Nightmare Comes Real.

Lightning Dust is arrested for the endangerment of The Elements of Harmony for 6 years. As if that's not bad enough, a creature from her foalhood returns to haunt her. Thinking she has to fight this on her own, she figures out that another inmate, who she names Rhino, also dreamt of this hellish monster. Now they must band together and figure out why this monster is coming after them.
First and Foremost, I do not own My Little Pony, Friendship is magic, the show belongs to Megan McCarthy, Lauren Faust, Hasbro Studios, and DHX.


2. Good Old Sparring.

(Juggernaut’s POV)

It’s been a week since my debacle with the other inmates. It turned out that I served them a little more than a few unconscious minds. One was in a coma, another was facing surgery for seven broken ribs. Maybe I went too far? Nah, it was their fault for picking to fight with me.

By the way, my name’s Juggernaut, I bet you’re wondering why I’m in prison. But I’m not going to tell you, it’s way too personal.

Anyways, right now, the inmates were all in the back gym, including me. I was busy beating the shit out of a punching bag, I felt many eyes peering into the back of my skull from my fellow inmates amazed by my unusual strength and stamina.

One in particular was the Pegasus pony I was talking to earlier, she was named Lightning Dust, we have been talking to each other for a while now and have grown quite found of each other.

I didn’t see her approach me, but felt her tap my shoulder. I turned to her, “What can I help you with?” I asked.

“You wanna spar?” She asked, “I would spar with somepony else, but they’re all a bunch of wussies.” She added.

I raised my eyebrow in confusion, normally I wouldn’t fight a mare, but she was radiating this aura that said, ‘I can take whatever you throw at me’, and to be honest, I wanted to spar too. I nodded and got into a defensive stance, “Alright, you make the first move.” I agreed.

She smiled and crouched in the same stance as I was in. Her wings flared as she took to the sky and landed a punch to the face at incredible speeds.

Unfortunately for her, it didn’t faze me at all. I swung my right forehoof back and socked her in the face so hard, she flew a meter back. And to my surprise, she was still standing. This might get fun.

I dashed over to her and swung my right forehoof at her face, she anticipates the move and blocks the attack with her left hoof. She then uses her right hoof to deliver a punch to my stomach, to which I blocked with my left forehoof.

We were fighting each other in a standstill. She tries to fly out of our grip, but I throw her towards the punching bag. I then jumped towards her and kicked her so hard that she rips through the punching bag, spreading sand and ripped leather everywhere.

And she stands up again, without any visible injuries. Come to think of it, I don’t think I felt any broken bones upon contact. This Pegasus was certainly fun.

And in the blink of an eye, she disappears and reappears behind me, catching me off guard with a one-two to the back of my head. Once I turned around from the attack, it was far too late, she kept barraging me with punches and kicks that I was too slow to dodge or counter.

She finishes her combo with a punch, despite only being an inch away from me, was fast enough to generate electricity, further enhancing the damage of the impact.

I was left numb because of the electricity running through my body. I had to quickly use a spell to recover the numbness in time to narrowly dodge a fast-paced punch to the face. I then used this opening to throw quick punch to her face, as expected she flew back and covered her face, leaving her open in the gut. I threw my right forehoof in her gut, she gagged leaving her face open. I then started bobbing and weaving while throwing a few hard punches.

After throwing my 15th and final punch, I made sure to make it a very heavy punch. And it seemed it worked because she was thrown to the wall, and this time, it looked like she sustained some damage, with blood dripping down her mouth.

She smiled, showing off her teeth that was covered in copious amounts of blood, “I knew you’d be a great sparring partner, I haven’t sparred with anypony else like this.” She complimented.

I cracked a smile too, and laughed, “I could say the same to you, not many ponies here can take a hit.” I agreed, charging my horn up, “Why don’t we take this to the next level?” I suggested.

She stood up and nodded, raising her right forehoof, it started vibrating really fast, faster than I could see, “Agreed.” Was all she said before she flung her forehoof apparently throwing a small lightning bolt.

I replied by shooting a beam of energy, both projectiles collided, generating a puff of smoke. I couldn’t see her through the thick wall of smoke. But through this puff of smoke, flew seven lightning bolts, I barely had enough time to generate a shield. And even that couldn’t save me as the 6th lightning bolt broke through my shield, making way for the last one to score a hit to the chest.

I used magic again to teleport behind her, fortunately she saw this coming and flew out the way before I smacked her with my magic enhanced forehoof, creating a small crater on the floor. I was too slow to dodge a kick she delivered to the face that was engulfed in electricity.

I didn’t budge and served her my own magical enhanced kick to the stomach, taking her out the air. She uses her wings to back up about a foot or two away from me.

We both looked each other in the eye, the same thought circulating in our heads. She stood up on her hindlegs and charged her right forehoof with electricity. I did the same by enhancing my forehoof with magic.

She dashed towards me at blinding speeds while I teleported right in front of her. Both of our forehooves collided. We were locked in a viscous standstill, neither of us backing down, neither of us wanting to back down.

Eventually the colliding forces were too much to handle and the both of us were forced back by a mean explosion. We both landed 4 feet away from each other.

Despite being in a whole heap of pain, both me and Lightning still wanted to go at it. I could see the fire in her eyes and vice versa, I could tell she was enjoying every little bit of our sparring session. I could tell this was the first in a long time that she got to spar with someone equal to her strength. And still, we both didn’t even use are full potential, we were savoring this moment to the fullest.

Unfortunately for us, before we even got within a foot of range, a purple blast of energy stopped us from moving any further. I recognized that blast of energy anywhere.

