The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


23. Teleportation slasher.

The silence was unbearable. Zealine would sit with her two new swords and Wratorian would keep his eyes on the forest. A powerful wind blew that day:
"There is two out there," Wratorian said:
"How would you know?" Zealine asked adjusting her newsboy hat:
"I can hear two people walking that direction," Wratorian said pointing in a direction. Zealine would prepare her swords.

"They are over there," Veriana said as she sat on a branch and looked in a direction:
"How should we approach this?" Slodia asked:
"I think I will stay behind for now. I think you can take care of those two." Veriana said grabbing her sniper:
"If you get in trouble I will help you from here," Veriana said:
"Sure," Slodia said as she grabbed her pouch of powder and let some powder flow through the wind towards the camp.

"They suddenly stopped moving." Wratorian said as he grabbed his blades:
"Ember and Cinder." Zealine said:
"Yes. My two blades. What with them?" Wratorian asked:
"It's Temple elf metal and its empowered with temple elf magic. But it's a dark elf wielding them. Did you steal them?" Zealine asked:
"No. They were gifted to me. By someone dear to me." Wratorian said as his eyes locked on the air:
"Can you sense that?" Wratorian asked:
"Yeah. Mana." Zealine said:
"In the air." Wratorian said:
"Conjure matter. Version space." A face suddenly said as Slodia was in the air at Zealine side. The blood born would spin around and try to slash Zealine. Zealine quickly moved her blades up and parried the daggers. Slodia would smile and vanish again. She would be at Wratorian side. Wratorian would spin around and let the blades hit again. Slodia would land on the ground and vanish suddenly standing between them:
"Your two are quick." Slodia said:
"Who are you?" Wratorian asked:
"I'm Slodia of the Iron Claw." Slodia shouted:
"Slodia?" Zealine said low thinking. Slodia would rush forward and begin hitting Wratorian blade with her daggers. Wratorian would keep his movement up fighting Slodia:
"Slodia." Wratorian said:
"Who are you!" Slodia shouted:
"Who is the person who thinks he can decide who live and die?!" Slodia shouted:
"I'm Wratorian. SIN OF WRATH!" Wratorian shouted and spun around cutting into Slodia arms and stomach as she flew back:
"Wrath! That is Sloth!" Zealine shouted as she realized it. The two sins blades collide:
"Wrath." Slodia said:
"Sloth." Wratorian said:
"The first time I ever saw one of the other sins and its a filthy thief and murderer." Slodia said:
"The first time I ever saw one of the other sins and its a mercenary dog." Wratorian said. The two of them lower their blade:
"I have a question." Wratorian said:
"Sure." Slodia said:
"Have you heard of this eight sin rumor around?" Wratorian asked:
"Yeah. I heard that he was last seen in the town of Tohak." Slodia said:
"So you don't know him either. It's strange for a person to suddenly call himself for the eight sin." Wratorian said:
"True." Slodia said. The two would think for a moment. Then both draw their blades and begin their fight again:
"Well back to the important. Vengeance!" Slodia shouted:
"Yeah was getting boring!" Wratorian shouted:
"Conjure matter. Version sound!" Zealine shouted as she created a big rift in the air:
"Music art. Bombard note!" Zealine shouted after as the rift would unleash a hail of notes. Wratorian would jump backward and slide out away from the bombardment. Slodia would look up her eyes shining. The notes hit the ground were Slodia stood and a cloud of dust covers the area. Zealine would look around:
"She used her magic again." Zealine said:
"Yes." Wratorian said. Slodia appeared above them and she spun around:
"Take this!" Slodia shouted as she kicked Zealine into the ground. She would use the force from the kick to keep herself in the air and then try to stab Wratorian:
"Conjure fire. Version ember!" Wratorian said as his back got cover in the heat and Slodia would be forced to reveal her wings and shot herself back with a flap of the wings. She would grab to her daggers and growl:
"Annoying. Ember." Slodia said. The heat mark would move over Wratorian arm and over his blades the metal beginning to steam and glow red. Zealine would stand up:
"You go into the woods. I think the other one is waiting for an opening." Wratorian said:
"You want me to go find her?" Zealine asked:
"Yes." Wratorian said:
"Sure!" Zealine shouted as she adjusted the newsboy hat and ran into the forest:
"Leave the sin to me." Wratorian said. Slodia placed two fingers in her mouth and made a whistling sound. It was the signal so Veriana knew one was coming for her. Veriana would hear the sound and nod. She would grab the pipe from the sniper and attach it to her mask. She placed the finger through the ring there should have been the trigger and point her sniper towards Zealine direction:
"Conjure wind." Veriana said through the mask. Zealine would run forward keeping her ears peaked:
"Wind Bullet." Veriana said as she breathed in through the nose and blow air through the pipe. The ring around her finger would begin to glow white with the mana and the sniper would begin to glow and then shot out a bullet of pure air. The bullet would cut through branches and trees. Zealine would jump to the side at the sound of breaking branches. The bullet passed her and hit the ground behind her the earth shattering and the dirt flying up:
"She's a quick one." Veriana said as she breathes in through the nose again and blew the air into the sniper unleashing one more shot:
"Wind Bullet." Veriana said as she unleashed the shot:
"I will not let you win. I will show you one of my deadliest techniques." Slodia said to Wratorian:
"Come at me!" Wratorian said:
"Conjure matter version space." Slodia said throwing dust into the air covering the area. Wratorian would look around:
"Now Teleportation slasher!" Slodia said vanishing. She appeared at his side slashing at him. He would parry but the moment he parried it she was gone again. She was at his other side trying to hit him there. Wratorian would parry with his other sword. But again she was gone. She kept disappearing and appearing around him trying to hit him from all sides. Wratorian would keep up. Slodia would not slow down. On the other hand, she was getting faster:
"Just give up already!" Slodia said every time she spoke a word it was from another direction. Wratorian would keep a calm look as he would keep moving his arms around blocking her:
"It's easy to predict where you are!" Wratorian said as he spun around and cut her in the side as he shouted it. She would fall back:
"You use the same pattern of movement. It's easy to predict." Wratorian said:
"Damn." Slodia said standing up. Blood leaking from her side:
"Your gonna keep talking or pick up your daggers?" Wratorian asked:
"Bastard!" Slodia shouted:
"Watch your tongue sloth." Wratorian said:
"You're not worried about your little friend?" Slodia asked:
"Why should I?" Wratorian asked:
"Because. My guild leader. Is stronger than me and she's out in that forest right now." Slodia said:
"What!" Wratorian turned to the forest. It was silent. He would run towards it but suddenly feel a cut over his back. Slodia had teleported to his back and cut him:
"And. No, I'm not gonna let you leave. It's you and me pal." Slodia said:
"Come at me blood born!" Wratorian shouted as he spun around kicking her back. Slodia would make sure her sunglasses was okay then continue to stare Wratorian down.

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