The classroom mistake

Hi my name's Alice, I'm 16 and I'm a Junior in high school. I have this friend named Cameron he's also a junior. It's the middle of the year and school has started to get crazy.


2. Cameron's house

It's Saturday morning, I'm meeting Cameron at about 11-12 ish so I got ready to go. I put on the regular black tee-shirt, black leggings, shorts, and a black hoodie. He told me to bring a swimsuit because he had a pool, so I brought a black swimsuit with a black pull over. It was like 11:30 so I grabbed a bagel put it in my mouth and headed to Cameron's house. Crystal was texting me non-stop and so was Lexi. I texted them to stop because I had reached my destination, Cameron's house. I knocked on his door as I hear the door creak open, it's a small little girl who looked about 8, "hi, I'm Alice does Cameron live here I'm supposedly hanging out with him today." I said calmly to her.

Then randomly at the top of her lungs she screams, "HEY CAMERON YOUR GIRLFRIENDS HERE!!!!!"

I blushed profusely then politely said to her as Cameron walked over blushing, "sweetie, me and your older sibling are not dating, we are merely friends for the time being." Cameron stared at me then said, "why don't you come inside Alice." So I did, his house was big, looked around 2-3 stories, so I sat my bag down and we started for his room to listen to beartooth and talk about the warp tour. "Hey did you hear, Lexi's going to the warp tour." I yelled excitedly

"Dude no way!!" He replied excitedly. We both sat on his bed and kept talking for like an hour before he asked, "hey wanna go in the pool?"

I replied with a "sure I guess..." blushed then left and changed then met him outside by the pool. Randomly, Lexi and Crystal were there, I was confused, they had swimsuits on too. So we all left to the pool and got in, we all started to swim.

All the sudden Lexi exclaims, "guys! Let's play truth or dare!!" We all just stare at Lexi, I don't think she's ever had that non-emo of an idea ever. So we started playing, "so who starts?" Lexi says, after a small amount of time.

"I will!!" Crystal exclaims, "Alice, truth or dare?" She gives a dirty look.

"Ugh, dare" I just don't care by now. Crystal happily squeals.

"I dare you to kiss Lexi." Crystal seals the deal. I blush profusely then chase Lexi around the pool for like five minutes then as I successfully catch up to her I grab her and then look at Crystal. "Where?" I ask.

"Lips duh..." she responds. Lexi got free, so I had to chase her again, then grabbed her after Crystal caught Lexi then kissed her straight on the lips.

Lexi looks at me blushing profusely then exclaims, "w.....why'd you do that?!"

"It was a dare duh.." I'm blushing to so we both just hide under the water about ten minutes later we had to go. So we all grabbed our things then went to Lexi's house to sleep over.

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