"I would love to stand here and talk to you, and dance with you and..." he paused and kisses me, "Kiss you, but I have duties to perform, so mingle, and try to look like you belong." he winks at me, and places one more delicate kiss on my lips before returning to business negotiations. 

I sighed, looking for some sign of Izzy, but she is wildly distracted by a vampire sitting on the sofa. 

The room is packed, and it's a little hard to breath, with all the bodies moving around and all of the alcohol that is being thrown around. 

Sitting at the bar made it easier to analyse the room. I caught Alec's eyes, he gave me a brief smile, and his eyes darted between me and the middle ages man he was talking too. I give him a small wave, and the way he looks at me reminds of something.

I remember the same party this time last year. 

Magnus was alive. 

Alec was a proud boyfriend, showing him of to the world. 

The room was lighter then. Everyone wore exciting colours, and the drinks tasted better when they were made by Magnus. 

Death hadn't ever scared Alec. The only thing that had scared him, was a life without Magnus, and here he was. Talking. Breathing. Facing that fear. 

The hardest part about loosing Magnus, wasn't loosing him. It was learning to live with out him. Always trying to fill the void. Looking for something else to make you feel whole again. 

I remembered this same party, last year. 

Alec was happy, and smiling at Magnus, whilst he talked business. 



Alec was happy, and smiling at me, whilst he talked business.

I watched him for a couple of seconds more, feeling my cheeks get heavy with a blush, and I try and turn around to shake off the feeling, but it stays. 

I feel a hand on my shoulder and see Alec. 

"You look lost." he told me, the same way Jace had. Alec was wearing an all black suit, and I was in awe of how he looked. "Not lost, just lonely." I tell him. 

"Well, Fray, its your lucky day, because I have just finished a very important conversation which has given me exactly 23 minutes of time to spend with you." he smiled down at me, and I beam up at him, "This friend thing is really going to your head." I rolled my eyes laughing, and he turned to leave, but I grab his arm quickly, and let it fall to touch his hand. 

"Stay," I paused, "you can't be that bad of company." I teased him. 

"Are you hot?" he asked me, and I stand before him offended, "What?" I asked, puzzled by him. "Your cheeks." he pointed to them, and I touch them both with my hands. "Oh, My cheeks? Yeah, I guess it is a little bit warm in here." I tried to laugh, but embarrassment was must harder to disguise. 

"Do you want to take a walk?" he asked me, "Are you allowed? I mean, Jace basically said he was chained here the entire night, why aren't you?" I asked him with a cocked head, and he smirked, "Because my mother owns the place." he laughed, and nodded for me to follow him, avoiding the eye line of his mother. 

We got outside and the cold air hit us harshly. 

"You look very nice tonight, Clary." Alec had spoken to me as he held the door open for me, and I smiled at him, and then noticed the splash of colour in his tie. 

"Wasn't Jace supposed to wear the red tie, to match my dress?" I asked him smirking, and he stumbled over his words for a moment, and then I placed my hands onto his tie, and adjusted it, to which his breathing slowed down and he was looking down at me. 

"This means we are going to gave to dance." I say to make him more comfortable, "I was only joking." I nudged him to make him move from stiffness. 

"Dancing with me can't sound like much of a bad idea." I continue to walk down the street he has taken us too. 

Alec's Pov

"Dancing with me can't sound like much of a bad idea." she smirked at me, and flicks her hair over her shoulder, flashing those green eyes at me.

Dancing with her didn't sound at all bad. The idea of our bodies being together was sounding better every second I spent with her. Part of me hated it. I knew how much Jace loved her, and I knew that she loved Jace too, even when he didn't deserve it, she did. Here I was, trying to persuade myself that I wanted to be with her. 

"Come on then!" she called me, and like a lost boy I followed her. 

We wandered the streets that she loved so much, the streets that made her feel she was home. 

