The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


18. The beckon of pride.

Pricia would look at the sky as her wings would move back and forward. The light shining from them. She lower her head as the wings disappeared and the light moved through her body to her hammer. The hammer would be covered in the light itself. The barrier she used to protect with now was an enchantment to her hammer. Lazlo would move his hand forward a summoning gate appearing. The lava would shot out of it and swarm around him. Iniko would grab Xather and jump into a tree:
"We're safe up here." Iniko said. Vax would leap up to the tree too as he stood at Xather side. Pricia would bite her lip softly:
"Come now, Lazlo! Face me!" Pricia shouted as she rushed forward. Lazlo would rush forward the two engaging in close combat. Lazlo would swing his arms at her and sometimes spin around trying to get a kick in. She would dodge and try to swing her hammer at him only to make a shield with her rosary protecting her from his arms. Lazlo would smash his heel into the ground:
"Molten wave!" He shouted as lava shot up like a geyser. Pricia would jump back as she would slide her finger over the ground:
"Judgement!" Pricia shouted as a ray of light shot over the ground towards him:
"I'm the daughter of pride!" Pricia said as her rosary began to glow more and more:
"That spell!" Lazlo said moving his hands forward blocking the light with his lava:
"It's from the punish archive!" Lazlo said as he slides over the ground:
"I thought she used the shield archive." Lazlo said. Pricia would hold out her rosary:
"I'm the Pride. So that means I ain't only a shield but also a punisher and bringer of justice!" Pricia shouted:
"She has unlocked a second archive. Only a few people accomplish this!" Iniko shouted:
"Meow!" Vax replied:
"That is true...She is the sin of pride." Xather said as he slowly sat up:
"You should relax. It's not safe for you to move too much." Iniko said:
"I know. I know...Thanks for the mana by the way." Xather said as his tattoos were shining weakly:
"Pricia have the shield and punish archive. I knew she was special from the moment I found her. Something about her made me proud to just be near her." Xather said as his eye shined. Pricia would move towards Lazlo quickly. Lazlo would wave his hands forward and make the lava into fists. The giant fist of lava would shot at her. Pricia would raise her rosary and make a giant shield. The shield had a figure behind it. A golden being of light would hold the shield and protect her from the lava. Pricia would move her hand to the air:
"Bright sky open. Heavens smite!" Pricia shout as a light shot down from the heavens. Lazlo would move his hand forward and protect himself with lava. The light burning through the lava. Lazlo jumped back as his hand slide over the ground:
"Molten fissure!" Lazlo shouted the earth would open. Lava rising from the fissure. Pricia would charge forward her hammer shining with the light:
"Judgement!" Pricia shouted as a light shot from her rosary towards Lazlo. Lazlo would stomp the ground as the lava became spikes and broke the light ray. Lazlo would slide his hand over the ground lava raising as he would surf on it using his legs only. Pricia would spin around and swing her hammer hitting the air a pure force of light coming out of it. The light shined bright blinding Lazlo. Pricia would take this time to jump forward and try to hit him with the hammer. Lazlo would open his eyes and see her hammer coming. He would stomp his foot into the lava as a pillar raised from his surf wave and hit Pricia back. Pricia would quickly make a shield at her stomach protecting her from the lava. Pricia would swing her rosary covered hand forward. The hand cover in a light shield. It would break through the molten lava grabbing Lazlo by the neck:
"Judgement!" Pricia shouted as light shot out her hand and into his neck. He would cough out blood and be shot back. Lazlo would breath out as he slowly stood up:
"I must say, Princess. It seems like I underestimated you. I will show you the power of the molten giant." Lazlo said as he stood up. He would roll his neck as he placed his hand on the ground:
"Conjure molten. Molten Giant." He said as the ground began to shake. The molten lava rising from the earth. It slowly moved up behind him. Pilling up as it slowly became a golem of lava. The golem roared as it took Lazlo and raised him into the air and onto its head:
"Now. I will show you the power of molten lava. My molten giants strongest attack. Ragnarok!" Lazlo said as he stomped his foot into the lava golem head. The earth began to shake as geysers of lava shot up from the ground. Lazlo would move his hands into the air. The sky around them turning dark with smoke. Pricia would take a few steps back:
"Shit! Iniko get Xather out of here!" Pricia shouted. Iniko nodded and took Xather up jumping down from the tree and running off. The blood born would raise his hands more as the earth itself turned into volcanoes:
"This is the power of Ragnarok. This is the power of the molten!" Lazlo shouted. Pricia would move her hammer forward:
"Mom. Watch me." Pricia said as she tightens the grip on the rosary. She would move her rosary forward:
"Light protect me!" Pricia shouted as Lazlo moved his hands forward and the lava all shot at her:
"Molten coffin!" Lazlo shouted as the lava would devour her. The land itself breaking as the lava would roll over the trees. Lazlo would laugh as the molten giant he was standing on roared:
"Welcome to my world!" Lazlo shouted as the forest area they were in now was devoured in a broken lava world. Lazlo would look over the landscape and grin:
"Beautiful isn't it. My pet." Lazlo said as he looked down at the molten golem. The golem roaring:
"Yes. it's beautiful. That princess must be a piece of coal by now." Lazlo said:
"To hell with the king of Hinz request. That girl is better off dead!" Lazlo shouted in anger as he laughed. Light shined through the molten lava:
"Heavens punish!" Pricia shouted as a ray of light broke the lava and shot up from the molten ground. It hit Lazlo of the giant. Pricia would jump up from the lava. Some of her shirt burned and some her shorts too. Her shoes all gone. The hammer and rosary still with her. She would fly down towards him:
"Let light guide me!" Pricia shouted as she spun around and smashed him into the ground through the lava. His back letting out a cracking sound as he flew up again. She would stomp him into the ground and move her hammer up:
"Judgement is set. Heavens smite!" Pricia shouted as the light shot down hitting both of them.  Pricia would not be hurt but Lazlo would scream in pain as the light would surge through him. Everything turned white.

