Nightmare Comes Real.

Lightning Dust is arrested for the endangerment of The Elements of Harmony for 6 years. As if that's not bad enough, a creature from her foalhood returns to haunt her. Thinking she has to fight this on her own, she figures out that another inmate, who she names Rhino, also dreamt of this hellish monster. Now they must band together and figure out why this monster is coming after them.
First and Foremost, I do not own My Little Pony, Friendship is magic, the show belongs to Megan McCarthy, Lauren Faust, Hasbro Studios, and DHX.


1. Me vs the princess.

The ringing bell of my jail cell filled my ears as the doors opened. I lazily stood up with some mild trouble since my forehooves have been chained with handcuffs, giving me a few hiccups in my daily routine.

I marched outside of my cell to be met with 2 Royal Guards, one Pegasus and one Unicorn, “Come to the mess hall, meal time.” The Pegasus demanded, turning around and leaving with his partner in tow. I sighed and followed them without a word.

I kept quiet on the way to the mess hall, not speaking a word, if it weren’t for the clip-clop sound of my hooves on the metal floor, the guards probably would have thought I was dead.

We made it to the mess hall and I got in line with my tray, ready to eat and continue my miserable life. I was beside this big buff Unicorn stallion who had a tattoo of a rhino horn.

Deciding I really didn’t have much to do, I asked him what’s he doing here, “What got you in trouble?” I asked.

He shrugged, “I was arrested for life for attempted theft and assault against the princesses.” He answered bitterly.

Damn, assault against the princesses, that’s a crime that can guarantee certain death, “So, how come you aren’t dead?” I asked.

He chuckled, “It was quite pitiful to say the least. Once they heard my reasoning behind my crime they let me off the hook easy.” He answered.

I didn’t ask him why he committed the crime, because I knew that it was personal, and he didn’t question about my crime, he knew it was personal as well.

Everything was smooth and we were able to get a decent meal and coincidentally we sat next to each other.

We sat in silence, not talking to anyone or anything. But even though he didn’t talk, he just radiated this feeling of dangerousness, like if I ticked him off, it’ll be the last thing I do.

But regardless, breakfast was done and we were quickly moved to field work, we were forced to break rocks for whatever unknown reason, I never ask or even cared to ask.

And to make sure that everyone was suffering, Pegasi were forbidden from using their wings and Unicorns their magic. But despite this limitation, I was having no trouble at all.

The unicorn from earlier seemed to be completely fine without using his horn while others complained and begged the guard to let them use their magic, but they were hellbent on maintaining the rules.

And I swear I saw the unicorn, I’m just going to call him Rhino for obvious reasons, break at least 700 rocks now and seemed to show no fatigue whatsoever.

No wonder he attempted theft and assault on the princesses, he was freakishly different, but then again, so am I.

And as per usual, some inmate had to start trouble with Rhino, “Hey, momma’s boy, what are you doing?” The inmate, who was a unicorn also, asked rhetorically.

Rhino didn’t respond, just kept on breaking rocks. The inmate was obviously pissed that Rhino wasn’t paying him any attention and gripped his shirt with his magic, “Hey, listen here shitbag asshole, you respond to me when I’m talking to you.” He hissed.

Rhino stayed calm and simply swatted the inmate’s hoof off him and continued doing his job. The inmate didn’t take this lightly and used his magic to try and hit Rhino with his own hammer.

Rhino reacted like nothing I was expecting; instead of using his own magic to block the attack, he met the hammer with so much force, that not only did it fling out of the inmate’s magical grip, but that thing flew several feet away.

Rhino wasn’t done with the little shit yet, he straight up socked the inmate so hard, he was out cold. And as usual, more inmates flocked to try and hurt the unbelievable stallion. He just fought them all off, without using his magic.

One Pegasus inmate was stupid enough to try to attack him from the front, but he was met with a forehoof straight to the face, joining many other inmates.

And it was amazing how Rhino was keeping up with them, some of them even hit him with their hammers but he simply ignored the hits like they were mere bug bites. He was like a fucking Juggernaut!

One unicorn used a spell to turn the ground under us into mud to slow Rhino down, and I instinctively flew off the ground. And while the unicorn’s scheme did work to an extent, it only proved to do so little.