I hadn't been able to stop looking at her all night, it didn't matter how much I tried to focus on the conversations I was having with other people, she only had to sit there and I was distracted. How did Jace manage to distance himself away from her tonight, of all nights, when she just looked beautiful. 

"Have you cooled off now?" I asked her, and the crimson was still present in her cheeks when I asked her, but she hummed a yes. "Is that you saying we have to go back inside?" she walked over to me, closing the space between our bodies. 

"No. Only if you want to." I hold my breath, hoping to be in her presence a little bit longer. "I'm happy here." she beams at me. 

"Come on." she tells me, and grabs my hand. We both look at our entwined fingers, and smile at each other briefly. "Where are we going?" I asked her, and she shrugged. "You tell me." she smiles. 

I knew the place I wanted to see her. 

We were close, and I was ready to run. Then my phone rang. 

"Hello?" I coughed moving away from Clary, "Where are you?" Jace's voice was quite down the speaker. "Jace. Hey." I spoke, and saw Clary's face go white. 

"Mom is looking everywhere for you." Jace explained to me, "Where are you?" he continued, "We went outside for some air." I spoke, "We?" Jace asked, and I looked to Clary. "Yeah, Clary didn't look so good, so I brought her outside for some air." I tried to defend why me and Clary have disappeared alone, together. 

"Well, just hurry back." Jace sounded pissed off, something that was happening more and more recently. I hung up the phone, and I turned to Clary who was still staring at me with those green eyes.

"Maybe we should go back, my mother will kill me if I disappear any longer." I sighed, and moved in a little bit closer to her. "I 'didn't look so good', huh?" she teased me.

"I didn't mean it like that, you know how Jace is at the minute. You do you do look good. You look beautiful." I tell her with the straightest face, and she offers me a warm smile, "You don't look too bad yourself." she grins at me, and links her arm in mine as we walk back to the institute.

"We are going to get in trouble if we keep doing this." she looked up at me, doe-eyed. "Doing what?" I asked her, "Sneaking off together, last thing everyone knew, we hated each other, now look at us." she explained. 

"I still hate you." I look down to her, and she shakes her head, "Alexander Lightwood, you are helplessly in love with me." she tells me, and I laugh at her dramatic nature, but can't help but play along.

"How did you know, huh?" I stopped, and she moved to stand in front of me. 

"The way you look at me." she grins up at me. 

"Oh really?" I laughed, and she moves a little closer, and places her hands onto my chest.

"Yes. We are going to have to tone it down. It'll have to be midnight dates, and early morning rendezvous." she spoke with a smile in a hushed voice. 

I couldn't help but think that it didn't sound bad. It sounded like something i'd do willingly. Spending time with Clary Fray would have made me uncomfortable months ago, but now, it was the only thing that I wanted to do. 

"Early morning rendezvous, huh?" I smirked down at her, and traced a thumb across her cheek. "Doesn't sound too bad, does it?" she was serious, this didn't feel like a joke anymore.

"Sounds good to me." I tell her, and she moves that little bit closer, and drapes her arms around my neck. 

Oh god.

"Are you just going to stand there?" she asked me, and now I don't know if she is teasing or she is in love with me. 

"You tell me." I whispered, my words turning to smoke.

Clary Fray moves in closer. 

Clary Fray's breath is touching my skin.

Clary Fray kisses my cheek, and I want more. 

Clary's Pov

We were going to kiss. 

I wanted to kiss him. 

But, I didn't know if this was just a joke to him. 

So, I kissed his cheek, and we walked hand-in-hand, in silence back to the institute, it wasn't uncomfortable. In-fact it was the most normal I had felt since becoming a shadowhunter. 

We made it back, and everyone carried on as usual. 

Alec stole glances at me, I teased him, blowing him the odd kiss. 

I danced with Jace, he told me I looked nice. 

I then danced with Alec, because his tie matched my dress, and he told me - for the second time - I looked beautiful. 


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