Press Start (DA Games x Reader)

You live alone as a YouTuber named "XxSappyTreexX". One day you get a text from your good friend Will. He invites you to meet up for a collab for his new song 'Can I Get An Amen?' To voice Alice Angel. You guys meet up because your microphone sucks. Where will your 'friendship' end up with Will? Find out!


4. Recording Issue


Warning: The following story chapter contains fan-made lyrics to a song. Keep in mind this was made before "Can I Get An Amen" was released. Anyone who is reading afterwards, don't go spamming me in the comments saying "The lyrics are wrong! You're stupid! Go die in a hole!" I am very gullible and I do not wanna go die in a hole. Thank you for your time.

Will glances up at the clock. "Oh shoot! It's 3:12! Have we really been popping bubble wrap that long?" He says, surprised. "So, script?" You say. "Hmm?" He replies. "Do I have a script of lyrics?" You ask. "Oh, yeah! Hold on!" He runs down a hallway and into a room. He comes out, moving his hand in a "come here" gesture. You get up off the couch and walk down the hallway and into the room. 


He hands you a script. You begin reading the lines: -NONE OF THESE LINES ARE ACTUAL LINES TO CAN I GET AN AMEN- "Sent from above, an angel at last. Though you can't escape from Bendy's wrath!" That's Alice Angel's lines for the song. "Really? I was dragged 10 miles away from my bed for this amount of lyrics?" You say, jokingly. "Why, of course! I purposely did that!" Another joke he replies with. You guys talk about pitch, sound and volume for a while. When you are finally ready, he turns on the microphone and you begin singing. 


Will's Point Of View:

She sings beautifully, I thought. Do I.. like her? No, no.. I have Chloe.. I can't cheat on her. But.. I wonder if y/n feels that way.. No.. She can't.. She knows I have Chloe.. but.. just this once.. should I try to.. Kiss her? Snap out of it, Will! She'll get angry at me! That's when I realized that I was making faces while I was talking to myself. She was staring at me, confused. I quickly said in a quiet voice, "Umm.. Y/n? I've been thinking.. I know I have Chloe, but, umm.. How do I say thi-" Before I could finish, she kissed me. I knew it wasn't right to cheat on Chloe, but I felt used by her. I should tell her. 

Back to normal POV

Wait. You thought. Chloe! She'll hate me for stealing Will! You quickly say, "It's best we keep quiet about this, William.."

Suddenly, the computer gives a loud noise. Will quickly goes over to the computer. "The audio wasn't found, which means I need a new mic." He says. You hand him $120. "Go buy yourself a mic!" "Where'd you get this?" He asks. You shrug. You really don't know.


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