And what seemed like an eternity, they managed to get him on the floor, covering them all in mud. But Rhino once again astonishes me by forcing them all off him and beating them viscously.

It got to the point where the Royal Guards had to pry him off the poor inmates, which obviously didn’t sit right with him, “Hey, what the hell are you doing?!” He shouted.

“Protection!” The Unicorn guard replied.

He obviously didn’t like the sound of that, “I don’t need protection!!” He hissed.

“Not for you, for them!” The Earth Pony guard responded as they took him away.

Whoa, that was viscous. Anyways, we just got back to work.

After doing that, we were told to go back to our cells, while the inmates that Rhino unleashed his fury on where helped to the clinic to make sure they were okay.

I returned to my cell and was stuck there all alone. I stared out the window, the blue sky and clouds where all I needed clear my depressed filled head.

That moment was dashed the moment my jail cell opened and the clickity-clop of hooves was the next thing I heard. Despite not looking at my visitor, I knew who exactly it was.

The guard closed my cell door and the both of us sat there, not talking to each other, only our breathing was the only motion that was detectable, aside from the occasional nervous wing twitching of my cell second occupant.

We sat there in complete silence for what seemed like 10 minutes, until she spoke, “You can be just as quiet, if not quieter, than Fluttershy at times, y’know that?” She joked, trying to light up the mood.

But of course, I wasn’t having it, “What the fuck do you want Rainbow Dash?” I asked bitterly, “If you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to enjoy my bleak life at the moment.” I added in a stark smart tone.

I heard her grunt, “It’s not my fault you ended up here, it was your idea to use the tornado.” She hissed.

I shrugged, “I didn’t say it was your fault that I’m here, I’m saying it’s your fault for wasting my time.” I replied bluntly, “Now, what the fuck do you want?” I repeated my question.

She growled behind my back, “Hey, I don’t want to be here anymore than you do, but the princess obligated me to come here every month.” She retorted, “So, at the very least, you can at least try to not seem so bleak and distraught, y’know, smile.” She requested.

I finally turned to her, seeing her in her Wonderbolt spandex and goggles, “The only way to survive in a bleak and brooding place is to be bleak and brooding.” I replied matter-of-factly, “There’s no room or point in smiling for the sake of smiling.” I concluded, “Now will you cut to the chase already, my feathers are already burning with the need for you gone?” I inquired.

She sighed, seeing as I wouldn’t budge, “Your parents called, saying that they’ve been receiving letters from you talking about some nightmares you were having.” She started, “They refused to say what the nightmares was about, because it was personal, and Princess Luna can’t access your dreams because you block her out, so we’re a little blank about these nightmares, and Princess Celestia wanted me to see what’s up.” She finished.

She wasn’t wrong, I was having nightmares, and I felt Luna trying to come in, but I wouldn’t let her. I nodded to her after a while, “You’re not wrong, I have been having nightmares, and the reason why they won’t tell you what it’s about is because those nightmares stem from the darkest moments of my foalhood.” I answered, “And I don’t let Luna in because I and only I know how to defeat whatever’s messing with me, just tell Princess Celestia and them that they don’t need to interfere.” I added.

She nods, “Do any other family members now about these nightmares other than your parents?” She asked.

I nodded, “My aunt Spitfire knows about it, but I made her promise on her life that she will never tell anyone about it, so you won’t get any information you need.” I assured her growing doubts.

She nods again, “Well, this was a failure.” She sighed before walking to the cell door. The Guards opened it for her and closed it back, leaving me to my brooding.

Later that day, I went to bed early, not really finding anything else to do. And as expected, my haunting repeated nightmare returned just to repeat itself.

I was in the middle of a darkened forest with fire burning everywhere I looked, giving it a small hellish look. I knew what awaited me and waited for it to happen.

And soon enough, the deathly screech to the nightmarish creature filled my ears and it emerged from the ground. It looked like a pony, but by Luna’s mane it wasn’t. For starters, its skin had a rough dead looking to it, it had spiked protruding from almost everywhere. Its eyes had a fractal like hollow design to it, with red and yellow colors.

 I crouched down and was ready to fight the thing when I heard my dream door pounding, “Shit!” I cursed myself, I forgot to make sure that the door wouldn’t allow Luna to enter. I closed my eyes and hoped that she would leave, but she didn’t.

