the bad boys girlfriend

being the bad boy's girlfriend is not that great every boy want a chearleader not josh he want's a football player but were not in the same team will he hate me if i beat his ass in a game


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hey im sarah and im the bad boys girlfriend everybody says he's just gonna break my heart but wolf is the sweetest ever he's know to be a fierce ,dangerous ,mysterious and a heart breacker but when he's with me he's sweet he's diffrent but he's just awsome but the one thing i love the most about him he want a sporty tomboy and not a cheerleader im a tomboy sporty but i mostly play football im defense if ya don't know what football is you don't know quarter backs defense... but it's easy to play trust me ive loved football my hole life with my twin brother hunter he's super popular he's kinda a bad boy too but he's awsome ok so i have 5 dogs 1 red retriever bailey 1 german sheperd ellie 1 saint-benard waffles and 2 husky australian sheperd mix fox and bear also i have 1 horse a stallion nice charcole black  cole and 2 parrots 1 blue and gold macaw dabber and 1 affrican grey parrot fog ya so next chapter the story begans *drum roll*

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