The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


3. Pricia the sin of Pride.

It was mid summer over the elf town of Hinz. The town had been in civil war for years now. The higher class of Temple elfs had forsaken their people two years ago when a thief group attacked the town. The thief's killed a lot of the dark elfs. The society of elfs is build up on one thing. The temple elf is the highest in the ranking system and the dark elfs are below them. That meant that the Temple elf made the law. So the dark elf's began to rebel when the Temple elfs forsake the Dark elf's and the dark elfs was attacked by the thieves. Hinz was no different. Hinz was the place where the war really was violent. Because it was the noble Temple elf family of Hinz there forsake the people. The dark elfs began to attack the Temple elfs and The Temple elf was so scared that they locked them self in the castle of Hinz. The dark elfs tried to break through the magical barrier on the castle but in vain. The war was more like a cold war in the start with threats and warnings. The war truly started when a Dark Elfs assaulted the princess of Hinz. This war was a never ending bloodbath and out victorious came the Temple elfs of Hinz.

The female elf made her way through the rubble and debris of the old Hinz. The smell of blood was the only thing in the air. The girl was dumbstruck as she walked through the ruins. She was about to step on a pile of debris but stopped. She kneeled down and moved the debris to the side. Under it was a crushed Dark elf corpse. The Temple elf girl would sigh. She moved her hand down and closed the dark elf's eyes. She stood up again and hold up the book hanging in her hand. The pearl chain was was like a rosary but chained into a book. She looked at the book and sighed:
"Light...Why did you forsake us." The Temple elf girl said as she continued to walk through the ruins of Hinz. The temple elf was a tall lady. She had sharp elf ears and silver white hair. Her green eyes was resisting the urge to tears. The hair was long enough to reach the middle of her back. She had a medium sized hammer at her side and the rosary book was chained to her left hand. She stood in a white long coat with a big collar. Under the coat was a yellow shirt. She had white shorts on and white shoes. The shoes sole now a combination of red and black from the blood and ashes. She kept walking through the ruins. The town of Hinz was now one big ruin. The houses was either burned down or broken by force. The Dark elf's corpses were everywhere and the only living thing was this Temple elf. She made her way through the town:
"The angle granted me the power of light to protect the weak... But is this really justice?" The Temple girl asked. The girl would sit down on a rock fallen from the broken ruin:
"The light wanted this to be justice...That is what the others told me. But why is this so wrong?.." The Temple elf girl asked. She looked over the town of Hinz one more time:
"They said... That the lowborn Dark elf's should die. If the lowborn didn't wanna agree with the terms of the Temple elf..." The temple elf girl said:
"But who is the lowborn now? Those who didn't listen to tradition or those who slaughter their own people to keep their traditions." The Temple elf girl asked herself as she stood up. She began to walk back towards the white pure castle still standing in the background of Hinz. She looked back again and again. She felt like she was fleeing from reality. She didn't want to believe her family did this and she did this. She stopped in the middle of town. The fountain broken. Its water was no more. She walked forward and looked at the ruined fountain:
"Pricia!" A male voice shouted. It was a Temple elf male:
"Brother..." The Female elf said surprised:
"Father request you back at the castle right now...Stop pitying the filth." The male elf said. Pricia eyes widened. She could not believe what she just heard:
"Pity the filth? Pity! This is no pity! This is sorrow! These people gave their life to what they thought was right!" Pricia shouted:
"How amazing. You think they had anything to say about their future. We are the law. They are the people Pricia." The male elf said:
"This isn't right brother!" Pricia shouted. She was clearly getting angry:
"Behave! Sister! You don't want to have fathers disapproval and lose your heir to the castle?!" The brother shouted:
"What is power if you haven't got anyone to lead?" Pricia asked:
"It's peace..." The brother said. Pricia eyes widened. She gripped her hammers hilt her eyes shivering in anger:
"You will become filth like the Dark elf's if you raise that hammer...Pricia." The male elf said. Pricia would move forward pulling the hammer away from her belt. She grabbed it with her right hand:
"You say i become a Dark elf if i attack another Temple elf. Well then. Then i chose to be free and become filth!" Pricia shouted as she rushed forward:
"Conjure light!" Pricia shouted as the book at her side began to glow. Her brother would be taken aback by her actions. Pricia would slam the hammer into his stomach. He would let out a gasp and fall to the ground:
"Damn it girl! Do you know what your doing! Your giving up on everything you worked for!" The brother said slowly standing up:
"Everything? I gave up everything the moment we started to kill our own people..." Pricia said:
"Own people? Your a Temple elf not a-" The brother said but he was struck by a bolt of light. The light burning into his skin:
"Ah.." He gave out a grunt in pain:
"No brother...I'm no Temple elf nor a Dark Elf...I'm an elf." Pricia said moving forward:
"Conjure fire!" Her brother shouted and moved his hand forward. A gate of summoning came out of his hand and shot a wave of fire at Pricia. Pricia would hold up her book and use her special trait of magic:
"Conjure light. Version shield!" Pricia shouted a shield of light appeared around her and took the blast of fire. The shield not breaking at all. The shield would hold back the fire itself. Not even a single crack would appear in the holy wall. Pricia moved forward slowly the fire not making any damage to her. She looked annoyed:
"Your a traitor Pricia! Your a traitor!!!" Her brother shouted. Pricia waved her hand to the side breaking the fire apart with her shield. She moved forward and grabbed her brother by the collar holding him up the wall:
"You face Pricia the sin of pride of the deadly sins brother...And you know it. You either give up now or face the same fate as our people." Pricia said. Her brother would lower his guard and look at her annoyed:
"Dad have banished that title from Hinz and from our castle!" Her brother shouted:
"Well, I'm no Temple elf anymore...I am Pricia the sin of pride." Pricia said as she let go of her brother and began to walk away:
"Conjure fire. Version dragons breath!" Her brother shouted as his arm would transform into a dragon's head. The dragon breathing out a giant wave of fire:
"Die traitor!" Her brother shouted. Pricia would make the shield around her and then spin around. She swung her hammer and send it spinning in the air. The hammer collides with her brothers head and threw him off guard. She rushed forward and caught the hammer in the air. Swinging it downwards with all its power crushing her brothers back:
"I let you live since i still have some pride. Let's hope someone will come looking for ya. If not then your as good as dead." Pricia said. Her brother would gasp for air.
"You know that no one will come looking for me... They have too much...Pride-" He said suddenly realizing the dire situation:
"Yeah. What will you pride do now? Brother." Pricia said as she kept going. She walked away from Hinz and dried her shoes from blood in the grass fields outside Hinz. She sat down in the grass and looked up into the sky:
"So what now.  I'm not welcome home again. I could start by finding a new town and hide there. Father would not come looking for me but he still wants every traitor gone and I count as a traitor now." Pricia said as she smiled. The sun glowed through the tree crowns:
"Seems like it's sunnier on this side of life. It's beautiful...The sky is blue and the sun is shining." Pricia said as she smiled and closed her eyes:
"Maybe this will lead me on a new path," Pricia said before she lied down and enjoyed the sun.

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