The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


17. Wispborn.

Xather would smile and look over his shoulder at Pricia and Iniko as they retread:
"Get going." He said. He thereafter turned his attention forward again as he raised his right arm the violet tattoos burning bright:
"I would suggest you either move or die quickly. I'm a busy man." Lazlo said:
"Well then. I must disappoint you then." Xather said as he rolled his shoulder trying not to let to much pressure hit his burned foot:
"Vax. I want you to stay back. This can be dangerous." Xather said:
"Meow!" The cat meowed back determinant before it ran of:
"Good kitty." Xather said as he hit his left palm with his right fist. The violet tattoos all glowing up his hair lifting itself up. The purple light entering the hair. His purple eyes glowing up more too. Xather's leg would shine bright:
"I just need to give them time." Xather said as he slowly lower his body. Lazlo would cover his hands in molten lava. Xather dashed forward and their fist collided:
"Your stupid. You can't hit me. I'm covered in-" Lazlo said but then looked down at his hand. He could feel a pressure on his arm and the lava would move back away from his fist. Like a pressure was put on the lava itself:
"Pulse." Xather said as his tattoos gave a small pulse of energy. Lazlo arm would make a cracking sound and he would be send flying. Xather dashed after him ignoring the pain in his burned leg:
"Roundhouse pulse breaker!" Xather shouted as he jumped up and spun his body around. Smashing his good leg into Lazlo's stomach. The leg gave out a pulse and send Lazlo smashing into the ground. The ground under him cracking and breaking. Xather would slide over the ground a small amount of blood leaving his burned leg:
"Just keep my eyes on the target." Xather said as he stood up. A pain shooting through his leg. His eyes locked on Lazlo. Lazlo would slowly stand up a small amount of blood leaving his mouth. Lazlo was mad:
"Come on Dualstream. Don't disappoint me now." Xather said as he took a fighting stance again. Lazlo charged forward swinging his arm at Xather. Xather would dodge but suddenly feel a pain surge through his leg:
"Got you!" Lazlo shouted and smashed his molten fist into Xather chin. Xather was send flying into a tree. He cough up blood as he could feel the burn marks on his chin. Xather stood up and spun around:
"Pulse Nova!" Xather shouted as he stopped and stomped the ground with his bad leg. All of his runes would glow up and shot out a pulse. The trees around them broke by the pressure. Xather would grunt in pain by his stomp but the pulse hit Lazlo and send him flying back. Xather would run on forward and bite his own lip:
"Keep this up!" Xather thought as he ran over towards Lazlo. Every step sending pain through his leg:
"Roundhouse pulse breaker!" Xather shouted as he jump up and spun his body again:
"Molten armor!" Lazlo shouted as he cover himself in lava. Xather smiled and shot his leg into Lazlo body. The pulse's pressure would move the lava away. The same move was made but this time Xather kept his foot on Lazlo. He pressed Lazlo into the ground as he moved his damage leg up into the air. The tattoos shinning all the way up his leg:
"Pulse breakdown!" Xather shouted as his foot shot to the ground the foot stomping down on Lazlo. Lazlo could feel his bones shaking as the pulse shot through his body. The ground cracking around them. Lazlo spew out a lot of blood from his mouth. Xather would jump back and slide over the ground losing balance on the way falling down:
"Damn...Focus on the fight...Not the pain." Xather said slowly standing up. Every movement send a surge of pain through his leg. Xather would breath out as he watched Lazlo stand up:
"I must say. Your not a weakling Xather Wispborn." Lazlo said. Xather was still without shirt on the Wispborn tattoo on his solar plexus glowing bright purple. Lazlo would take of his coat. He was bare stomach under it the molten lava running down his chest. He cracked his neck and look at Xather. Xather would take a fighting stance again:
"I heard about you. Lazlo the molten giant of the hollow horn clan." Xather said:
"Many know your name now. Xather eight sin. You trying to break the rules of the sin and make eight of them." Lazlo grinned. Xather would sit down on the ground and breath out weakly:
"I have a mission Lazlo. I always give my enemy a choice. Either you step out of my way or you die. My mission is not to be messed with!" Xather shouted. Lazlo would grin:
"Pathetic. Molten heaven!" Lazlo shouted as he made a giant summoning gate. The lava shooting out the gate and covering the landscape. Xather would stand up and take a special stance. His wounded leg bend and folded over his standing leg. His right hand touching his solar plexus and his left hand pointing forward:
