Dreams and Reality

So Snow found something she shouldn't have. When she saw a two people flying and fighting each other. But who are they were did they come from? When she wake up she thinks it's a dream. But it's not but she doesn't know what is reality or dream anymore.


2. Chapter two

Harry pov,

I wonder why Zayn has to be so mean to people. But I couldn't let snow die after all we are heros. But since she asleep from trying to fight death. I will have to take her to my house. Zayn and me fly home but I didn't go to the house were One Direction lives. I rent a hotel for the night. I had my guards to bring me clothes and for snow some clothes. I felt guilty for her almost got killed but lucky I saved her. As I cover her in a blanket and had clothes on to hide my supersuit. So people don't see her. I got the key and went to my room. I lock the doors and lay her down on the bed. I went to the bathroom to take a shower. As I turn on the warm water I was thinking how am I gonna tell Louis. After taken my clothes off I got in the shower and started to sing to get the stress off my mind. I washed my hair and body. Then I turn off the shower and got out. I wrap the towel around my waist. I walk out a forgot Snow was there. I grab my clothes. Then I turn around and saw Snow behind me and jumped. My towel fell to the floor and Snow face was red. I hurry up and cover myself.

"Sorry Snow I forgot I bring you here." I said as my face was red.

"Uhh I am gonna go to the bathroom." Snow said and run to it.

I sigh and think can this get any worse. I got my Clothes on and grab Snows clothes so she can take a shower and get warm clothes. I walk in as she was already in the shower. Lucky the shower has curtains. So I put them on the side of the sink.  I close the door softly so she doesn't hear it. I order some good food to eat. I see Snow come out in her new clothes. She looks good in it. I can see her face started to turn red.

"So welcome to the hotel, sorry if it's not my home." I said with a smile.

"Don't worry about but it looks expensive how can you afford this?" Snow asked then I realize she must not know who I am as a human.

"I am Harry Styles from One Direction my dear." I said as I kissed her hand.

"So you're famous wow never thought you would be a singer because you look like a model." Snow said with a shock look.

Will update later. 

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