“Oh my, it seemed as thee was not experiencing another nightmare.” I heard her comment.

Surprised by her input, I opened my eyes to see that we were no longer in the hellish forest, but rather a heaven like garden, “What the hell?” Was the only thing that slipped out my lips?

She seemed to catch onto my surprise, “It seems thee was experiencing something else, the nightmare presumably.” She guessed, “Mind telling us what it was?” She asked.

I shook my head, “Yes, I do mind telling you what it was.” I responded looking at the ground, “Now please leave.” I demanded.

I know she shook her head, “We will not oblige by though’s request, we finally have an idea of what your nightmares are about, we will seize this opportunity.” She declined.

I sighed and turned to the dream walker, “Listen princess, I’ll warn you; get out.” I demanded.

She shook her head again, “Though is not in any position to be making demands.” She replied.

I scrunched my face up in anger, “Get out.” I simply demanded.

She keeps a straight face with me, “We will not quiver under your threats.” She repeated.

I closed my eyes in frustration for about a minute before opening them and looking at the Mistress of the Night with all my hatred, “Last warning princess; get the fuck out.” I demanded one last time.

As expected, she didn’t heed my warning, “I will seize this opportunity as long as I’m here.” She responded stubbornly.

I cracked an evil smile, “Alright, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I hyped up. In one swift motion, my dream door slammed shut with monstrous force, scaring the shit out of Luna.

She whipped her head around in shock and I seized this distraction before changing the landscape from a heaven-like meadow, to a nightmarish castle. Luna heard the sound of stone, glass, wood, and metal being placed together and faced me with eyes filled to the brim with fear.  I only chuckled, “Scared, honey?” I asked.

She manages to get a straight face on and reply boldly, “We are not frightened by though’s dream manipulation, we are the Princess of Dreams.” She denied her own fear.

I tilted my head, still with the devious smile on my face, “Well, I guess this is your grave.” I guessed. Before she got in a word edgewise, I moved my dream door from behind her and forced her to the wall.

She laughed at my attempts, “Ha, though attempts are point-Urgh!!!” She was caught off mid-sentence as a stone spike stabbed her through her back.

She coughed of blood as the piercing in her stomach leaked out the red liquid. She screams in agony as another spike pierces both her hind legs, causing unimaginable pain.

After her holler, she coughed up even more blood, “Ah, ah, ah, blood isn’t easy to wash out.” I teased, “You need to be taught a lesson.” I added and two more spikes pierced her forehooves.

She hollered in pain again. After her shrieking, she tried to use her magic to fight me, but nothing happened. Her eyes widened with bewilderment and horror, “H-h-h-how a-a-are y-y-you r-re-resisting?” She asked through pain.

I chuckled evilly, “You may control the dream realm, but once you laid your royal pig-ass ugly hooves in here, you entered my domain, you can’t escape.” I replied.

I then reached for her horn and forcefully pulled her off the bloodied spikes and threw her against a wall so hard, it created a boulder sized crater. But I wasn’t done with her yet, oh no, I wanted to hurt her more.

So, I backed up to the point where Luna was nothing more than a speck in my sight. I then charged at her with incredible speeds, so fast that I broke the sound barrier.

And once I was close enough, I bashed my skull with hers so hard that the wall behind her broke and crumbled.

Once she rebounded from the hit, she was holding her head, I guess it really did hurt, “You see, that was my skull basher, I build up speed and meet my opponents head, it doesn’t hurt me because a Pegasi’s skull were made for hard impact, and since this was my dream, I multiplied the already devastating damage of the attack.” I explained to her.

She didn’t answer, only held her head in pain. My smile turned to a devilish mad face, “Now I think you learned your lesson.” I started, my dream door appeared behind her, “Now go back to your bigger sister and tell all your little friends about what happened today, and never come back!!!” I shouted, the door swung open violently to accommodate my fury, “NOW; GET OUT!!!!!!” I bellowed with so much fury in my voice that I practically threw her out my dream. I then proceeded to slam the door with equal force and fury.

I woke up next, in my bed and figured out that it was morning.

I smiled smugly, fully aware of what had just transpired. Hopefully, this would get them off my back.

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