Press Start (DA Games x Reader)

You live alone as a YouTuber named "XxSappyTreexX". One day you get a text from your good friend Will. He invites you to meet up for a collab for his new song 'Gospel Of Dismay' To voice Alice Angel. You guys meet up because your microphone sucks. Where will your 'friendship' end up with Will? Find out!


3. The Meetup

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You text for a bit longer:


“Hey, we'll need to meet up somewhere because my microphone sucks,” You say.

“'Aight. Where? When?”

“Your house?”

“Well you have yourself a deal!”


“When though?”

“Wednesday, 3 PM. Sharp as a knife.”

“Huh? Oh, I get it. Alright.”

“Bye bye.”


Wednesday, 2:30
You go to Will's house early. You knock on the front door. A familiar smell of fresh plastic fills the air around you as the door squeaks with old age. You look up to see a green and black-haired man with a smile.

"y/n! You're early! Come on in! I was just opening a package of new soundboard things," He says. 
"Thanks, Will! Oooh is there bubble wrap?" You ask, stepping in. Will sighs, "Yes. There is bubble wrap.." He seemed a bit irritated. 

You ask him, "What's wrong?" He replies, "Oh nothing.. I'm losing subscribers because I'm friends with you, a so-called 'cheap loser trying to make money'. Do you believe that, by the way?" 

"What? They say that about me? Look I'm in a 'Jacksepticeye' setup!" You say jokingly, pulling up a picture of your run-down setup on your phone. Will laughs at your joke. You spend the rest of the 25 minutes talking and popping bubble wrap. 


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