The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


4. Wratorian the sin of wrath.

"Three..." The dark elf thought counting down as he hid behind the bushes. His green eyes locked on the road right in front of him. He grabbed the twin blades on his back. The two long swords would be beautifully decorated with rubies at the hilt. The blade was clean as ever. They were both long:
"Two..." The dark elf man continued to count down. His red short hair hidden inside the bushes. The green paint around his eyes got hit by the sunlight. He spun the blade around in his hand as the blade cut the grass under him:
"One..." The dark elf continued to count as his legs slowly raised them self. He was ready to leap forward. The horse pulling the cart would move through the tight route. It was a merchant family traveling along the road. They were between towns. There were a few hired mercenaries on the cart:
"Now." The dark elf said leaping forward. The sun hit him. His red shirt was visible now with the brown vest over it. The vest was a bit damaged and not in the best condition but it used to be a nice vest. His brown pants was flailing in the wind as they were quite loose. He landed and rolled forward. He thereafter kicked of the ground with the brown shoes. He leaped forward cutting the cart so the wheel flew of and the cart would fall to the side. Taking the horse with it. The mercenaries jumped down from the cart drawing the swords:
"Two sword soldier...One with a battle axe and a priest..." The dark elf thought as he stood up holding the twin blades in his hands. The priest would stand in front of the cart:
"Conjure light!" The priest shouted as she moved her hand forward making a shield around the cart. The dark elf's eyes darted towards the cart as he saw a old man lifting on the cart as a lady were stuck beneath the cart. Trying to free her. There was a girl inside the cart. She was trying to climb out of the window. The girl would look towards the dark elf man. Their eyes meet. The dark elf would slowly slide down as he lowered his body. The two sword warriors would charge forward. They swung their swords at him. The dark elf quickly dashed forward. Right between the two knights. The axe knight would swing but the dark elf was quicker. He jumped up and placed his foot against the flat side of the axe and thereafter jumped of it. He would move over the axe knight with this action and then lock his eyes on the priest. The priest eyes widen. The dark elf moved forward as he spun his right twin blade around:
"Conjure fire." The dark elf said as his eyes lighted up in a red color instead of green. The priest would jump to the side in fright as the shield disappeared. The dark elf slowly lowered himself down and grabbed the cart by the side. He began to lift so the lady under it could get free:
"You get out of here...Im only here for the goods. I don't like killing civilians." The dark elf said. The man would help the lady get away. The girl on top of the cart would keep an eye on the dark elf:
"I would suggest you four would get going too. Im only here for the food and money." The dark elf said. The three knights clearly not understanding how dire the situation was charged forward:
"Your swords and axe have no chance against my twin blades. I suggest you either run or face your demise. Your up against the twin blades. Ember and Cinder." The dark elf said as he kept his eyes on the two swordsmen on their way to him. The two swung their blades at the Dark elf. The Dark elf lower himself and placed his blades up against the swords. His fighting style was unique. Quick but powerful. He swung around and cut into the armor of the knight to the right. His blood would flow on to the ground. The other knight would take this chance to try stab the dark elf. The elf was quick and moved his foot up kicking the knights arm. The blade would fall out of the knights hand. The dark elf would spin around and cut the throat of the knight. The knight would grab to his throat trying to stop the bleeding. The dark elf would sigh and cut the knight head of:
"I give you a swift death." The dark elf said. The girl on the cart watched him with a smile. The axe knight would move forward:
"I could parry it but its so much quicker to go through it." The dark elf thought as he grabbed the hilt of his twin blades hard. The priest would ready her magic as she placed a shield over the axe knight. The dark elf would smile and walk forward:
