Life gets complicated after the death of Magnus. Especially as the only person who makes Alec feel anything, even if it is only hate, is Clary Fray. However, its not smooth sailing when you're boyfriend and his Parabatai both love you. But, with Jace moving further away, will he push Clary into Alec's arm.


2. City Lights


Songs for Chapter

Ghost- Ella Henderson

New Americana – Halsey

If you don’t know – 5SOS

Scars - James Bay

Clary’s Pov

I loved the neon blue colours that danced across the room. I always remembered bringing Simon here, he’d pretend to love it, but he always hated it. 

Izzy, however, she loved it.

I loved it because Izzy loved it. 

We all stood at the bar, Izzy and Alec were talking. I was leant over the bar ordering the drinks, Jace tried to cover me from other eyes. 

“You look really nice tonight.” Jace had lied, “These are Izzy’s.” I replied flatly to him. “I can tell.” He almost laughed, and I fought away the urge to laugh with him. 

We all grabbed a both as sweaty bodies danced around us. It was so easy to lose yourself in a place like this, with too much to drink and the bad influences. 

Being in here made me miss Simon, the way he’d always dance like no one was watching, only me. We’d spent so many nights in here, and being here now made me almost feel normal. 

“Are you having fun Alec?” Izzy had turned to him, “You look a little pale.” I commented, and he turned to me with a straight face. “You’re as funny as ever, Clary.” He told me, “I wasn’t joking.” I smiled at him, and he chuckled. 

“I’m fine, Izzy. It’s just so hot in here.” He complained, and I agreed, sliding off my black leather jacket to fully reveal Izzy’s short black dress, that clung to every inch of my skin.

“Is that Izzy’s?” Alec asked me, and I nodded, “It doesn’t suit you.” He smirked at me, playfully. “Really?” I stood up, and twirled around in it for a moment as he sat beside me. 

Letting the neon lights reflect of the leather, and flicking my hair over my shoulder, I let my eyes fall on Alec, who’s head was tilted to the side and he held a smile. 

“Alec. How about we get another drink?” Jace coughed and we both turned to face him, and I smiled sweetly back at Alec, who looked rather flustered as Jace called his name. 

The two walked away and Izzy grabbed my hand and pulled me to dance with her. 

Izzy was beautiful. Izzy was a race of her own, with those cascading locks of black tar that dripped down her spin, and fox like eyes that looked so slick. 

“What do you think they are talking about?” Izzy asked me as she moved her body to the music, and I shrugged and looked over at them. 

The two looked intensely at each other, and Alec jaw was tight, Jace’s even tighter. 

Alec’s Pov

“Alec. How about we get another drink?” I heard a voice pull me away from Clary’s shining leather body that had moments before captivated me. I nodded towards Jace and left the girls to dance.

We reached the bar and placed our order, and waited. 

“What was all that about?” Jace frowned at me, “What?” I asked him, oblivious. 

“With Clary, the way you looked at her?” he continued to push, and I glanced over his shoulder to see Izzy and Clary dancing, and the way they smiled at each other was wonderful. 

“I don’t know what you’re on about.” I pulled my vision back to Jace.

“I felt it. You had a knot in your stomach, and you lost your breath. Only for a second, but it was there.” Jace stared at me with such intensity.

“Are you suggesting I was looking at Clary, how you look at her?” I scoffed, and Jace was quite for a moment, and then began laughing. 

“Maybe it’s just a messy connection between us tonight.” Jace shook his head, “Jace, you do remember that I was dating a guy, right?” I asked him, and he hummed a yes, “Things can change, or maybe you could like both.” Jace suggested, and I shrugged, stealing a glance and Clary once more. 


We grabbed the drinks and headed back over to the girls. I wasn’t a dancer so I sat one out, so did Clary, as she left Izzy and Jace to dance and laugh. 

“Are you having fun?” she said to me after a moment of silence between us. “No, are you?” he asked me, “Why aren’t you having fun?” she turned to me, her dress squeaking making me smirk.

“I don’t know. I’m not, not having fun. But, still not, you know?” I explained, and her forehead crinkled and she looked confused. “We can go, if you’d like?” she suggested. 

“Why are you being so nice to me?” I asked her suddenly, and she took a minute to respond.

“I told you, I wanted to see Jace and Izzy happy.” She looked down at her hands, “Clary Fray, do you care about me?” I chuckled at her, and she blushed, making her eyes looked even better. 

“So, what if I do, Alexander Lightwood?” She sassed back, “Well, that would be completely crazy.” I teased her. 

“Seriously, Alec, I’m glad you’re okay.” She offered me her hand, and I took his cautiously, “Does this mean we are friends now?” I asked her, and she shrugged, “No sleepovers or best friend bracelets yet.” She laughed. 

“We should get the others and head back.” I spoke, and she stood up and looked around for them. “I found Izzy.” she pointed, and stood with her was a faerie. “Something tells me she isn’t coming home tonight.” I shook my head, and turned to see Jace at the bar. 

“Clary?” I spoke, and she turned around with a dazzling smile that could brighten any room, but soon it faded. 

Jace was stood with a brunette in a short red dress, and she had tanned skin, and dark brown eyes. 

