The classroom mistake

Hi my name's Alice, I'm 16 and I'm a Junior in high school. I have this friend named Cameron he's also a junior. It's the middle of the year and school has started to get crazy.


1. The first class

I walked into the classroom, I see the usual paper airplane throwing, make out sessions, and the reject group that consisted of me, Crystal, Lexi, and my good friend Cameron. I walked over to them and I sat with them, "So what's up?" I ask I already know the answer but I asked anyway.

"You already know the answer duh." They all said in unison. We all get our our phones and start to listen to music as class starts, we all learn nothing but get straight As for some reason.

We all leave the classroom, then walk to the next then the next, we all shared the same classes. Then lunch came around and we just sat talked about beartooth and ate, we always eat by the death tree because that's the only spot we won't get talked to at all. We sit there until lunch is over then we go went to our next class.

As school ends me and Cameron went to my house while the others went to their homes. Me and Cameron went straight into my room and started to talk about beartooth and what we'd do during the weekend. "Hey Alice, you wanna come over to my house this weekend?" Cameron asked me.

I slightly blush because this has never happened. "Um sure I guess." I respond without thinking.

It's Friday, and it's the day before I go over to Cameron's house, the normal day stuff happens, and my friends at lunch were all like "oooo your going to Cameron's house" I blushed and said "yeah so?"

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