Chelsea Hayden lived the charmed life in the heart of Manhattan. She was following in her mother's social climbing footsteps until it became clear that she was different. A touch of Chelsea's hand could turn her life upside down. So she's sent to live with her Aunt Trish to try to unravel the mystery. But will it be too late for Chelsea and her goals, or will the gloves come off?


3. Chapter 2- 10 years ago

I had been waiting for this day for a whole year. A. Whole. Year. Momma said that when I turned six I would get a big present, and guess what today is! There are streamers set up all over the backyard of the beach house. They were all in my favorite colors- pink and ivory. Mom had put in some baby blue, too. Even though the beach was right in front of us, my dad had made sure that our pool was open. He told me that he was going to have a private party for his princess.

Becca was standing over by the stairs, a pouty look on her face. She was always jealous of me, but she was the one who got everything. She always said it was because I was the baby. Like that was something to be proud of. She was older. She got things way before I did. I ran over to her side.

“Becca, come play. Please?!” I tugged on the sleeve of her shirt. She looked at me with disdain. “Please. I just want…”

“You just want a lot, Chels.” She scoffed and started up the stairs. About that time, Dad showed up.

“Look at all this, Chelsea.” Dad picked me up. I giggled. I knew that my relationship with him wouldn’t be able to stay this way forever. I was a daddy’s girl through and through. Nothing in the world made me feel safer than my Dad. He was pointing to the decorations. I saw how much hard work had been put into this. It’s absolutely beautiful.

How the lights lined the outside of the pool. How some of the streamers had been folded into flowers and put on the tables. How all the tables and chairs had been painted my favorite colors. Not to mention the food. I could smell the lobster coming from the grill. I knew in that moment that my dad’s love for me would never fail.

“It’s so pretty,” I laid my head on his shoulder. “Thank you, Daddy.”

“You’re welcome, princess. Now it’s time to go inside and change. Everyone will be here in a minute.”


The party started around an hour later. My grandparents were the first to arrive, followed by a few of my Dad’s siblings. I didn’t know them very well. I was waiting for my friends, though. Spencer and Tessa stayed with me through well.. We hadn’t known each other that long, but they were always there.

“Are you excited for your big day?” Grandma asked me. I nodded enthusiastically. Of course I was!

I spotted Spencer and Tessa coming across the lawn. Well. They were running. We were all excited because this was going to be a sleepover party. It would be the three of us on the beach all weekend. Becca was going to have to put up with us for a whole weekend. I knew that my friends were thinking the same. How many different ways can we annoy Rebecca before she snaps and gets sent back to the city? I had bet on two or three before her head exploded.

I couldn’t wait until the big present reveal. Rebecca had got a trip to Los Angeles on her last birthday. For some reason, my big present was coming a couple years early- they usually started the spoiling at ten. Apparently they had found something so perfect for me that they couldn’t wait. The three of us went over and sat around the pool. We hadn’t had food yet and I was anxious. Presents came after food. I wanted that lobster to be done already! I tapped my foot impatiently on the patio.

“Daddy, is the food almost ready?”

“Be patient, honey.” Dad winked at me. I didn’t know what ‘patient’ meant. I wanted my surprise! I had thought up so many things in my head. Had he got me a Chanel bag? Mama knew Chanel was my favorite. Or maybe a credit card so I could buy one of my own? But who would get a six year old Chanel or a credit card? I could dream.

“Chelsea!” My mom called from the other side of the yard. She had something in her hand. A rope of some sort. ”Come here, honey.”

“Go on!” My dad urged me. I stood up and started walking over to my mother. She stayed over by the corner of the yard. As I got closer I could tell she was trying to keep something behind her. I ran over to her quicker.

“Mom what is it??!!!” I could barely contain the excitement in my voice. A wide smile spread across my mother’s face as she pulled the pony, a beautiful tan pony, from beside her. I shrieked with joy. I had wanted this for as long as I could remember!

“OH MY GOD!” I couldn’t stop myself. Nothing could top this day! The pony looked a little scared of me, so I tried to tone down my excitement. “What’s his name?”

“Butterscotch,” Mom replied. “He’s a sweet boy. We’ve been working with him since he was born. We knew you’d love him, Chels. Happy birthday, baby.”

“Thank you so much momma!” I ran to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She gave me a quick hug. I approached the pony a little cautiously. I had all the love in the world for this miniature animal. That’s the moment my world shifted on its axis. I reached forward to pet this animal, this beautiful creature. As soon as I touched it, it turned around and bit me. The fear and hatred in its eyes was so palpable it knocked the wind out of me.

Blood trickled down my arm and I just sat there in shock. Sweet Butterscotch wasn’t so sweet anymore. What had I done?

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