All lies or truth?

Argento and her twin brother are half breeds. They are half werewolf and half phoenix. They are all sent to live with their father and his new mate. Her brother and her are the most powerful creatures on this planet. Argento gets the attention of the alphas sons Arian and Mayne. Argento also gets the attention of a phoenix Prince named Aiden. Will you chose one of the alphas sons or the phoenix prince?


1. The Family Secret

“WHAT? HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL US THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF WHO WE ARE?” My brother Nick yelled at our mother after ‘we’ just found out a family secret that we’ve never been told.

My brother didn’t know about the secret but I did. I just decided to not tell anyone. Our mother decided to tell us about what we were on our 18th birthday. Which happens to be today. I found out after an incident at school. when I was thirteen. One of my ex boyfriends had cheated on me. But not with any person, he cheated on me with my best friend and he had fucked her. When I had found out I was so angry at them that I had grown claws. I didn’t know what was happening and quickly ran to the only place that I knew I would calm down, the forest. The only problem was that when I got to my favourite tree I had a sharp pain all over my body. My bones twisted and bent and I had a really bad headache. When it stopped I walked over to the pond to look at my reflection. I was not human. I was a wolf with wings. But not any colour. I was as black as the shadows except for the tip of my ears, tail and wings. They were a blood red colour. I was so shocked that I had jumped up and landed on one of the highest branches of the tree. The only thing I had thought at that time was that I needed to get back to school and had wished to change back into a human. The only problem was that I now had permanent wings. The only way I could cover them was with a black and red jumper. It had worked.

“I did it to keep you safe honey,” our mother sighed. “And Tenshi why are you so quiet?”


“Well mom. I already knew. I’ve known for around five years now,” I giggled nervously and played with my silver hair. “Oh and can I ask you a question mom?”


“Anything dear,” my mum smiled

“Well I was hoping you would tell me why I have wings permanently and why my wolf had them,” I said taking off my jumper and letting my wings come out.


My mother sighed and started. “Well the reason you have wings and you are a wolf is because I’m a phoenix and your dad is a werewolf. I was his mate till his pack told him I was dead and told me he was dead. I found out that he was still alive when I flew over his pack land and saw him with his new mate,”


“Cool mom,” my brother stated.


“Oh and you guys are going to live with your dad. Just don’t tell him I’m still alive whatever you do,” she said.


“Ok mom,” I said putting my jumper on and running upstairs to pack my bag.


Then I realised I was in the school play and so was my brother so we have to stay till the end of term. Which was tomorrow. My character was a demon which I though was perfect considering my wings and so they told me to make and wear them tomorrow to school and go straight to the hall. But first things first. Getting my brother to transform. I grabbed his hand and ran outside and into the woods and told him to imagine me getting killed by his girlfriend. That made him angry enough to shift. He was a pure white wolf with no colours on him. his eyes were a deep red colour and he looked like he was ready to kill someone. I reached own and pat him on the head causing him to snap.

"Ok now think about wanting to go home and change back into a human," I told him as his boned bent back into their original positions.

His white wings were still there. I thought that that suited his character for the play. He is an angel and his girlfriend is the person that I kill as a sacrifice to god because I still believed that I could get to heaven. I thought this play was stupid. I didn't want to do it but my mom and brother are making me do it.

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