"Conjure fire. Version ember." The dark elf said as his blades would glow up red and also begin to produce steam. The knight swung his axe forward. The dark elf would smile and collide his sword with the axe. The axe knights eyes widened as the axe would melt. The sword cutting through the axe blade like knife in butter. The axe knight dropped his axe and grabbed a knife by his side. He swung it quickly forward. The knife collide with the dark elf chest. The knife blade would melt as the place he would have hit now steamed too. The vest would have a red and black layer of heat over it. The axe knight eyes widened:
"Your armor is thick knight...I would love to bake you!" The dark elf said as he placed his hand on the chest plate of the knight. The metal began to glow red and heat up. The knight inside screaming in pain as he got baked alive. The knight would fall to his death. The priest would look scared and take a few steps back:
"I give you a chance to get away. Im not here to kill as said. But if you fight me i not only defend myself. I fight back." The dark elf said. The priest ran of. The dark elf turned his attention to the girl on top of the cart:
"Enjoyed the show?" The dark elf asked:
"Let me just say this. You must be Wratorian the sin of wrath of the seven deadly sins. The man of ember." The girl said:
"Yes. Not many live to tale the tale of my battle style." The dark elf said:
"Well the wrath of the sins is described as a man in a brown vest with red hair who use two twin blades and the fire version of ember." The girl explained:
"Yes. That would be me. So why haven't you run away yet?" Wratorian asked as he moved towards the cart to loosen the straps on the horse. The horse running away:
"Well im Fyire." The girl said. Wratorian took a second to look her up and down. The girl would wear a scarf around her neck. That is the sign of her being a Nordic human from Frostguard. Her hair black with a newsboy hat on and her eyes amber. She also wore a green shirt with a brown vest over like Wratorian. She had a green long skirt on going to her ankles and also a small orchestral stick at her side with a glow to it:
"What is a nordic human of Frostguard doing so far in the south?" The dark elf asked as he began to pillage the cart from any resources:
"Well i actually tried to find the so called Wrath." Zealine answered:
"Why do you seek me human?" The blood elf said as he tossed a apple up into the air and caught it with his teeth:
"Well. Im a skilled matter magus but i need to know the blade part of blade magus. So i was looking for you. So you could teach me the ways of the twin blades." The girl said jumping down from the cart:
"So you want me to teach your the ways of the twin blades. Im honored but go home girl. Im not interested in teaching." Wratorian said as he stood up and grabbed a sack from his pocket. He began to fill it with the riches and food:
"Come on. I really want to learn from the famous Wrath sin." The girl said putting her hands together in a begging manner:
"I said no. Get going. I think the priest is gonna get help. So it's not long before more warriors come running." Wratorian said:
"I won't leave until i get my will. We nordic are persistent." Zealine said:
"And apparently also deaf. I said no. So get going." Wratorian said putting the sack in his bag. He looked at her. The girl would look at him her eyes shining in a begging manner:
"I don't have time for this. Im on the road. Go find some high skilled swordsman in town or something..." Wratorian said:
"I don't want any old plain swordsman. I want the fighting style of the famous Wrath of the sins. The ember sword itself." Zealine said:
"Well i don't have time..." Wratorian said as he looked at her. She would sit down now her head in the ground. She was bowing down to him:
"..." Wratorian would look at her astonished. A image of a Temple elf bowing her head to him in a begging way flashed his mind. Zealine would smile:
"Please master Wratorian. Take me under your wing." She said. Wratorian would sigh:
"Fine! But its not gonna be easy and you can't even use ember magic so i guess you have your own way of using magic on your blades?" Wratorian asked:
"Nope. I use sound magic from the matter archive. So my orchestral stick here is my artifact. I only need to duel with blades nothing more nothing less. My magic is still my main weapon." Zealine said:
"So you say to me...That you only want to learn my fighting style as a backup...That is quite...Demotivating." Wratorian said:
"Shall we get going Master?" Zealine asked:
"Yes and stop that master thingy. Im just Wrath to you." Wratorian said:
"Fine then Wrath." Zealine said. The two of them walked of from the crash side of the cart. The start of a new friendship and the redemption from his wrath. 

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