I looked up and lo and behold, there she was; Princess Twilight Sparkle descending upon this prison and ruining our fun. She landed in between us and didn’t look all too happy, “What the hell do you guys think you’re doing?” She asked.

I shrugged, “Just having a little fun princess, nothing too dramatic.” I responded.

She shoots me this glare that she tried to intimidate me with it, but I remained unfazed, “We told you that you are forbidden from laying your hands on anypony again.” She stated.

“Calm down princess, it’s okay, I wasn’t hurt by his attacks until we got serious.” Lightning defended herself and me.

The princess turned her head towards Lightning Dust, “No it is not okay, he could have killed you.” She denied the fact that Lightning was standing right in front of her.

Apparently, Lightning caught wind of the Princess of Friendship’s stupidity, “Well I seem to be standing right now.” She replied starkly.

Twilight shook her head “That’s because he was holding back, if he was to get serious, you’d be killed.” She repeated.

“Actually Princess, I was holding back too.” Lightning replied.

I nodded, “And I used just as much force as I used when fighting you guys.” I added.

Lightning Dust, walked up to the princess and slung her hoof over her shoulder, “You guys just can’t take a hit, I know for a fact Princess Celestia didn’t teach you any lethal combat spells, has she?” She concluded matter-of-factly.

Twilight shakes her head and uses her magic to get Lightning Dust off her before turning towards me, “We need to talk in private.” She responded before teleporting both of us to my jail cell.

I sat down and waited for her to blow her top, “How could you spar with her like that? You could have killed her, she was bleeding and it was reckless for the both of you to keep on going like that?” She started, “Why would you do that?!” She asked furiously.

I shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe because I haven’t had a good sparring partner in like forever, ever since I moved to Equastria.” I replied, “Because I got so much more of a thrill sparring with her than actually fighting you guys.” I added.

Her face reddens and her horn charges up with magic, “I don’t care how much of a thrill you had sparring with her! You’re not supposed to lay your dirty hooves on anypony!!!” She shouted.

I charged my horn with just as much magic as she did hers, “Listen princess, you’re already pissing me the fuck off and I’m really trying to blow your fucking brains through your ass.” I warned, “No leave, we both know that if me and you engaged in a fight, that I’d win.” I stated.

She didn’t back down, “I fought Tirek, remember?” She reminded me, “You don’t have nowhere near the magical potential he had!!” She adds.

I shook my head, “One, both of you only got that power through, borrowing it from the princesses, or the rest of the pony race in Equastria, I’m telling you, if Tirek came to any of the neighboring countries such as Asia or Europe, then you guys would be doomed.” I stated, “And you’ve never seen my full power.” I added.

She seemed to finally grasp the situation she put herself in, “Just letting you know; if you pull another stunt like that, Princess Celestia will take care of you.” She warned before teleporting to who knows where. Leaving me alone.

That night I went to bed straight away, because I had to take care of some unfinished business. I opened my eyes and came to terms with the familiar landscape; a desert set on hellish fire with cracks all over the ground.

I stood there waiting for the unavoidable visitor. And sure enough, I heard the deathly shrieking of the creature and turned around to stare at it in all its ugly-ass glory; a dead-looking pony body with pikes protruding everywhere, and hollow red and yellow fractal like eyes.

I crouched down in a defensive position and waited for the monster to attack. And it did, pouncing at me with incredible speeds, but Lightning Dust was faster. I dodged its slash attack and punched the monster in the gut. It shrieked and would have backed up if I didn’t grab it by its tail and swing it around before letting it go, letting it fly to the sky.

I teleported above it ready to strike, I was too slow and it punched me right in the gut. I recovered from the blow and sent a magical enhanced punch towards its face so hard it hit the ground with enough force to great a 2-meter crater.

I landed 5 feet away from the monster. It stood up and pulled one of its forehooves backwards, stretching it 5-meters behind it. It released the stretched arm and sent it my way. I was able to dodge it and summoned an axe and severed the forehoof from its body.

It retracted whatever was left of its arm. I summoned a sword and dashed over to the monster before it could blink and severed all of its hooves from its body and was about to strike the head when a big spike blocked the attack.

Another spike threatened to rip my heart out if I didn’t jump back. The creature fell to the floor without its limbs supporting it. But I knew that it wasn’t over, all of the limbs grew back within seconds, allowing it to stand back up.

I charged my horn for a giant beam attack and thrust it towards the monster, I managed to hit it, along with 10 trees behind it. Once I was done with the monster and looked up, I saw that it was completely obliterated, nothing of it was left. But I knew it’ll return, and I’d be ready.

I was about to wake up when I felt a presence within my dream realm that I’ve been feeling for the past minute, “Okay Luna, you can come out now, I know you’re there.” I called.

She appears out of thin air, it appears she was using an invisibility spell so I wouldn’t see her. She looked around at the hellish landscape, “This is quite the landscape, mind telling me what happened?” She asked.

I shook my head, “I have no intention on telling you.” I responded turning from her.

I feel her frown, “Thou is just as stubborn as last time we met.” She said, frustration clear in her voice.

I didn’t even nod, I simply sat down, “That was a week ago princess, not that long.” I stated matter-of-factly, “And besides, this nightmare is over with, at least for now.” I added.

I hear her sigh and the clickity-clack of her hooves on the stone floor as she leaves, “We will return, and we will get our answers.” She assures.

I cracked a small smile, “Sure you will, and I’ll be waiting.” I responded.

Even if I didn’t look at her, I knew she was fuming. I heard her leave my dream realm.

I sighed and woke up the next minute. I woke up just in time before the guards let the inmates out. I sighed and moved my long, white mane out of my eyes full well knowing what I told Princess Luna was true; that monster was coming back.

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