Death Is Beautiful

A shorter story, but a good one. This is personally one of my favorites! I would tell you what the story was about, but because it is so short, it would ruin the whole story for you. So, Just read it if you can and tell me what you think.


1. Death Is Beautiful

    I realize now that we have a misconception of death. Some imagine that it creeps up on you, eager for the chance to pounce. Others imagine a cloaked figure following, waiting in the shadow for your time to come...This could not be further from the truth. Let me explain...


    I didn't realize at the time, but the first signs started when my daughter Rose was a year old.  It would brighten my day when she would stare into my eyes and smile. 

Well...When I would let my brother Jake hold her, something was off. She would look at him and make a little yelp. She would then stare straight past him and smile. We all thought it was cute.

    A week later, my brother passed away in a car accident. To be honest, I didn't connect the two incidents together.

    When she turned six, we started to notice the strange behavior. My mother came to visit for the holidays. My daughter Rose ran to the door and jumped in her arms, excited to see her. 

"Granny! I missed you!...Who's that?" She was looking through the doorway. I peered out, seeing nobody was there. 

"Silly girl, go show granny to her room." I told her. But the next morning, she was at it again.

As we sat down for breakfast, Rose asked her, "Granny, who are they?" 

We all paused briefly. It was only the four of us. Rose, her mom, her grandma, and me. 

I stared at her in confusion, but we all let it slide.

    We started our pre-Christmas family tradition of watching old family videos. The first video started with my dad and my grandpa playing with me as a toddler. Rose looked at the screen and developed a huge smile. "I get it. That's grandpa and great grandpa."  We all nodded. I told her, "Yes princess, they both loved you very much." Then she asked, "Why are you guys ignoring them?" 

    We were puzzled, and even a little upset, but we let it slide. Who knows what she means. Just indulge her six year old mind....That is, until she asked, "When did Jake get here?"  That's when I pulled her aside and said, "Princess, these kinds of comments can upset people. We call that insensitive." She frowned. "I'm sorry daddy. I was just happy he's here with granny."

    The next morning, we all sat down for breakfast. When my mom wasn't out of bed yet, we sent Rose in to wake her up. She returned and calmly told us, "She left with grandpa, great grandpa, and Jake." I was pissed to say the least. It's insensitive to speak about three close, deceased family members like that. 

    I walked into the room, and found her cold in the bed. It was terrible, but I couldn't help but notice that she was smiling.

Several years passed without incident until Rose was 14, When she told us that granny was here.

"She's right there, with mom."

    We both looked around, but there was nobody else here. We had chalked the previous incident up to strange coincidence, but we were imidiately uncomfortable.

The next morning, she had asked me to talk in private.

"Dad...grandpa and Jake have been following mom around today.... What's going on?" 

"What are you talking about? Their dead, Rose. They can't be following her around."

  "...But I see them. They're all very happy. They keep smiling at her. When you left the room, grandpa had just hugged her, but you guys all keep ignoring them."  

I was obviously terrified at this point. We had a similar experience nearly a decade ago. 

  Because of my concern, my wife agreed to take the day off work. I don't know if it was a self fulfilling prophecy, or it is just impossible to change your fate, but that day. our home was robbed. 

Typically, our home was empty from 7 Am to 3 PM, but my wife was home.

When the burglers were startled by her presence, they shit her twice in the abdomen. 

She didn't survive.

Despite the terrible death she suffered, I was told by the officer in charge of the investigation that the first responders had found her still smiling.

    Regaurdless, I went into a downward spiral of depression. For years I couldn't sleep without a shit ton of boos. I figured I didn't have much time left. I'd probably drink myself to death, but nothing could prepare me for what happened next...

Rose told me one night that mom was here. I figured I knew the drill by then. It wasn't supprising that the next day, she told me that grandpa, grandma, and Jake are here too.

I began sobbing. 

I knew my drinking would take its toll on me soon enough. I hadn't even cared either, but now that my time is coming, I was terrified.

Rose sat me down, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

  "Dad, It's okay. When your time is near, your closest loved ones come. They spend your final days with you to comfort you, that way you're never alone. When the time comes, they're there to welcome you...It's actually a beautiful thing."

I felt encouraged. "Thank you, Princess. That means a lot to me. I think I'm ready...I can't wait to see mom again."

       "....Actually dad, they aren't here for you. They're actually welcome... me...

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