The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


10. Xather the eight.

"Meooow" The sound of a cat echoed the inn. The door went up and a man walked inside. A cat resting on his shoulder. The man would walk inside with a smile on his lip. The brutes around him would look annoyed as he moved a finger up and cuddle the cat's neck. The cat would meow softly with a happy tone. The man would walk forward and sit down at the bar:
"Can i get a glass of water and a bowl of milk for my companion?" The newcomer asked. His tone was quite refined hinting to his Imperial human background. The bartender nodded and walked of. The man sitting next to the newcomer would look at him:
"And what are you suppose to be?" The man asked:
"I'm a magus." The newcomer said as his cat would meow. The cat was black. It would rest on his shoulder. The newcomer was a young looking man. His hair black and short and his eyes were violet. He walked around with a black long coat with a red outline. His coat had short sleeves and his arms was covered in blue arcane tattoos. His pants are white and quite loose so his legs was quite free. He had a white t-shirt on the coat and black shoes:
"A magus you say? That is a good joke. All living is a mage." The man said. The newcomer would smile and pet his cat:
"Well you got me there sir." The newcomer said with a smile the cat on his shoulder would meow again:
"You really have guts to walk into this tavern looking so dumb." The man said:
"I look dumb?" The newcomer asked:
"Yeah no man with respect for himself would have a cat on his shoulder like that. At the same time he was trying to look tough." The man said:
"Well i don't try to look tough sir." The newcomer said:
"Well if you're not tough you could end quite in danger walking in here." The man said:
"Oh no worries sir. I don't pick fights." The newcomer said as the bartender returned and placed the cup of water and bowl of milk in front of him:
"Now Vax take a drink. Your were quite thirsty." The newcomer said the cat jumping down from his shoulder. It began to drink the milk. The newcomer would lean forward and take a sip of the water. The man would keep his eyes on the newcomer:
"You don't try to pick fights. Then you should not be in here. We don't like newcomers and not imperial scum like you." The man said:
"Oh i see. Well then don't talk to me." The newcomer said as he drank of the water:
"What did you say?" The man asked trying to act threatening. The newcomer would not be affected at all:
"I said you shouldn't talk to me then." The newcomer answered plainly back. The man would stand up and look down at the newcomer:
"Say that one more time!" The man shouted:
"Don't talk to me then. Like man. Are you deaf I'm just trying to have a drink here." The newcomer said looking up with a smirk. The man would push the newcomer of the stool. The cup of water send into the air. The water spilling all over the newcomer. The newcomer would sigh and stand up. The white t-shirt now wet would show his skin and the violet rune all over his chest. There was one unique one. One at the middle of his is chest where the solar plexus should be. It was round and had a inscription in the middle in a old language. The word was. Wispborn.  He would take his coat and place it on the stool:
"Excuse me bartender can i get a mop or something. Seems like i spilled my water." The newcomer said. The bartender would hesitate but then nod. The man would look dumbstruck at the newcomers reaction:
"Man. I hate getting wet. It's just gonna be unconformable to dry my shirt now. I know it's summer and all but come on man. That is not a way to treat someone." The newcomer said to the man. The cat would keep drinking the milk unaffected by the commotion:
"Shut up!" The man shouted throwing a punch at the newcomer. The newcomer would dodge to the side and move his leg out. The man would stumble on the leg and fall forward down into the water. The newcomer would sit down and pet his cat:
"Just leave the mob here. I will dry to floor before i leave." The newcomer said. The cat purring at his touch. The man would stand up and look quite annoyed:
"Wanna take this outside!" The man shouted:
"Oh so you have a refined side too. You are nice enough not to mess up the bartender fine place here?" The newcomer said not even looking at the man. The man would grab him by the shoulder:
"Look at me when i speak to you!" The man shouted. The newcomer would sigh:
"Fine we can have a small dance outside." The newcomer said as the two stepped outside. All of the guest now interested would watch them. The man would smile a confident smile. The man would think he was gonna win to such a young and slim man. The newcomer would sit down on the ground his cat on his head:
"At least try to take it serious!" The man shouted. The boy would look up the cat now resting on his face:
"Vax can you wait inside?" The newcomer asked. The cat gave a meow in response and jumped of his face walking inside the inn again. The newcomer would stand up and brush the dirt of his pants. The man would rush forward:
"Conjure Earth version armor!" The man shouted as his arm got covered in earth. The newcomer would smile. The man would swing his arms wildly at the newcomer. The newcomer would dodge all the attack. His body quite limp and relaxed. He would jump backwards placing his hands on the ground and then moving to his legs again. The newcomer was quite flexible as well. The man would look annoyed. He would rush forward:
"Conjure arcane." The newcomer said under his breath. His tattoos all began to glow in a violet color. The man moved forward again armoring his other arm swinging both now. The newcomer would keep dodging:
"You lack technique and your quite angry. So i think your force will be your doom." The newcomer said. The newcomer moved his hand forward and place it on the man's stomach:
"Conjure arcane...Pulse." The newcomer said. The runes on his arm began to glow and a pulse of pure energy shot through the mans body. He collapsed on the ground. The newcomer would sigh and move a hand through his hair:
"Your gonna be okay. I just paralyzed your nerves for a few minutes." The newcomer said as he crouched down in front of the man:
"Who...Are...You?.." The man asked anger in his voice:
"I'm Xather. The eight sin." The newcomer said with a smile before he stood up. He walked towards the inn. He walked inside and sat down again. His cat would meow at him as he came walking. The cat would jump onto his shoulder again and rest. The boy would grab the mop and clean the water. He then grabbed his coat and took it on. He took a quick glance around the crowd. All of the men looking at him:
"Well seems like we are the point of interest right now Vax." Xather said. All the men would look down as Xather turned his attention to them. He then walked outside:
"Who is a good cat?" Xather said child like as the cat would meow. The cat would leap onto his head and rest. Xather came outside and saw the man finally standing up. Xather walked towards him and then moved his hand forward. He bonked the man on the head:
"Don't be dumb okay. Never judge a book by its cover and don't pick fights with people just because you are dumb." Xather said. The man would growl but keep himself together knowing Xather powers now. The men around him laughed as the full grown man was been scolded by a late teens slim boy with a cat on his head. Xather turned away and began to walk out of town:
"Soon we hit the next village. We must find them." Xather said. The cat gave a meow:
"Pride, Greed, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth. I need to find all of them. I need them all for my mission to save the world itself. First we find them. Then we recruit them." Xather said as he walked. The cat on his head giving a meow again. Xather would smile. He would grab a paper from his coat as he walked. The paper had a message written on it. He got this information from the last town. The man he asked heard that the sin of pride was in the town of Tohak. She was a guard there. That would be a good start at least:
"Ready Vax?" Xather asked. The cat gave a happy meow in response. Xather would crouch down and then begin to run. The cat jumped off his head and ran at his side. The two of them heading for the town of Tohak.

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