The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


22. Zealine's Music art.

"Up down right left. Faster. Faster!" Wratorian shouted as he swung his blades forward. Zealine would keep her movement quick but not fast enough for Wratorian taste. They would spar using two wooden blades. The match had been going for ten seconds and she got hit two times and send flying back. Wratorian would sigh:
"You sure you wanna keep this up?" Wratorian asked:
"Yeah. We Nordic are quite stubborn. I wanna learn the way of the dual blade." Zealine said standing up. She charged forward and swung her blades again. Wratorian would dodge quickly from side to side keeping his movement up. He would not get hit once. He would suddenly swing his blade quickly forward and hit her thrust first into the stomach. Zealine would cough. Wratorian would spin around and kick her in the side sending her flying to the side. Zealine would place her hand on the ground and push herself up before crashing to the ground. Wratorian would dash forward and swing his wood sticks at her. She would try to dodge but the sin of wrath was just to fast. The two sticks hitting each one of her sides and send her flying back. She would stand up:
"Okay i yield i yield." She said. Wratorian would grin and move over to her to help her up. She accepted his hand and stood up:
"I didn't hit you to hard?" Wratorian asked:
"No." Zealine said. They sat down by their campfire and took a drink. They were camping out just a bit outside of Eir. Wratorian would use all the resources he stole a week ago. He trained Zealine since. She was a eager student and even showed forms of progress. Wratorian would roll his shoulder:
"Not long now." Wratorian said:
"Long?" Zealine asked:
"Yeah. The guild gonna send some runts to try to avenge their fallen guild mates." Wratorian said as he picked up his real blades and placed them into his belt:
"Are you sure? It have already been a week since your heist of the caravan." Zealine said as she sat down at the campfire:
"Don't worry. No one from the guild is stronger than the sin of wrath." Wratorian said:
"That ego is gonna get you killed one day." Zealine said:
"Maybe." Wratorian said:
"But tell me. You said you had the matter version sound?" Wratorian asked:
"Yeah. I use my orchestra stick to make rifts of sound. They play deadly tunes but also make vibration in the air." Zealine explained:
"I see. So you only use the blades as a back up?" Wratorian asked as he stood up:
"It would be nice to use my blades." Zealine explained:
"Show me then." Wratorian said as he leaned up a tree. Zealine shrugged and grabbed the stick at her side. She adjusted the newspaper boy hat and then swung her stick forward:
"Conjure Matter. Version sound!" Zealine shouted. The stick began to glow more and a yellow and purple rift appeared in the air. Notes began to spill out of the rift and levitate around the rift itself:
"Music art. Slayer note!" Zealine shouted. The rift unleashed a beam of notes. The notes hit the tree. The tree would break down and be shot back:
"Wow. Quite a power behind that." Wratorian said:
"Yeah i know it's amazing." Zealine said as she giggled. Wratorian stood up and walked up to a tree:
"But it's not enough." Wratorian said slamming his fist into the trunk. The tree this time breaking in half and both parts get shot into another tree breaking it. Zealine eyes widened:
"How can a normal being do this?" Zealine asked:
"I'm no normal being. I'm the sin of wrath." Wratorian said:
"That is true. But how did you get such strength?" Zealine asked:
"It's in my past." Wratorian said as he grabbed his blade tight:
"You need to tell me your past someday." Zealine said:
"Yeah i can maybe tell you one day. But it's not today. Now if you will excuse me. I will go out and try to find some food." Wratorian said as he left:
"Can i come?!" Zealine asked:
"No stay watch on the camp. The mercenaries is gonna show up soon." Wratorian said before he was out of sight. Zealine would sigh and look around. She could hear movement and she took up her swords. They were of wood. She needed to use her magic in a clever way to win. She waved her orchestral stick forward:
"Conjure matter version sound." She said low as she placed two rifts. One on a tree and one on the ground. A arrow came flying from the tree tops and she quickly dodged. Two knights came running forward:
"It's a girl?" The knight to the left said surprised:
"We're after a man. A dark elf to be specific. Have you seen him?" The other knight asked:
"Yeah i have." Zealine said:
"You have? Where did he go?" The knight to the right asked:
"Come closer and i ask you." Zealine said. The knight moved forward and into range of the rift on the tree:
"Music art. Slayer note!" Zealine shouted as the rift on the tree unleashed the waves of notes. The notes hit the man his armor broke. Zealine would slide over the ground and pick up the sword from the man dropping one of her wooden swords. One more arrow came flying and she spun around striking the arrow down. The other knight moved quickly forward sword ready. He didn't see the rift on the ground and stepped on it:
"Music art. Mine note." Zealine said as the rift would begin to glow and then explode into a giant glowing note. The knight would be sent flying back. His armor broken. She would grab his sword too and have two sharp blades now. The archer would leap forward and try to hit her with a arrow. Zealine would dash forward and dodge the arrow. She hit him with her shoulder. Her newsboy hat flew into the air. She would spin around and force him up a tree making him drop the bow. The hat would land on her head and she would smile:
"Impressed?" Zealine asked:
"I come from the iron claw guild. We want revenge." The Archer said:
"To bad." Zealine said drawing her blades together. The archers head would fly into the air and land on the ground. Zealine would swing her blades forward, the blood flying of them. Wratorian would come back:
"Good job." He said as he spit out a piece of grass from his mouth:
"What?" Zealine asked:
"I knew their were coming. So it was a test. You passed." Wratorian said:
"You didn't find food then?" Zealine asked:
"No. I was watching. Enjoyed the show." Wratorian said:
"So what now? They gonna send more?" Zealine asked:
"Yes. I think it comes to their strongest members now. So i will stay." Wratorian said:
"Strongest members?! We should get going then." Zealine said:
"No. Have some faith in wrath." Wratorian said:
"Yeah yeah. You're perfect I'm dumb. I know the drill." She said sitting down. 

Back at the town of Eir:
"Chief!" A man rushed in:
"Yes?" Veriana asked. Slodia would sit with Halbeid. Halbeid would clean Slodia blades and Slodia attention was drawn towards the man:
"They killed them. All three of them!" The man said:
"Your saying. That man killed more of my mercenaries?" Veriana asked:
"What now chief?" Slodia asked:
"I don't know. We facing a man who is quite dangerous then." Veriana said:
"And a girl. His having a companion." The man explained:
"So their two. I think its bad to send more weak. I should go in person." Veriana said. Her eye would shin through the hair hiding her visible eye. The eye shinning red. She would grab the large bandage thing on her back and unwrap it. It was a sniper. Their were no place to put ammunition and it didn't have a scope. It was a gun with a long barrel. The trigger was missing in its place was a tight ring the finger could go through. Their was a stabilizer you could place on the shoulder and a pipe:
"I will go with you!" Slodia said:
"Sure. I could use a hand." Veriana said:
"Are you gonna be okay?" Halbeid asked:
"Im gonna be fine. Im not gonna let some outlaw kill me." Slodia said grabbing to her two daggers inside the coat_
"Wow. Its the sin of sloth and iron sniper. Their working together. This mission must be dire." A man said. Some of the mercenaries would begin to whisper. Mostly them their haven't been paying attention. The two of them would leave the building and head for the woods:
"I will let you handle them first. I would not like to destroy the forest." Veriana said:
"Fine if im losing feel free to go in." Slodia said as she tighten the pouch of powder to her belt. The two would prepare them self to face the two outlaws. 

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