The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


24. The demon elf.

The sound of metal clashing echoed the forest as Wratorian would spin around parrying every slash Slodia threw at him:
"This is annoying." Wratorian said under his breath. She was gone before he had a chance to hurt her. She was even more unpredictable now. Slodia would appear crouching on the ground and sweep the legs away from under Wratorian. She would flap her wings and then stomp her foot into his chest. Wratorian would gasp and grunt in pain as he would roll to the side dodging the second stomp. He pushed off from the ground with his arms landing on his legs. The two twin blades flying into the air. He would catch them and quickly start parrying again:
"Bullet." Slodia said as she vanished. A bullet of air came right for Wratorian. He would move his blade forward and collide it with the bullet of air. The air would try to push the blade away from its path as Wratorian tried to keep the bullet from going forward. The air would be split in half and fly to both sides of his blade. Slodia would appear in Wratorian blind spot and slash him over the back. Wratorian would growl and spin around kicking Slodia in the face. Slodia would spin around in the air and then crash to the ground. She would use her magic and be suddenly up in front of Wratorian again:
"Damn it!" Wratorian shouted as he took a direct kick to the face. He would land on the ground. The sky suddenly changed red and back to blue:
"What..." Wratorian said low as he stood up tightening his grip on the blades:
"Watch out!" Slodia shouted as she suddenly was in front of Wratorian. Wratorian grabbed her quickly by the throat and tried to slam her into the ground. She was gone before he could:
"Damn it!" Wratorian shouted as he spun around and parry her next attack:
"Teleportation slasher!" Slodia shouted as she began to attack him from all sides again. She would become faster with every vanish. Wratorian would growl more and more as he began to feel the pain surge through his body. He suddenly felt a jolt of pain in his back and was open for a second. Slodia would spin around and slash him over the chest three times before she gave him a kick to the knee and a roundhouse kick to the cheek. The sky turned red for Wratorian again for a second. The screams of people could be heard. He could hear a faint whisper and he could smell smoke before he fell to the ground and the sky turned back normal. Wratorian would gasp and sit up feeling the surging pain in his chest:
"Giving up?" Slodia asked:
"What was that..:" Wratorian asked himself:
"What?" Slodia was surprised by Wratorian confusion:
"Damn it." Wratorian said standing up. Slodia would shake her head and vanish again. She would appear above Wratorian and try to kick him into the ground. Wratorian would spin around and grab her by the leg tossing her hard into the ground:
"What!" Slodia would grunt in pain and vanish before she hit the ground. She would sit on the ground away from Wratorian. Her leg would have a burn mark. The ember would layer around Wratorian hand:
"Demon Elf." Wratorian said low:
"What?" Slodia asked. Wratorian didn't hear Slodia. The words demon elf kept repeating in his head. He would grab his head:
"Julia!" Wratorian shouted as his eyes began to flash red:
"What the!" Slodia said slowly walking backward. Wratorian eyes would turn from white to black and the black of his eyes would start leak and travel down his skin. His iris would turn red:
"AH." He coughed up blood as his would breath faster:
"Demon eyes." Slodia said. She sniffed the air:
"Demon blood." Slodia said. Looking at the blood on the ground. She could smell the blood of a demon inside his blood. Wratorian would throw his head back and look at the sky. His eyes would burn in pain and his throat was dry:
"I remember...Julia." Wratorian said as his eye would shine bright red:
"Take this!" Slodia shouted as she spun around trying to cut into him again. He would look her way and grab her by the arm. He could in a split second after hit her hard in the stomach sending her flying back. Slodia would teleport up on a branch and gasp for air:
"What force. Truly demon strength." Slodia said:
"I'm project wrath." Wratorian said as he looked at his hands:
"Take this!" Slodia shouted and spun around slashing at him. He would grab cinder and block her attack. He didn't feel any force in his arm. He could withstand the collision. He would push cinder a bit forward and send Slodia flying back:
"Damn demon strength!" Slodia shouted shooting herself forward:
"Teleportation slasher!" Slodia said spinning around like a tornado:
