Columbus And Back

A group of teens, complete strangers, stuck together when the apocalypse strikes. The only way to get out of this mess? Get to Columbus, and fast.
Artemis~ ...Just me.
Alayna~ 'The badass chick'. (DO NOT MESS WITH HER, I REPEAT, DO NOT MESS WITH HER.)
Mikey~ 'The hotshot'.
Myra~ 'The little Ninja'.
Elizabeth~ 'The delicate Princess'. (DO NOT BE DECIEVED---)
Tom~ 'Classic "stupid" Tom'.


1. ~Chapter One... More or less, an Intro~

September 13th, the year 2034.
That was the year that the apocalypse broke out.
It stood in the doorway, it's feet at an odd angle, hands outstretched like it was reaching for someone, something. It opened it's mouth and let out and let out an odd sound.
It was my housemate, Rachet. He stood in the doorway and let out a tired yawn, standing on his toes and stretching out to reach the doorframe. "Hey Art." He chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck and collapsing onto the couch next to me. "Not going to sleep I take?" He ran a hand through his raven locks.
I glanced up at him from my phone with a mutter, "I don't sleep." This was usual, I had insomnia, and damn did I have it bad. I couldn't sleep however hard I tried, I took medication for it at some point... But the medication made me sick, so I stopped.
"You could at least try." He gave me a small sympathetic smile, holding up his phone. "Y'know, I heard that hot drinks are good before bed-"
"I've tried it." I mumbled, only half paying attention to him, he chuckled and propped his feet up onto my lap. 
"Okay, gotcha." He then turned his attention to the Television, picking up the remote and turning it on. "You know if anything good is on?" He asked, his gaze flickering to me for a second. 
I shrugged in response as he flicked through channels. 'And today we'll be cooking--' beep. 'Sudden break out in--' beep. 'Breaking news!--' beep. 'Scientists unable to explain--' beep. He turned it all off and turned to me. "There's nothing good on, man." He then stretched out again, poking my hand deliberately with his foot... He has no knowledge of personal space, but I guess that's why we get along. 
I'm normally quiet, awfully awkward, usually blunt. Rachet? Well he's forward, loud and really... Well, annoying, but we've been friends ever since he leant me a textbook back in school. (I was falling behind in class.)
He ran his hand through his hair again and sighed, rolling off of me and standing up with a grin. "I'll be right back, just gonna make up some stuff to eat---you hungry?"
I shook my head in response as he practically skipped towards the kitchen and out of sight. I assumed that he had stopped at the sliding glass doors when I heard a mumble of, "Who the hell... Hey lady! Get off of our bloody lawn!" And a light banging sound as he knocked on the glass. I stood, rolling my eyes and tucking my phone away, heading to join him. 
"You're so loud," I grumbled, looking out of the glass doors. There was a woman standing alone in the middle of the grass. She was half hunched over and her face held a sickly expression. "Who does she think she is just waltzing into our garden?!" Rachet cursed, Turning to look at me. "And she won't leave!!"
I frowned, sliding open the door and stepping out onto the patio, "Hello?" I questioned. The woman didn't move.
"Maybe she's deaf?" Rachet asked, joining me outside. I shrugged as he then shouted, "HEY LADY CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" At the top of his lungs.
I cringed, holding my ears and gulping as the woman's head snapped in our direction. Her face was oddly distorted, kind of disturbing. She gave us a look over and began to shuffle towards us.
"So you can hear then." Rachet stated, before letting out a small cry of distress as the woman lunged at him, her mouth snapping, arms flailing. He instantly pushed her back out of instinct and she fell backwards.
Straight down onto the table umbrella stand. The solid metal tube piercing her flesh and going through her back, out through her stomach.
I almost threw up, reeling back and resisting the urge to hurl, grabbing my phone out of my pocket in distress. "Shit---call a fucking ambulance--"
Ratchet stood there dumbfounded, a look of terror on his face. "There's... No need." He gulped heavily and I reeled around in an instant, my face turning pale at the sight.
The woman slid her body back up and off of the post, showing off the hole, wide enough to peer through. I shook my head, taking in a sharp breath and grabbing ratchet by the sleeve, and dragging him back to the doors as the woman starting moving for us again. "Fucking run you idiot!!" 
I shoved him through the doors an slammed them shut just in time, the woman almost slamming herself face first into the glass, leaving bloody handprints wherever she touched.
I swallowed hard. "This is bad.... This is very, very fucking bad." I mumbled to myself in some sort of daze. Rachet turned to put the television on again, desperately switching to the news, all I heard was a blurry sound, no clear words. I stared at the woman, her hands groping for life.
I jumped out of my skin at frantic knocking on the door, Ratchet instantly looked at me. "Do we--let them in??" I shrugged, making my way across the room in a panic, unlocking and opening the door frantically. 
It was a girl, a young one, around sixteen, a year younger than myself. She looked terrified, her slim figure buried in a large sweater, a short skirt showing off a lot of leg. "Oh God thank you!! Please let me in, I'm terrified--this man he tried to grab me--I ran away--I didn't--" I gripped her by the arm, yanking her inside and slamming the door shut instantly, locking it.
Ratchet stared from the couch. "Oh." He stated, giving an awful attempt at a smile, unable to muster it. The girl shivered, her eyes half filled with tears. "Thank you!" She burst into tears suddenly, gripping onto my shirt and burying her head into my chest. 
I blushed dark, I've never really been good with girls and so I just awkwardly patted her head. Murmuring, "No problem."
Ratchet popped his head back up from behind the couch, "So what's your name?" He asked the girl, propping himself up.
"Alice." She mumbled, pulling away from me with a small smile, "Alice Borne."
Ratchet flashed her a grin, "I'm ratchet and the stressy douchebag over there-" He jabbed a thumb over at me, "-- is Art."
She smiled, "It's a pleasure to meet you both." Ratchet nodded, patting the seat next to him as I drew the curtains over the glass doors, hiding the groaning woman from sight. Alice sat beside Ratchet happily, and rubbed her eyes. "It's been a horrible day..."
Rachet shook his head with a small smile, "Since you're safe here you could sleep...?" That creepy bastard, I rolled my eyes. What a flirt. I rubbed the back of my neck and watched as Alice snuggled up to my housemate. Sighing as Ratchet flashed me a grin.
"I'm going to bed," I tutted, turning swiftly on my heel. "We can't stay here, so we're leaving first thing tomorrow morning."
Rachet's eyes flickered to meet my own before I turned to head upstairs. "Art, I thought you said that you didn't sleep." He grinned and I ignored him. But now? Well I really wish that I'd smiled back, or said something, anything, just to get us on good terms before.... The nightmare really began.





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