The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


13. The dispeler

"Meooow" Vax meowed. Xather would open his eyes. He would be in the forest still. The birds singing around him. Xather would sit up and look around:
"Oh hey boy." Xather said as Vax would leap into his embrace. Xather would laugh as the cat would snuggle its head up his chest:
"Wait...Chest?" Xather looked down as his upper body was exposed. His runes would glow. He would let a hand slide over the rune at his solar plexus:
"Wispborn." A voice said. Xather looked at the direction the voice came from. It was Pricia:
"Yes." Xather said:
"I want to ask a thing before we even begin idle chatter." Pricia said:
"Okay, shot." Xather said:
"How do you know my background?" Pricia asked:
"Well. I'm the eight sin of the eight sins. I came to seek out Pricia of Hinz." Xather said. Pricia gave a facial expression that wanted Xather to continue:
"I seek out Pride of the sins." Xather said:
"Pride of the sins?" Pricia asked:
"Yeah, you." Xather said. Pricia would grab to her hammer:
"Don't think your dad send me. I don't think he would send me if those guys are sent too." Xather said as he petted Vax:
"That is true...Sorry, im just on guard." Pricia said as she lowered her guard a bit:
"So what do you mean with eight sins?" Pricia asked:
"Well, we are eight. Wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, pride and-" Xather said but got interrupted:
"Yeah, i know. But why do you seek me?" Pricia said:
"I try to assemble all the sins. You are pride!" Xather said:
"Well, i can't do that." Pricia said:
"Well let's go...Wait, what?" Xather asked:
"I can't do that." Pricia said:
"Why?!" Xather asked surprised:
"Well. I need to sin for the rest of my life. I can't help you as I need to be punished for the deeds I have done. I think I actually will just let the mercenaries take me and I can face my father and-" Pricia said but she stopped at a sound of a smack. Her eyes widen as she would place a hand on her now more red cheek. Xather would rub his palm and look at her. His violet eyes glowing angrily:
"Did you...just slap me?" Pricia asked. Xather would nod and stand up the cat jumping to the side:
"Sin the rest of your life? Punish? If you gonna face your father you need your pride behind you!" Xather said:
"I have no pride!" Pricia shouted. Xather would grind his teeth:
"No pride huh!" Xather shouted. His ear would twitch as he would move forward and tackle Pricia. A knife would nearly hit them. Xather would spin around and stand up. Two mercenaries would look at them. The cheetah and a hooded one. Pricia would stand up and lower her guard:
"This is where we separate Xather eight sin. I will just let them take me." Pricia said. Xather would look at her:
"Listen! I don't care what you think. You won't find peace on the receiving end of a blade. So you have two choices. Accept what you have done and fight or bow down and lose the last amount of pride you have in that body of yours!" Xather shouted. Pricia would look at him. She could see the determination in his eyes:
"How cute. He thinks that girl have a word in the matter. She is just a pawn on a chess board." The hooded figure said. Clearly a girl's voice:
"She is a pawn for her father and you think you can change that Imperial?" The cheetah asked:
"I don't only think. I will!" Xather said his cat jumping onto his shoulder. The hooded girl would lower her hood. It was a human girl with purple hair and purple eyes:
"Xather.." Pricia said as she looked at the human man. Xather would press his hands against the rune at his solar plexus:
"I swear it on my father the wisp itself!" Xather said as the runes would begin to glow:
"Conjure arcane!" Xather shouted his hold chest would glow up violet. His arms too. His eyes would sparkle and purple lines would erupt from his iris. His black hair would shimmer with light and then the tips of his hair turned violet:
"Where did all the power come from?" Pricia thought. Xather would look at her and smile:
"So whats your answer. Pride or coward?" Xather asked:
"..." Pricia was taken aback. She would grab her hammer and let the book in the rosary glow up:
"Conjure light! I chose pride!" Pricia shouted:
"Conjure light shield!" Pricia shouted as the giant wall would appear behind them. The purple haired girl would move her hand up:
"Conjure arcane. Dispel!" She said as the light wall would vanish:
"She has the..." Xather said in shock:
"Dispel version of arcane." Pricia said. Finishing his sentence. The dispel was a really rare trait of the magic world. It's as rare as a dualstream. The magic ability lets it cancel out any magic there not a part of the body or person itself. Its really rare and even some culture kill the kids there have it to annihilate the possibility of dispel:
"You take nine blade guy. I will go for the girl!" Xather shouted and rushed forward. The girl would run into the jungle:
"The leader is counting on you Zhat." The girl shouted:
"No worries Iniko. I got this." The cheetah said. Xather would rush off after the girl:
"I know that man can do something to stop my paralyze. So this fight will be so much easy having him out of the picture." Zhat said as he would move a hand forward the nine blades spinning around it. Pricia would grab her hammer and summon her shield again.