"Version hundred cuts!" Slodia shouted and vanish. Wratorian would get cut from every side. Small cuts appearing on his arms, legs, neck, cheek, face, chest and back. Wratorian would look around but he could not see Slodia. The pain was massive:
"Finish!" Slodia shouted cutting into his arm. His arm would not fall off but be cut. Blood spraying out.
"Ah!" Wratorian gasped for air and let out a grunt of pain as he fell to his knees. Slodia would appear out of nowhere and look at him. Her knife cover in blood:
"I must put you down demon!" Slodia shouted as she was about to cut him. Her dagger suddenly melted. A heat erupting from Wratorian body:
"Ember skin." Wratorian said as his skin began to glow red and white. Slodia eyes widen as she got a full heated hit to the cheek. A soft fizzle sound came from her cheek before she was sent flying. Wratorian would stomp the ground and shot forward appearing above her spinning around and kicking her into the ground. The ember moving down his body to his leg burning into her. Slodia would cough up blood and vanish. She would appear at a place with a distance between them. Blood running down the blood born's mouth. She would drop the coat and stand in her shirt. The coat would ignite into a fire because of the heat from the kick. Wratorian turned to her:
"What with this sudden strength?" Slodia asked herself as she would look at her one melted dagger. She would throw it to the side and grab her last dagger:
"It's all or nothing." Slodia said:
"The demon elf." Wratorian said as all the power left his eyes and they turned back normal. He would cough up blood and smile:
"Control again." Wratorian said as he tightens his grip on ember and cinder. The ember skin would vanish:
"You lower your guard?" Slodia asked:
"I don't wanna kill you. I never wanted to kill people. I give them choices. But if you attack me I'm not scared to defend myself." Wratorian said:
"Bullet." Slodia said vanishing. One more air bullet travels through the opening in the forest. Wratorian would dodge it and see it hit the ground powerfully. The earth erupted:
"There was more power in that shot than the first one." Wratorian said as he turned to the forest:
"ZEALINE!" Wratorian shouted but there was no answer:
"Damn it." Wratorian shouted as he ran towards the forest. Slodia would appear on a branch and sigh:
"Damn my wounds are too great. How can he run when his cut open everywhere?" Slodia asked herself. Wratorian would run through the forest. The deeper he went the more violet was the landscape. Trees were broken and bullet holes were everywhere. The ground would have broken. Wratorian would keep running even with the pain:
"Zealine!" Wratorian shouted:
"Wind Bullet." A voice said as he heard a whistle sound and he would turn around to just merely dodge the bullet. He would stomp the ground to stop him from falling. A surge of pain jolted through his body as all his wounded opened a bit more. Veriana would whistle. A whistle would respond. Wratorian would nod:
"They keep in contact with whistling." Wratorian said:
"Zealine!" He shouted after as he walked through the forest:
"Over...Here." A weak voice responded. Wratorian would rush towards it and find Zealine smashed into the ground. She had bullet wounds in the shoulders and a few in the arms. Also some splinters from tress. She would bleed. Her newsboy hat hanging in a tree above her:
"You did what you could. Please rest." Wratorian said as he knelled down and place a hand on her shoulder:
"Ember." Wratorian said as he transferred the ember to her and sealed the wounds with it:
"Wait before you go-" Zealine said before Wratorian was gone:
"My hat...Please...Give me it." Zealine said. Wratorian nodded and grabbed the hat from the tree. He handed her it and smiled:
"Its gonna be fine." Wratorian said as he grabbed his blades and looked through the forest:
"Come forward!" Wratorian shouted. Veriana would jump down from the branch she was hiding in:
"So you're the leader of the iron claw guild?" Wratorian asked:
"Yes. You didn't kill Slodia?" Veriana asked:
"I'm not here to kill. Unlike you two." Wratorian said:
"You have killed some of my men." Veriana growled:
"It was in self-defends. I was only after the goods. I warned them before I killed. They chose their destiny." Wratorian said:
"You're still the killer." Veriana said:
"Fine. Then kill me. But please let the girl over there go. She is innocent." Wratorian said:
"You didn't kill Slodia. so I will grant your wish." Veriana said pointing her sniper at him:
"I won't go down without a fight." Wratorian said preparing his blades:
"It wouldn't be fun if you did." Veriana said.

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