A few hours passed as Xather would finally be able to walk. Iniko and Xather had returned as all the lava was now gone only a broken forest was there. Xather would look around as he saw a figure stand in the middle of everything. Pricia would look down at Lazlo. He would be lying on the ground not dead but hurt. Pricia would smile and look at Xather:
"I did it..." Pricia said. Xather would smile:
"I think we should take a small break before I talk to you about what I want," Xather said:
"Oh yeah. We were here after Pricia but you were not a part of the plan Xather." Iniko said:
"Yeah. I hadn't plan that three mercenaries would show up either. Trying to kill us." Xather said. Pricia would laugh:
"Fine then. We can rest then talk. Let's go back to Tohak and rest." Pricia said:
"Iniko..." Lazlo said under his breath. The three of them would turn around to see Lazlo sit up:
"Lazlo," Xather said as he looked at the blood born:
"Lower you guard Wispborn," Lazlo said:
"Why should we!" Pricia shouted:
"I'm soon out of mana. Would be dumb to continue this fight. This fight is over and you won, princess." Lazlo said standing up:
"What do you want Lazlo?" Iniko asked:
"I will return to our guild. I will tell them you won't return. But don't worry I keep your reputation in check. They won't come after you." Lazlo said. Iniko nodded:
"Stay safe Lazlo. I know we are not in the same guild anymore. But I'm still a hollow horn by heart." Iniko said:
"Yes. Your a true hollow horn." Lazlo said as he turned around and walked off:
"We're just gonna let him go!" Pricia shouted. She was about to grab her hammer when Xather stopped her:
"Stand down," Xather said as he took her by the arm and walked off:

"Interesting." A voice said as he looked at the three of them from a tree. The sound of a clock ticking was the only sound coming from him:
"This Xather might be interesting. I think I have seen him before." A voice said:
"Should we follow him. Could be fun to follow the eight sin." The voice continued. The ticking would continue as the man would suddenly vanish.

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