the bad boys girlfriend

being the bad boy's girlfriend is not that great every boy want a chearleader not josh he want's a football player but were not in the same team will he hate me if i beat his ass in a game


2. ...

i took my alarm clock and threw it on the floor ''friday'' i said exusted that means last day of the week awsome tomorrow i got a football game against wolf my boyfriends well i jumped out of my bed and put on my jake paul mearch hoodie on with some maverick socks and my black sneaks with my ancle socks i looked in the mirror and styled my ethan dolan brown hair ''hey mop head'' hunter said standing in my door frame ''hey  soccer ball head'' i fixed up my hair to make it look more like a mop love it i ran downstairs and hugged bear ''hey bear'' bear is my best friend yes my best friend but i got loads but i only have 1 friend that's a girl the 6 others and boys including wolf my boyfriend i gave the dogs food and went to feed dabber and fog ''whats up dab's and fog '' i said opening their cage door and giving them yesterdays left over rice *good now go away* dabber chirped ''fine'' i walked out closing the room's door behind i took out cole's grain and walked out to his stall ''hey cole'' i poored his grain in and filled up the water outside i gave him fresh hay and opend the back door to the stall so he could go in the pasture i ran back inside and took my key's ''let's go hunter '' we walked out and drove too school i opend the trunk and took my football bag out hunter took his soccer bag out and closed the trunk ''bye hunter''  ''bye sarah'' i walked inside and put my books in my locker ''hey  sparrow'' i said jumping on her back she's my only friend that's a girl she's a horse back rider and her horse is called racer she's a tomboy too and my bestie ''what's up sa''  ''talking to you'' i we laughed and went to class ''wolf your late'' mr hank said as a guy with black shaggy hair like mine came in the class ''ya don't care'' wolf sat down on my other side like usual that's how we met i was a nerd in freshman year but eh i don't really care me sparrow and wolf talked the hole class making mr hank rage ''how's hunter going '' sparrow asked out of nowhere ''why ya want to know spar '' she blushed abit ''cuz i want to know'' she said shyly ''hey wolf we need to play match makers '' i wisperd he nodded and the bell rung ''good hunter is in the same class as me you and sparrow this is gonna be a piece of pie'' we made it so the hole class would sit everywhere just not on sparrows other side hunter walked in ''hunter sit next to sparrow'' mr horny said hunter sat down him and sparrow talked for a while then started to listen history great i pretended to listen cuz was'nt that intresting finaly the bell rang wolf and sparrow went  to their classes and me and hunter went to the same class ''boys'' i fist bumped shawn louis niall harry zayn and liam awsome i sat next to hunter ''hey hunter whatcha think about sparrow like her or not'' there was an akward silence between us ''the way you thaugth about wolf '' i liked wolf hard before he asked me out then to be his girlfriend i smiled and kept listening this was a new type of class animal class i loved this class i love everthing with animals or sports well lunch time i did like usual ate with the boys and was being like fuck off to every girlwho would flirt with wolf he did the same when every boy flirts with me he even got suspended for a few days for beating up a guy who tried to kiss me but i kinda did punch him too 

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