the bad boys girlfriend

being the bad boy's girlfriend is not that great every boy want a chearleader not josh he want's a football player but were not in the same team will he hate me if i beat his ass in a game


3. ....

i ran on the field and got into position i was the only girl and wolf was not in my team great im maybe gonna be against him tomorrow we played a few mini mathches i made my team win almost every time ''team meating'' the coach said we all ran to him knealed down  and took our helmets off ''team tomorrow where gonna play against the team no one can beat  the bloodhounds '' shit that's wolf's team ''what if we lose we never went against the bloodhounds '' one of the team members stood up ''well we are gonna win just i need you guys to be focused or not it's gonna be the end for us '' the coach lowerd his head abit ''what does that mean the end for us?'' i said getting up ''if we don't win the team won't be able to play football anymore'' i shook my head and got back down ''ok so end of practice go change '' we all got up and walked to the changing room we all talked alot while changing so we could change the topic i grabbed myself a gaderade and walked home ''what's up sa'' hunter yelled watching the tv ''nothing much you'' i said walking upstairs ''watching tv'' i laughed and took a quick shower then put on a hoodie with some sweat pants i locked my door and put some one direction karaoke songs i took my guitar and played it ''they don't know about the things we do they don't know about the 'i love yous ' but i bet you if they only knew they would just be jealous of us '' i sang they don't know about us then midnigth memories after i ate then fell asleep 

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