Life gets complicated after the death of Magnus. Especially as the only person who makes Alec feel anything, even if it is only hate, is Clary Fray. However, its not smooth sailing when you're boyfriend and his Parabatai both love you. But, with Jace moving further away, will he push Clary into Alec's arm.


3. Chest2Chest

Songs for Chapter

- Please Don't Leave me - Pink

- With or Without You - U2

- The Winner Takes It All - Abba


I had stumbled back to my room, still tingling from the cold air, the alcohol and Alec. His coat was dropped over my shoulders, and it smelt of warm cinnamon. 

I was in shock that Alec had been the reason that my night had been so enjoyable. I had hoped to reconcile with Jace, however, the woman in the red dress had ruined possibilities of that. However, I wanted to thank her. 

Alec had treated me like a person. A real breathing person, rather than a pest that had been thrown in and they'd been told to keep me as a pet. 

Alec had acknowledged my existence in a way he'd never done before. A way that made me feel warm, and had left a sting in my cheeks, that still hadn't left. 

I'd never noticed how dark his eyes were before, or how shaped his jaw was. Even that his smile was the last thing I wanted to see before I died.

I'd walked into my room with a flush rushing around my cheeks, and Jace was waiting for me. He'd sat on the my bed, reading a book about runes. However, he'd not been reading it closely, because he knew my return home was imminent. 

"I didn't think you'd be home." I muttered, and let the smile fall from my face. "Where were you, you just left? I thought something had happened!" Jace jumped over to me, and cupped my face in his hands to check for injury, and then his wrapped his arms around me. 

Jace then pulled back, and cocked his head and ran his fingers over Alec's jacket. 

"Alecs?" he frowned, and I nodded. 

"Alec and I went for a walk. I left my jacket in Pandemonium." I shrugged as if it was nothing, and shook it off quickly, feeling cold as it left my shoulders. 

"Why did you two leave?" Jace squints in confusion. "Well, you seemed busy with the Brunette at the bar." I seethed pulling my hair into a pony tail. Sliding out of my dress, pulling over a button up bed-shirt. 

Jace didn't have a reply for me. 

"Do you mind leaving, I need to go to bed." I folded my arms across my chest, "I didn't do anything wrong." Jace defended himself, "Congratulations, you can go now." I turned, and he grabbed my hand. 

"Clary." Jace frowned at me with sadness, and I rolled my eyes, as I hated to see him sad. 

"Jace, you were flirting with her, right in front of my face." I told him, "You know I don't mean too." he spoke, "Then don't do it." I almost shout at him, and he recoils. 

"Jace, i've had a long day. I'm tired and I don't want argue anymore. That's all we've done for months, and I can't fight with you tonight." I sighed, "I had a really nice time tonight. I don't want an argument to ruin it." I explained to him. 

"I'm going to talk to other women, Clary. You need to trust me." Jace sighed back at me, "I do trust you." I lied, and he laughed sarcastically. "Where did you go with Alec?" he asked suddenly. 

"We just walked around the city." I frowned, feeling like I needed all my defences up. "Why didn't you come and get me?" he frowned, "I've told you. If you wanted to stop flirting with that girl, you could have. I shouldn't have to stop you." I felt tears prick my eyes. 

"I thought having Alec back would make you happy again, the way you used to be, but you just keep pushing me away. 

Even though I convinced him to come and train with us, and I explained that you needed him. Weeks i've been trying to help Alec, for you and Izzy. Now, he's back I thought you'd be happy. I thought you'd stop trying to get affection from somewhere else.

You don't care about being in a relationship, it's all work. You've barely seen me in weeks, because you won't take five minutes to just ask about my day." I tried to make him listen. 

"I have a duty, Clary." he frowned at me, and lowered his voice. "You also have a duty to me. As a boyfriend." I looked away from him. 

"Clary, my work is important, you're acting like a brat." he scowled at me, "I'm a brat because I want to spend time you? I'm a brat because you've not bothered to ask how I'm doing. I miss you, Jace. And, you don't care." 

There was silence. 

"I'm going to go to bed. " Jace muttered, and went to leave.

"You're not even going to stay and work this out. You're just going to walk out on me, again?" I asked him, and he barely looked at me. "Just go." I shook my head at him. 

And he did. 

The next morning I heard bellows of laughter coming from the kitchen. Everyone was awake. 

I thought about seeing Jace. Then Alec.

I pulled on some jeans, and a over sizes jumper with some brown boots. The mirror told me today I wasn't looking great. I grabbed my sketch pad. I had red eyes from crying all night, and I was paler than usual. I grabbed a bag, and took a deep breath before leaving my room. 

I had to walk through the kitchen to leave. As I walked in the laughter soon died down, as I ignored everyone and rummaged for my keys in the draw. 

"Where are you off, Fray?" Alec asked me, "I'm going out for breakfast." I replied bluntly. "Well, i've cooked some-" I stopped him, and turned to him, his face dropped when he saw mine. "I'm fine, thank you." I snapped, and picked up my keys and pushed past Jace on my way out. 

"What's going on with you two?" was all I heard from Izzy before I was out of ear shot.

I wanted to see Simon. I wanted to complain to him about Jace, and I wanted him to remind me I could of had him, and playfully punch him in the arm. Because, if there was anyone who loved me in this entire world it was Simon. He'd die for me. He did die for me. 

