Press Start (DA Games x Reader)

You live alone as a YouTuber named "XxSappyTreexX". One day you get a text from your good friend Will. He invites you to meet up for a collab for his new song 'Gospel Of Dismay' To voice Alice Angel. You guys meet up because your microphone sucks. Where will your 'friendship' end up with Will? Find out!


1. 1. The Text

Has been edited by SB&FB

(If a chapter says “Has been edited by ___”, It is one of the updated chapters. If it doesn’t have that, prepare to cringe.)

You were making a video of a game just released called "Bendy And The Ink Machine", when your phone buzzes. Not wanting to disappoint your viewers, you quickly finish up the video. You do your very, very dumb outro, "Stay Sappy!" Before you end the video.

You start editing the video, completely forgetting your phone. When you finish editing, you go onto Facebook on your phone. People were always mean to you on social media, but you didn't care. 

You quickly remembered the notification that you got when you were recording. You swipe your finger down the screen and look at it. It was a text from your friend Will from the channel DA Games. You read the text out loud. It says, "Hey y/n! Long time no see, eh? Anyways, I was wondering if you would like to do a collab with me on a song."
 You quickly reply, ”Sure, Will.. It’s been awhile." This was gonna be the start of a story. A real good one.


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