I looked down on Clary, and flung my arm around her shoulder quickly, feeling her sadness emit around the room. 

I looked at Jace who was inches from this woman’s face, smiling at her as if he didn’t have a care in the world. The woman played with her hair and laughed at him, delicately. 

Clary shook me off, and instead she grabbed my hand for support. Could she not stand, was she knocked with some kind of sickness at seeing Jace this way? 

Boundary lines soon melted away, and the woman reached for his face and cooed him. Clary’s grip was tighter as we continued to watch the two. 

For a moment, I get an ache where our Parabatai rune lies, and then is fizzles out. The further in this woman pulled him, the more I felt Clary’s presence. 

For I’d never imagined this girl looking fragile and weak, because she’d been unstoppable since the moment I had met her. But right now, I could see her fire being put out by Jace’s actions. 

“How about we just go?” Clary looked up at me with those wonderful green eyes and for a moment, I see Magnus. My heart aches, and his eyes are the only other eyes that have made me want to say yes. 

“Yes. Let’s go.” I utter, and she pulls me through with my hand.

We walked outside and the air hit us. 

Clary let go of my hand, and she’d left a red patch from squeezing so hard. 

“He’s been like that since you went into hiding.” Clary told me, and I remained silent. “I hoped you coming back would change that.” She sighed, “He’s always been a lady’s man, Fray.” He told me, and I nodded softly. 

“But, I am sorry. You don’t deserve what’s he’s doing.” I told her, and she smiled sweetly up and her and for a moment, I wanted to kiss her. 

I turned my head from the trance her green eyes had left me in. 

We walked back to the institute, everything was quite for a while. Clary was looking for something, something important. 

Maybe a place where her smiles could stand a little bit longer. A place where her legs could walk without getting tired. Something important. 

“What are you looking for?” I asked her, “Nothing. I just love looking at the city at night, it’s rare. We are always looking for a demon at night, and doing this, just being here, makes me feel normal.” She smiled up at me. 

As I watch her I look at the girl who brought me back to reality. Who came to my door every day for three weeks, and didn’t give up on me.

I watched her as she looked around the city, I watched her and it hit me. I didn’t hate Clary Fray.

I was wrong, so very wrong about her. 

Because, when no one else knew how to get through to me, she did. 


And here I was, thinking she was just a girl, but she’s so much more than that.

"What do you like about the city so much?" I asked, wondering what was so good about this city.  "I've grew up here. It's a part of me, there's so much history to it." she looked happy, and I felt a swelling in my stomach, and couldn't help but smile at her. 

"It's always awake, it doesn't stop moving for anyone. I admire it." Clary continued, and once she started talking about the city she didn't stop. 

"There's a place, I used to go there and draw the sky line. It was different every night. The lights were different, the colour of the sky around it was always different." she smiled, and I turned to her, "Let's go." and she cocked her head, "What?" she asked. "To your spot, let's go." I spoke, and she frowned in confusion. 

"I'm serious" I smirked at her. 

We walked for a about fifteen minutes, Clary had never looked more at home than when the street lights bounced out of her eyes.  Clary was a big city girl, she had big dreams, then she became a shadow hunter. 

"Here it is." Clary smiled, and we stopped at the bottom of a set of stairs, and walking up it took a life time. But, to see Clary's face when she reached the top. I'd walk it one thousand times. 

"Don't you just love it?" Clary smiled and leant against a roof vent. I smiled down at her, "I do." I grinned. 

"It's all about perspective." Clary rambled on about art, and that was okay. It was nice to see she had a passion, more than just hunting demons like me. 

I wondered if Jace had made it home. I could feel something, some connection, and I didn't know what it was. It felt weak.  I looked back to Clary who stood taking pictures of the skyline on her phone, and she turned her head and smiled at me, turning her phone to me and yelling at me to smile. 

I smiled. 

"We should probably get going." I called to her, she tucked her phone away. "It's pretty late." she commented looking at her watch. "You also look freezing." I commented, "I left my jacket in the club, but i'm okay." she flashed a smile. 

What did all those guys in the movies do? I never had to give Magnus my jacket, because he always had his own. 

I shrugged it off my shoulders, and wrapped it over her. "You didn't need to." she looked up to me, and I stopped. "Well, now we are friends, I can't let you freeze to death." and she laughed lightly, and walked the whole way back in my jacket. 

When we got back to the institute we were laughing in each others company, my cheeks ached. I hadn't laughed in months, and especially with Clary Fray. I didn't think I had laughed with Clary Fray, ever. 

"This friend thing, it's not awful." she cocked her head to me, and we stopped at hallway, before leaving to bed. 

"Thank you." I told her, and brushed loose curls from her eyes, and she almost flushed under my hand. "You've really helped me. I still miss Magnus, I probably always will. But, thank you for reminded me that he wasn't the only one that needed me." I told her, and she shrugged, "Anytime, friend." she nudged me and bit down on her lip.

Clary Fray had left me standing alone, and I wanted her to come back. 

I wanted her to make me feel something, I hated her sometimes, but it was nicer to love her. 

But, I can't love her. 

Besides, it must be because I want affection, I must just miss Magnus. 

I wanted to spend time with her, but how?

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