The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


14. The nine fanged cheetah

"Wow!" Pricia let out a exclamation as she jumped to the side. The cheetah would spin his arms around all the nine daggers shooting forward. Pricia would slide over the ground and look at Zhat. She moved her book up at the last second. Her shield of light covered her as the blades collide with it. Pricia would tighten the grip of her hammer and push her shield forward sending the nine blades flying up into the air. She rushed forward towards Zhat. Zhat would smile and clap his hands together. The nine blades stopped in mid air and then shot towards her back. She would close her eyes and let light cover her back. The knives would pierce into the shield:
"Now i got you!" Zhat said twisting his wrist. The blades would start to spin around drilling into the shield. Pricia would jump forward and land on her hands then push herself of the ground. The blades breaking the shield the moment she pushed herself backwards right over them again. Zhat would snap his fingers as the blades would levitate to his side. The two would look at each other:
"Your not fighting using all your strength." Zhat said annoyed:
"..." Pricia would stay silent:
"You still doubting yourself." Zhat said as he lower his hand. He would begin to roll his fingers. He would get a evil grin:
"What do you know about me!" Pricia shouted as she would grab her hammer tight:
"I know who your mother is." Zhat said. Pricia eyes widen. She would shiver as she heard that sentence:
"mommy's little girl. If you just were strong as her." Zhat said as he would keep rolling his fingers. Pricia would look annoyed:
"I'm strong! I'm not weak..." Pricia said but she had no determination or pride behind her voice:
"You can't even be determinant to fight me. You just want to give up." Zhat said as he would begin to roll his wrist. The grin on his face would become more dark:
"That grin...Your-" Pricia said but it was to late:
"Distracting you. Precisely!" Zhat shouted as he moved his hand he rolled up into the air:
"Conjure Earth version metal! Metal Magic raising spears!" Zhat shouted. He conjure the metal in the earth to form into spears and then the spears shot up through the ground. Pricia would jump into the air and make a shield in front of her. The spears would hit the shield leaving cracks in it:
"Such force!" Pricia said as she would spin around in the air and kick of from the shield. She was about to get hit but she barely escape the attack. Her coat got hit and broke into pieces. Pricia would crash to the ground:
"That was close." Pricia said as she stood up and grabbed to her hammer. Zhat would smile and raise his hand to the air. The spears in the ground broke free from the the earth. His daggers would fall to the ground as he now had nine spears floating around him:
"I'm known as the nine fanged cheetahs. I can control any blade as long as it's only nine of them." Zhat said. Pricia would hold her rosary at her heart the book beginning to glow:
"Now die!" Zhat shouted as he moved his hand forward. The spears flying forward. They were faster then the daggers and there was more force behind them. Pricia would open her eyes as the light would envelop her. The spears would hit the shield but there would be no crack in it. Pricia would look up her eyes burning with the light:
"I had enough of you!" Pricia shouted. Zhat would smile and then open his mouth. He said something and that sentence drained Pricia face of any color. Pricia shield would weaken and the spear would shatter it. She snapped out of it and quickly threw herself to the ground. The spear hitting her side and leaving a scratch:
"That sentence...My dad told you to say that!" Pricia shouted. Zhat would smile and grin:
"I didn't know it had such a nice effect on you." Zhat said as he would spin his finger around and the spears would all fly up into the air and then shot towards her. Pricia would raise her book and conjure a light barrier strong enough to hold back the spears. The spears would fly back at the same time the shield shatter into small glass shards of light there vanished:
"You still have some fight in ya ay." Zhat said with a evil grin. Zhat would spin around on one foot the spears spinning around him and then point both arms towards Pricia. The spears would fly forward with amazing speed. Pricia would gasp for air and then conjure one more shield just powerful enough to hold back the spears:
"How much mana does this Uruiman have..." Pricia thought as she looked at him:
"He been controlling those blades for a while now. But he doesn't seem to weaken at all. But I'm nearly falling to my knees on the other hand." Pricia thought as she stood up and used her hammer as stabilizer:
"Just stay down!" Zhat shouted as he would pull his arm to him. The spears levitating behind him. Then he did the motion of throwing a spear and all nine of them shot forward. Pricia would jump to the side:
"If I keep using mana I'm just gonna go cold...I need to find a alternative way of attacking." Pricia thought as she stood up and looked at him. He would have the most sadistic smile on his face as the spears flew around him. Pricia would take a step back and keep focus up. Pricia eyes would shiver. She could feel the loss of mana in her body:
"Oh you looking a bit pale over there."  Zhat said as he grinned. The spears would land on the ground and the daggers would begin to levitate:
"Strange why is he using the daggers now. Is he gonna try to paralyze me?" Pricia thought as she stood up. Zhat would smile as the blades would levitate around his arm. Pricia would stand up and grab her hammer:
"If his only using the daggers...Then i might have a chance." Pricia thought as she would take a fighting stance. Her knees felt like jelly. She would feel the burning sun above them. She would gasp for air as her vision went blurry:
"Die!" Zhat shouted as he shot all blades forward. Pricia would hold up her hand but was unable to muster the power to create a shield. She quickly threw herself to the side. The blades nearly hitting her. She would stand up and try to regain focus. Her mana was quite low and her power was low too. To face up against a man with nine weapons would be impossible in this state. She would stand up and hold the rosary close to her heart:
"Rosary...Wait." Zhat said as he moved his hand forward. The chain around of Pricia hand was of metal:
"Conjure Earth version metal!" Zhat shouted as the metal chain rosary would begin to spin around and grind into Pricia hand. She would scream in pain as blood would shot out of it:
"Not my rosary...Of all thing there could hurt me. Why did the rosary have to be the weapon. The rosary mom gave me." Pricia thought as she would cry out:
"Better let the rosary go or-" Zhat said but he suddenly heard a scream in anger and Pricia rushed at him her hammer colliding with his face. He was shot back and the rosary stopped spinning:
"You can hurt me. But if you ever try pull a stunt on my rosary your dead." Pricia said as she walked forward in anger. She grabbed the hammer and smashed it into Zhat. Zhat would gasp for air as he was pounded again and again by the hammer. Zhat would grab her hammer handle and try to push it back but her force was massive:
"You come here and act like my father little voice. Saying the title and trying to destroy the last precious memory my mom left me! Don't ever do that!" Pricia shouted as she hold her hammer up into the air:
"Conjure light version shield. Light empowered slam!" Pricia shouted as she cloaked her hammerhead in a light shield and slammed it into Zhat. Zhat chest would break. All the ribs crumbling. Pricia would breath out and stand up. She would wiggle from side to side trying to get a grip of her balance:
"I better go check on Xather." Pricia said as she began to walk. She would lean up every tree on the way. She had lost a incredible amount of mana. She would bite her lip and begin to run. She would run through the forest and suddenly hear Xather scream in pain:
"Xather!" Pricia shouted as she came running. She had lost her coat but she was a bit weak on her legs and also her hand with the rosary in it was bloody red.


We already know this part.

So let's see what's gonna happen next

Shall we?

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