Chelsea Hayden lived the charmed life in the heart of Manhattan. She was following in her mother's social climbing footsteps until it became clear that she was different. A touch of Chelsea's hand could turn her life upside down. So she's sent to live with her Aunt Trish to try to unravel the mystery. But will it be too late for Chelsea and her goals, or will the gloves come off?


5. Chapter 4

Just a warning- this chapter is a bit racy/controversial as it deals a little with Chelsea's history. It's nothing bad enough to change the rating, just a little spicy :)




“Just one bump, bitch, it’s not gonna hurt,” Spencer was the self-proclaimed Georgina Sparks of the group. Without the whole manipulation thing, that is unless she’s trying to get me to snort coke. Spence was mad skinny. She had a modelling contract and often proclaimed how cocaine ‘kept her thin’. I referred to it as, ‘keeping you bent over the toilet’. Poor Tessa was standing in the corner with her back to us. Her daddy is a lawyer, and she never wanted to see anything that would make her have to testify against us. Spencer handed me a straw and passed the glass slab over to me. I was hesitant. If mama found out... “Come on, Chels before Tess has a coronary over here!”

I put the straw down to the white powder. Spence told me that it was ‘fish scale’ whatever that meant. I did coke with her often enough, and teasing Tess was part of the game. I could practically hear Tess’s heart beating out of her chest as she waited for us to finish ‘partaking in our illegal activities’. Spencer’s modelling agency provided her with the goods. And really, they only had one requirement for her- to stay thin and pretty. They didn’t care about much else. Starvation diets were the thing. Spencer had the best of both worlds this way- she could eat what she wanted and keep the weight off with the soft.

Spencer placed her hands on her scrawny, yet still hella sexy hips, and tapped her beautifully adorned foot on the floor. The red soles of the Louboutins made me drool. With a quick inhale, I finished off the line and passed the plate back to Spencer. She was much quicker than I was. Poor Tessa was waiting for us to finish so she could turn around.

“Come on, whore.” Spencer laughed. “You can look now. There’s no legal bullshit anymore. It’s all gone away. Besides, why do you act like you’re such a goody-goody?”

“Shut  up, Spencer.” Tessa was bone white when she turned around. She was almost as white as the cocaine that I had just snorted up my nose.

“What, that thing between your legs services half of Manhattan and most of Brooklyn too!” I laughed along with Spencer. It was the truth. Tess would sleep with anyone…anywhere. “Who knows what kind of STD’s you have going on. Bet you could make some money off it.”

“Why do you always go after me? What about Chelsea?” Tess pouted.

“You mean Queen of the Hamptons?”

“I mean your tiny gloved drug dealer.” Tess continued pouting. I crossed my tiny gloved hands across my chest and looked at her as seriously as I could.

“This tiny gloved drug dealer has secured us a spot at the Hamptons for ten years straight, Miss Hump ‘N Dump. Besides, Spence gets the goods, not me.”

“How can Spencer get the goods? You’re always the one who brings the shit.” Tessa mimicked my position, but hers was supposed to be an aura of authority. Instead it was one of a petulant five year old.

“No glove, no love. Now let’s get going, bitches.” Spencer smiled and grabbed me by the hand. I stood, careful not to flash Tessa. Spencer slapped me on the ass. “Show off the assets, hon. Don’t be ashamed. Not everyone has a body like that.”

Spencer definitely liked to show off her assets. Her dress was super low cut, much like mine, and the hemline was barely below her ass. Tonight was a night of clubbing, but me and Spence were the only ones dressed for it. Tessa looked like my mother. I found that hilarious considering she was the only one out of us who had actually had sex. The gloves I wore tonight were black, satin, and sexy. Spencer led us to the front of one of the lines. The bouncer took one look at Spencer and I and let us in. Tessa was held up at the door for being too boring.

“Tess, you’re a damn slut, you need to dress like one!” Spencer yelled as we were pushed through the door.

“You’re really gonna leave me here??!” I could hear the disbelief in her voice, but the cocaine rushing through my system made me really not care.

As soon as we walked through the doors into the club, I could feel the bass pumping through my body. It was a delicious feeling. I pressed my body up against Spencer’s. Her hands trailed up my sides as she pulled me closer. We really were a team. I felt bad about Tessa, but right now I was caught up in how Spencer’s arms felt on my body. I’m not a lesbian. But I do have a soft spot for Spencer, quite literally. All of my firsts have been with her. My first kiss. My first boob grab. My first cop a feel.

Nothing was out of bounds with her and it worked. I had never slept with her, nor did I ever think I would. But we had a special bond. If only those stupid gloves could come off. I felt her getting closer, and soon enough her lips were on mine. Her tongue pushing my mouth apart. And I let her do it. I kissed her back with all the ferocity that she was kissing me with. That kiss landed me and Spencer on the TV screens that were plastered all over the club. And that was when I saw my father dancing across the club with a woman who was not my mother. And that was how I lost my spot in the Hamptons for the summer. 

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