The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


6. Slodia the sin of sloth

"That is so annoying." A mans voice sounded. It was in the mercenary guild of Ironclaw located in the small human village of Eir:
"Yeah those four got the mission to escort that cart to the next village. Those mission usually pay well." Another man answered. The mercenary guild was full of people from all races. In the back was a person. A giant coat hide the persons face. The person was smiling:
"Look at that girl. She thinks she so cool sitting for herself." A newcomer said:
"No i think your wrong. That over there is Slodia...She is asleep right now." Another person said. The light hit her face and she was clearly snoring away:
"Look. Her money is on the table. We could take it." One of the newcomers said to his partner. The two of them made their way towards her. Reaching out for the bag of money in front of her on the table:
"Excuse me...What do you think your doing." The girl asked. She suddenly was behind them her knife pointing at their throat:
"Oh!" The two let our a surprised gasp as the girl was gone and the knife was at their throat:
"Taking my money would be stupid...I don't feel like earning it all again...Okay." The girl said. The sunglasses on top of her head shinning in the light:
"We are sorry." The two said clearly annoyed:
"Stop it!" A women shouted. It was the leader of the mercenaries. The eye patch in front of her right eye the only visible thing on her head. Her mask hide her nose and mouth and her hair hiding her eye. She would have a black vest on and a giant thing hidden in bandage on her back. She would wear black pants and black shoes:
"Sorry chief. But these wanted my gold. So i wanted blood." The girl with the sunglasses said:
"I know your annoyed. But please don't waste the steel on your knifes..." The leader said:
"Fine Veriana...But you know I'm so hungry..." The girl with sunglasses said:
"We have some blood in the fridge...You can have it." The leader said. The girl jumped down and straighten out her coat. She walked towards the fridge and took out a small bottle of blood. She put the bottle to her lips and slowly chug down the blood. Her fangs shinning out of her pleased smile:
"A blood born." A newcomer would say. The newcomer was a kid:
"Yes. Slodia is a blood born. Human-vampire." The leader said. Slodia would be a tall girl. Her blond hair was short an had a antenna hair line. Her eyes was completely white. The sunglasses rested on top of her hair. The small white fangs was showing out of her mouth even if her mouth was closed. She had pale white skin. She had a coat on with a big collar and a white shirt under it. Two pair of bat wings hang out of her back. She had white pants on and bare feet. She would smile to the two mercenaries there tried to steal from her:
"Sorry boys. But we can't have fun today. Lets try to duel another time." Slodia said with a bright smile:
"Wait...Slodia...Are you not the Sin of Sloth?" The kid asked:
"Yes I'm Slodia the sin of sloth. But i don't use that title a lot. But nice to be recognized by fans." She said before she pointed her tongue forward jokingly:
"Wow." The boy said:
"Well. What about we three take a mission together?" The mercenary there try to steal from her asked. Slodia eyes widen and her hand tighten. A few images of dead humans flashed in front of her eyes:
"I...Can't...Sorry." Slodia answered before her wings flapped and she flew up to the second floor of the guild:
"What is with her?" The boy asked:
"Seemingly Slodia only take missions alone. She never let anyone join her." A girl answered:
"Oh Slodia." Veriana said and sighed. Slodia would walk up to the mission table and look through them. The boy from earlier walked up to her:
"Hey...Sorry if we hit a soft spot earlier." The boy said. Slodia looked at him. The boy was smaller then the other men around and he only wielded a sword. His hair brown his eyes green. He had a blue tunic on with a brown shirt under. Brown pants with brown shoes. Not really fit for fighting:
"Say. Why are you here kiddo?" Slodia asked:
"Well. I need money. My family are poor. So i wanted a mission and then do it to get some money!" The boy said grabbing to his sword. The sword was not in the best condition:
"Go home kiddo. This is not a place for those who can't fight?" Slodia said:
"But I'm plenty strong. I can get money." The boy said:
"Listen to me!" Slodia shouted. The boy was taken aback from her shouting:
"Those mission are dead or alive...If you go out there and your not prepared...You will die...Tr-" Slodia eyes widen as the image flashed in front of her face again:
"Trust...Me...Those who are weak...or lazy...or cowardly...should not take missions here...They will end up dead." Slodia said:
"I'm...Sorry." The kid said:
"Its fine...Here take this." Slodia said holding up her bag of money:
"Go home...Buy food and take care..." Slodia said:
"I can't take this...Its your money." The kid said:
"Its fine...I can get more...I am the sin of sloth after all." Slodia said giving a confident wink to the kid:
"But-" The kid said but Slodia interrupted him:
"Whats your name kid?" Slodia asked:
"I'm Halbeid." The kid said.
"Fine Halbeid...Say what. I need someone to clean my blade...What about you come here every evening and clean of my blade and then I pay you for it?" Slodia asked:
"Su-Sure!" The kid said running off:
"Wait!" Slodia shouted:
"What?" Halbeid asked:
"Leave the sword here," Slodia said:
"Fine." The kid said giving his sword to Slodia:
"It's late. Let me follow you home." Slodia said. The two of them walked in the streets:
"Hello miss." One of the mercenaries from earlier stood in front of them. The other one being behind them. It was the two who tried to steal from her earlier:
"Oh hello, boys. Just following my new friend here home." Slodia said:
"We know your all talk now! You haven't taken a mission for a few weeks. Your nothing but talk." The mercenary up front said:
"I would suggest you two don't do anything reckless. The guild wouldn't like us to fight." Slodia said:
"We don't care. We want that money the kids holding." The mercenary behind them said:
"What are we gonna do miss?" Halbeid asked. Slodia smiled and lowered herself she took a small amount of dust from a pouch on her belt. She gave it to the kid:
"Hold on to this dust. If you feel scared. Throw it at them. It will keep you safe." Slodia said. The kid nodded. Slodia would pull out two long daggers from her coat and look at the two:
"You want the money...Come take it!" Slodia shouted. The two mercenaries charged forward. Slodia would whisper something under her breath and then move away from the kid towards the one up front. She would spin around and cut him down. The blood hitting the wall. The mercenary behind the kid got close:
"Miss!" Halbeid shouted. Slodia would not react. The man got close enough to reach out to him now. The kid would throw the dust at the man.
"Conjure matter. Version space." Slodia said as she vanished and appeared where the dust was before:
"Alchemy?" The mercenary said before his head was cleaved right of:
"Good thing I said conjure matter under my breath. If I hadn't then they would have known I would use magic." Slodia thought to herself before looking at Halbeid:
"Look. This is a mercenary job. You want to do this?" Slodia said as she licked the blood off her blade. She walked forward and placed a hand on the kid there was shivering:
"Listen to me. I want you to grow up and become something else than a mercenary. Because once you step into that building and take your first job. You're never gonna turn back." Slodia said before she picked up the kid. The kid would look at her confused:
"Say. Shall I fly us home? I have these wings for a reason." Slodia said the wings coming out of her back. The kid would smile and nod. Slodia would place the kid onto her back:
"Hold tight," Slodia said before she flapped her wings and took off. The two would fly over the village the moonlight shinning down on them:
"The way of blood is never the right way...Or maybe it is...I still think about that...Every time I look at the missions." Slodia thought to herself as the image once again flashes in front of her eyes:
"One decision can lead up to a mass murder..." 

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