I walked the streets for a while, and let the cold air hit me. I didn't really know where to go. There wasn't many places in the city that i'd ever go alone. I'd been to them all with Simon. The only other person who was around was Luke, and I didn't want him to be pestering me for What Jace did this time?

I went to central park. I drew the trees, and the lakes, and the people walking by. I drew the hot dog cart that Simon used to eat from. I drew everything I could see, until I found myself drawing Simon beside the hot dog cart, and then it began to rain. 

It threatened to remove my drawing of Simon, so I closed it quickly and headed for home. 

I must have wandered around for two or three hours after, I knew I had to be back for training. So, I made it home at two. Everyone was still in the kitchen, they were eating lunch now before training. Everyone's eyes had fallen on me.

"Where did you disappear too?" Izzy offered me a warm smile, and I shrugged at her and brushed my wet hair out of my face. "I got a little side tracked." I smiled at her, and she offered me a wink, and nudged for me to get changed. 

Jace hadn't looked at me, he kept his eyes down on his coffee cup. Alec did the same, except his eyes were looking at Jace, and he had a frown placed upon his face. 

Within fifteen minutes, I was dry and changed. I re-emerged in my black yoga pants, and yellow sports bra. Hair pulled back tight from face. 

"Have you eaten?" Alec asked me, sliding a sandwich in front of me as I sat down at the table, and I shook my head and sent him a thankful smile. "Where are the others?" I asked with a  mouth full of bread. "Izzy went in early to get her choice of weapons. Jace... he went to get ready?" he guessed. 

"Oh okay, well maybe we should go." I told him, and stood up to face him, and he smiled down at me. "What?" I asked him, and then his smile turned to sympathy. 

"I heard you and Jace last night. I wasn't eves dropping, I just came to get my jacket, but, things sounded intense." he explained, and I sighed deeply. 

"How much did you hear?" I asked him, remembering Jace challenging me about Alec, "I left as soon as I heard you shouting, I didn't think you'd want me to hear, besides, if you did want someone to talk to, now we're friends, that's cool." he shrugged casually, and I smirked up at him. "I might just take you up on that, Lightwood." I blushed, and turned from him. 

Since when did Alec cause that redness in my cheeks?

We walked over to the training room where Jace and Izzy had already begun. 

"Guess that means we're buddies, buddy." I nudged Alec reaching for my weapon of choice, a Seraph blade. "Don't get in my way, Fray." Alec teased me, "Put that Bow down, you need to fight me with a real Seraph blade." I smirk at him, stretching over to my space.

Bending down to touch my toes, and lunging to stretch my legs. Accompanied by twisting arm motions.

"You ready?" I heard Alec shout to me, and I turn around to face him. I nod his way, and he raises his hand to tell me to come at him, but I know better than to run towards Alec. 

We circle each other, until Alec takes a fake step forward, quickly retreating. "You lunged for me so quickly when you hated me." I tease him, and he laughs at me, letting his guard down, so I lunge for him, but he slides out of my way before I make a real impact. 

Alec sticks a leg out so I fall, I roll away quickly as he plunges the blade into the foam flooring. "I do hope you don't do that to me." I say quickly getting back on my feet. "Only if you ask me nicely." he playfully snaps back. 

I notice from the side of me Izzy and Jace are watching alongside them is Hodge. 

But, I don't care for them in this moment. 

Me and Alec never trained together. 

Alec reaches for me and twists me with an arm around my throat, but, I elbow him in the ribs mortally weakening him, and I turn to face him, and push him back, and I stand in my ready to pounce stance. 

Alec chuckles at me, and I think about how I could distract him. I stare at him intensely and send him a smirk as we circle again. Hitting our Seraph blades against each other, I duck and swing, and then he does the same. I move quickly, feeling myself getting light headed, and I run along one of the tables in the room, feeling Alec hot on my heels. He goes to pull me down, but I jump and like a cat, I land on my feet, and flick my hair away. 

I heard Izzy shout my name to cheer me on, and I laugh at her, and Alec flashes a quick look at Izzy. 

I take my opportunity. 

I take his feet out first, so he falls on his back, and before he can catch his breath to move, I am on top of him. My legs either side of him, and breath heavily, lay down on him. My Seraph blade against his throat, and I feel his heart beat roll through me. 

"I'll move the blade if you ask me nicely." I teased him, and he smirks up at me still breathing heavily. "Hasn't anyone ever told you, don't get distracted." I smirk, leaning on top of him. 

Chest to Chest with Alec Lightwood.

"Wow!" Hodge begins to clap, and I am lifted up of Alec. Then he is offered a hand up too. "You two should train together more often!" Hodge laughs. 

"That was insane!" Izzy cooed at us, and we laugh. "You're not half bad, Fray." Alec nudges me. "Half bad? I had you on your ass." I laughed at him, and he rolled his eyes and nudged me again. "Hodge is right though, we should train together more often." Alec tells me, "Yeah, maybe we should." I smile again. 

"Sorry to intrude, its just, command centre need a word with Jace Wayland." A voice steps into the room, a blonde girl, about my height. Shadowhunter runes cover her body. "Don't worry, we're done." Jace speaks, and quickly leave the room with the pretty blonde. 

It felt like, at this moment, the only way to love Jace Wayland, was from a distance. 

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