"I call to the light of the wisp and magic of the unseen. The arcane flows through my veins and give me strength-" He said as his hand touching his solar plexus began to follow the lines of the Wispborn tattoo:
"I Xather Wispborn call on my dads power. Oh great wisp of the pillars. Extinguish the evil and let the pure essence of mana flow through me-" Xather said as his hair became pure violet. His eyes shinning purple and all the white in his eyes turning violet. Lazlo looked confused as his lava moved closer and closer to Xather:
"I call on my name. My honor. My pride. My light!" Xather said moving his hand away from his solar plexus and placed it on top of his other hand:
"Arcane eruption!" Xather shouted as all his tattoos began to glow and the earth under him began to shake. The ground breaking around him. The trees leafs moving in a powerful wind. Some of the trees even falling by the power of the energy. Lazlo eyes widen as the lava began to stop moving like it hit a wall. Xather tattoos began to move out and cover his arms. The tattoos changing the color of his skin to violet. His Wispborn tattoo began to spin around quickly and let out a powerful glow. Suddenly all turned white. A thunderclap could be heard as the ground broke under Xather. The lava would all just shot up into the air and Lazlo eyes widen as he suddenly felt a pressure on his body:
"Is...That the power....Of a man born from a god." Lazlo said as Xather would move his hands up into the air and Lazlo would feel all his bones move upwards. Xather would clap his hands together and then make both into fist. A giant pressure shot through the air and Lazlo was send flying and spinning. Breaking through the trees. He even broke through a bolder on the way. Xather would open his mouth as purple light steamed out of his mouth. Xather would close his eyes as all his tattoos stop glowing and he fell to the ground. Vax meowed as it rushed to his side. Xather was nearly out of mana his body not even able to move. Lazlo would stand up and look angry. His body damaged hard:
"Meow. Meow!" Vax kept meowing as he pawed at Xather face clearly trying to wake him up. Lazlo was walking towards Xather:
"Wispborn or not. Your still to weak on mana and stamina to win!" Lazlo said as his skin fell of:
"My molten rock arm clearly saved me." Lazlo said low. His molten rock fake skin fell of one by one. The molten skin had saved him from the Wispborn's power. Lazlo would hit his fists together lava leaking from his palms:
"I'm gonna make sure you never get up again! Molten wave!" Lazlo shouted as the lava raised from the ground and shot towards Xather:
"Conjure light! Version shield!" Pricia shouted as she stood in front of Xather a giant shield of light protecting them:
"Iniko take Xather to safety and treat his wounds." Pricia said determinant. Iniko nodded and took Xather up:
"You did well...Thanks for giving us time." Iniko said as she picked him up. Xather didn't answer. He was clearly not awake:
"Isn't it the princess. Here to get your ass kicked again?" Lazlo asked with a grin:
"I'm not here to lose this time. I'm here to face you myself. I was scared before. Xather was my shield but as the Sin of Pride and user of the shield archive, i can't let this happen anymore. I will be his shield this time." Pricia said as she took her book and threw it to the ground. She tighten the grip on the rosary:
"I will be the pride my mom wanted!" Pricia shouted. Vax would meow sadly at Xather:
"His at critical mana level...he could actually get sick." Iniko said. She bit into her finger and let some of her blood leak into Xather mouth:
"You can transfer mana through blood if its the same magic kind. I can't heal you but i can keep you from getting sick." Iniko said. Xather tattoos would glow faintly a reaction to the blood. Vax would meow and curl up on Xather chest. Iniko would look at Pricia:
"My mom told me to protect my people. Xather is not even a part of my people but he faced you to save me! I can't allow anyone to fight my battles anymore. I will be the pride i should be!" Pricia shouted as she grabbed her hammer. Lazlo would grin as he cover his arms in lava:
"Then take this!" Lazlo shouted rushing forward swinging his fist. Pricia would dodge to the side and swing her hammer:
"Lights shield!" Pricia said as she made a shield of light on her rosary arm. She smashed the hammer into Lazlo chest and then moved her shield forward. Hitting him in the face with the flat side. She would swing her hammer forward and hit him in the chin and send him flying back:
"I will put judgement on you!" Pricia said as the rosary would glow and wings would shot out her back. The wings made of light:
"Arch angle!" Pricia said as the light would surge through her body healing her wounds and empowering her hammer:
"I'm ready now. Watch me Xather. Because you are now gonna see your sin of pride." Pricia said.

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