The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


16. Rosary de pride.

"So the moment Lazlo said this...You just went pale...What does Rosary de pride mean?" Iniko asked:
"Rosary de pride was the last thing my mom said to me before she died," Pricia said:
"Oh. I think I heard Lazlo talk a bit about your mom being the last sin of pride?" Iniko asked:
"Yes. My mom was a light user of the punish archive." Pricia explained:
"The punish archive....That is a powerful fighting light archive?" Iniko asked:
"Yes. She was the living recantation of light." Pricia said:
"But why does that make you lose all will of fighting?" Iniko asked:
"Well...It's a bit of a long story..." Pricia said:
"I don't care. The faster the better. Xather can't hold his ground forever." Iniko said:
"Fine. It all started before the war with the dark elfs." Pricia said.

"Shield!" Pricia shouted and moved her hand forward. A shield of light appeared in front of her. A silver-haired woman there looked like Pricia would watch Pricia train in the garden. Pricia would swing her hammer around and let light consume her hand so she could shot shields forward. Pricia was using the summoning way of magic. Pricia mother would smile and look at a man sitting on a chair at her side:
"Darling. I think our little Pricia is growing stronger by the day." Pricia's mom said:
"True. I just need her even stronger." The man answered:
"She trains so hard. Have you tried to compliment her for her progress?" Pricia's mom asked:
"No. I want results not progress." The man said standing up quickly. He would leave. Pricia's mom would sigh and smile at her daughter:
"Lovely. Come over here and take a break!" Pricia's mom shouted:
"Sure mom!" Pricia shouted happy as she walked over to her:
"I'm so proud of my little daughter. Training so hard for Hinz sake." Pricia's mom said:
"I do this for dad. He wanted a strong daughter. He told me when I was young that if I became the perfect shield we could hold the pride of Hinz forever." Pricia said:
"Remember. Pride is not everything." Pricia's mom said:
"But mom. Your the sin of pride aren't you?" Pricia asked:
"That is correct. But I might be the pride but I still am your mother and the queen of Hinz. My people come first Pricia. Remember that." Pricia's mom said:
"But you're always nice to the temple elfs," Pricia said:
"You need to understand I'm not only queen of the temple elfs but the dark elfs too. I need to look at my people as all equal. I know what your dad try to say to you but you must never hate dark elfs." Pricia's mom said:
"Okay, mom," Pricia said. A figure would sigh in the shadows a few meters away. His eyes glowing yellow with a dark and red dot in it. 

"My mom was always a generous lady," Pricia said. Iniko would nod and look at her:
"You tell me you used summoning magic in your past but now you use artifact conjuring," Iniko said:
"Yes...I began using artifact the day my mom died." Pricia said.

