Dreams and Reality

So Snow found something she shouldn't have. When she saw a two people flying and fighting each other. But who are they were did they come from? When she wake up she thinks it's a dream. But it's not but she doesn't know what is reality or dream anymore.


1. Chapter one

Snow Pov. 

Since I was bored staying inside my home I decide to go out into the forest. As I walk I hear water so I follow the sound. I see it was a small river. I see there is a tree that fallen down a long time ago. So I can walk over the river. As I walk on the tree I started to imagine I was a walking on a type rope. As I got to the other side of the river. I saw a fox. And follow it, I fell down from not paying attention to the world. I see the fox sitting in front of me. I laughed and it started to run like it wanted me to follow it so I did. Then I trip on a tree trunk and rolled down a hill. As I sit up I see Two guys fighting. But they are flying!?!? The fox sit beside me and I was surprised at what I am seeing. One was shooting out red beam and the other was blue. As the blue beam hit the red he fall and landed 6 foot away from me. I run to him and hope I don't get killed in this. As I help the guy he had brown curly hair. And his green eyes are so adorable. He sit up surprised. As the other guy with black hair and brown eyes stands beside me.

"Good job Zayn now we have someone who knows where we are." The brown hair guy said.

"And you give her my name Harry." Zayn said to Harry as he cross his arms.

"Ugh what are we gonna tell Louis." Harry said looking irritated.

"Nothing that's what lets knock her out." Zayn said. 

I back up surprised and fear.

"Zayn we are heroes not evil and plus she can keep a secret." Harry said with a smirk. 

"She better." Zayn said as he look anger.

"Sorry for being rude, I'm Harry and what your name love?" Harry asked as he kissed my hand.

"My name is Snow, and nice to meet you both." I said with a small smile.

"Will you keep our secret or do I have to knock you out." Zayn said as he walk close to me.

"Yes, I will my lips are zip." I said as I started to sweat a little.

"Zayn stop scaring Snow she is a nice person." Harry said as he put his hand on Zayn shoulder.

I look at the woods and run. I didn't stop running as the boys try to catch up to me. I was yelling help. Then I fell into the river. I was so scared I forgot how to swim. As I was sinking I started to run out of air. I try to swim up but pass out. I wanted to live not die yet. I had a life that was great. I felt cold but something was trying to do SPR on me. I shot up and spit out water in to Harry face.

"Good she alive." Harry said as he carried me. 

"Why couldn't we keep her dead." Zayn said with a frown.

I had my arms around Harry neck and move closer because I was cold. Then I fell asleep because of being so cold.



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