Xather would run after her:
"Why are you running!" Xather shouted:
"Why are you chasing!" Iniko answered. Xather would grunt annoyed as he would focus a lot of mana on his legs. He would run even faster now. The girl would slide down and touch Xather leg:
"Dispel!" She shouted as Xather right leg would stop the mana enhancing. Xather left leg would still move fast but his right leg couldn't keep up. He would fly forward face first into a tree. Xather would stand up and rub the blood off his nose:
"Note to myself. Don't let her touch my legs." Xather said as he activated the enhance in his leg again. The girl would smile and pull off the cloak. She had a skin tunic under and normal brown pants. She had metal rings all the way down her arms and brass knuckles on. Her dispel magic streamed into the brass knuckles clearly. Her clothing hinted she was quite poor:
"You're a poor forest human." Xather said:
"Yeah, you Imperial disgust me. You took our lands and build major cities on them. Took our mines. Our fields. Leaving my family poor. That is why I joined the hollow horn mercenaries. To get money for my family and to destroy any filthy imperial i see on my way!" She shouted. Xather would nod and smile:
"I understand your reasons. My people have not be the best and the most friendly." Xather said as he took a fighting stance:
"You think understanding it will get you anywhere!" Iniko shouted. Xather would sigh and roll his fingers:
"No. I know your beyond words now. I just wished you used your dispel magic for something better." Xather said. Iniko would get a annoyed and rush forward. She would use a form of boxing to try to hit Xather. Xather would dodge:
"That is-" Iniko said but she would get a kick right to the stomach followed up by a roundhouse kick to the cheek. She would spin around and crash into the ground. Xather would jump on his feet:
"Oh sorry. I should let the lady be done talking." Xather said with a grin:
"That fighting style. Imperial royal guard combat." Iniko said. Xather would smile but not say anything:
"I don't understand. You're using so much mana to keep your body in that enhanced state. How is it that you haven't run out of mana yet!" Iniko said charging at him again. She would swing her arms at him again and again. Xather would dodge softly around:
"Meow." Vax gave out a meow. Xather would smile and nod. He would crouch down and send his leg directly up into the air. It hit Iniko in the chin and shot her into the air:
"Ready!" Xather said spinning around as he slowly stood up:
"Conjure arcane pulse!" Xather shouted placing both his hands up against Iniko stomach right when she was about to hit the ground. Time seem to stand still for a second before a purple glow shot out of her back. She was shot into a tree. She would cough out blood as she fell to the ground afterwards:
"You were right Vax. She would survive." Xather said. He would lower the enhance magic a bit and look at Iniko:
"Damn...It..." Iniko said slowly standing up not showing any sign of giving up:
"You really wanna win?" Xather asked. Iniko would rub the blood of her lip with a angry look on her face:
"Of course! I need the money!" Iniko shouted. Xather would look at her and sigh:
"Money here, money there. This world is driven by currency. No one knows what the real threat is." Xather said as he rolled his shoulder:
"You could do so much better then mercenary jobs with that gift of yours." Xather said. Iniko would look confused for a second:
"What?" Iniko asked:
"Police...Guards around here. They could stop so many criminals if they had the power of dispel." Xather said as he stop his conjuring. Iniko would look at her hands:
"You been more fixated on your hate to the Imperial humans that you have forgotten your powers." Xather said as he lower his guard and walked towards her. Iniko would snap out of it and look up. She would take a defense stance but Xather would shake his head and grab her by the wrists:
"These hands are not made to fight." Xather said. Iniko would look at him. He would smile:
"I'm Imperial and that is all. That doesn't mean I'm like the others." Xather said. Iniko would be speechless. Xather would smile and place a hand on Iniko head:
"Just. Know what the right path is. That is the only thing i ask of you." Xather said as his eyes snapped open and he pushed the girl. He then quickly tried to jump backwards but it was to late. His leg was hit by a substance. The sound of skin burning could be heard as Xather fell to the ground in pain. He looked to the side. A cloaked man would have his arm forward. The summoning gate in front of the hand was what took Xather attention. It was red and green at the same time:
"Dualstream.." Xather said. Iniko would look at Xather leg. The leg was burned the molten rock covering it:
"Xather!" Pricia shouted as she came running. She had lost her coat but she was a bit weak on her legs and also her hand with the rosary in it was bloody red:
"There you are." The coated man said. As he walked forward and pulled down his hood. It was a Blood born. His hair white and his skin as white. His eyes pure white too. He would smile:
"You could see the dualstream the moment i made it. You have quite a quick reflex." The man said:
"Lazlo." Iniko said:
"Seems like Zhat lost." The blood born said as he looked at Xather. Xather would lie on the ground the molten rocks around his leg:
"Vax you out of energy right?" Xather asked:
"Meow." Vax answered:
"I thought so. Only one rewind left." Xather said annoyed. Pricia would grab her hammer tight:
"So you're the leader." Pricia said.


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