A storm was over Hinz. The rain shot down from all sides and the thunder echoed in the distance. The castle was shaking by each crash. Pricia would sit in her room and write in a book. It was her dairy. The light was shinning bright every time the thunder crashed down. The thunder was unnatural that day. Like it hit on command. Pricia would close her book and walk over to the window with a surprised look. There was no light outside. It was pure darkness in the evening. Not even the torches light shinned in the courtyard. The rain must have extinguished them. Pricia would go over and look at the light in her room. The small piece of light magic captured in the glass was still shinning bright. Pricia would open the door and walk into the hallway. Her footsteps echoed the empty corridor. Her brother was in his room studying his fire magic. She could hear him mumble words for spells. Pricia was walking down the stairs and towards the throne room. She pushed the door open:
"Mom?" Pricia asked into the room. The room was dark but there was a certain sound in there. The sound of dripping. Pricia would walk into the room:
"Conjure lig-" Pricia said but a voice rung out:
"Stop..." Pricia's mom said weakly:
"Mom. Is that you?" Pricia asked:
"Yes my child. Please keep the light down...I don't want you to see this." Her mom said. Pricia walked forward and she suddenly heard a splash. She stood in something wet. Pricia looked down and saw a red liquid:
"Blood..." Pricia said low she looked up and saw the blood come from the same direction of her mother's voice:
"Mom, what is going on?" Pricia asked her voice shiver:
"I'm going to die Pricia..." Her mom said:
"C-conjure light." Pricia said as she would conjure a light and see her beautiful always smiling mom impaled to one of the pillars in the room. Pricia would walk towards her:
"Who did this..." Pricia asked:
"Its no matter...Please...Don't cry, my daughter." Pricia's mom said as she smiled. Some of the blood covered her teeth:
"Don't smile...Like that." Pricia said. Pricia's mom would move her hand up. The rosary around her hand would shine in the light:
"Come closer child." Her mom said. Pricia would walk closer to her:
"Take my hand..." Pricia's mom said. Pricia moved her hand up and connected it with the rosary covered hand. Pricia's mom smiled and let out a small cough:
"You're beautiful my daughter...Know I always been proud of you." Pricia's mom said:
"I can get dad! I can still save you!" Pricia said trying to dash out but her mom kept a tight grip on her hand:
"Don't worry...It's too late...I saw the light..." Pricia's mom said:
"Mom! Please..." Pricia said:
"Pricia....Please understand...I can't be saved..." Pricia's mom said:
"" Pricia said as tears rolled down her cheeks. Pricia mom moved her other hand forward and placed it on Pricia cheek:
"You have my silver hair and beauty...A daughter with the light and the right heart...I could not be prouder...Your truly my daughter Pricia." Her mom said. Pricia's eyes widen as she looked at her mother. The green eyes shinning with the tears. Pricia's mom would move her hand down and loosen the rosary moving it up and placing it in Pricia's hand:
"I want you to have this...Its my artifact." Pricia's mom said:
"Your Rosary...." Pricia asked:
"Yes its something my mom gave me. Its the sign of pride itself...I want you to grow stronger and become the next pride Pricia...I want you to overcome anything and become the beckon of light. Be the light there shines so bright that the difference between our people break and we can face each other not as Temple and dark elfs but as equals. Please be that light...Pricia." Her mother said:
"I will mother...I will." Pricia said:
"This artifact is the pure essence of us. The light shines within it. Its the..." Her mother would say before she would cough up a lot of blood:
"Mom!" Pricia shouted:
"No listen....This rosary...Keep it safe...No matter what." Pricia mom said:
"Mom..." Pricia said:
"This rosary...Is the....its name is....Rosary de pride." Her mom said before her eyes turned cold and her breath stopped. Her body went limp and the hand there was holding Pricia would fall. Pricia would tighten the grip of the rosary:
"Rosary...De...Pride...." She said:
"Rosary...De...Pride..." She said again her eyes shivering. She slowly wrapped the rosary around her hand:
"I will protect" Pricia said.

"That is how my mom died," Pricia said:
"I see...You found the killer?" Iniko asked:
"No...But I know the person is still out there." Pricia said. Iniko would nod:
"So Rosary de Pride is the name of the Rosary around your book?" Iniko asked:
"Yes, it's the same one. I made it into a rosary book to protect the rosary itself better." Pricia answered:
"So that is what with you. You just lose all power when you hear the rosary de pride. Since you don't know the enemy might be the killer and then the image of your bleeding mom enters your head." Iniko said. Pricia nodded. The two would look at each other:
"You can't stay in the past," Iniko said standing up and looking around:
"What?" Pricia said:
"Your mom wanted you to be a beckon of hope for your people. She wanted you to protect them. So please stand up and be that beckon!" Iniko shouted:
"What?" Pricia repeated as she stood up:
"Your magic is a shield archive right?" Iniko asked:
"Yes..." Pricia said:
"Use that then!" Iniko shouted:
"All I can do is make shields!" Pricia shouted back:
"NO! Magic is about breaking the boundary of logic! Your archive is shield but that doesn't mean you have to make barriers. Be a hero and be the shield of your people. Be the shield of all the darkness and fear. Your magic is yours to control. So pick up that hammer and face the future! Because you can't stay in the past anymore. That rosary is your pride. Be proud and face Lazlo! Be the sin your suppose to be!" Iniko shouted. Pricia eyes widen:
"If you don't go help Xather your gonna forsake him!" Iniko shouted:
"Then let's go!" Pricia shouted as she walked forward. She was about to run when Iniko grabbed her by the shoulder:
"You must be ready to face whatever is up there. If he says the words again. Keep your cool! I trust you to save Xather and yourself." Iniko said:
"I will. Trust me." Pricia said. They nodded to each other and ran back towards Xather.


Oh, now I see.

Pricia was just scared

What happened to Xather

Let's take the TIME to look.

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