The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


15. Molten giant Lazlo

"So you're the leader." Pricia said as she grabbed to her hammer. The Blood born would smile and move his hand up:
"Seems like your lost most of your mana. Quite sad." The blood born said:
"Vax now!" Xather said. The cat gave a meow and jumped on to Pricia shoulder. The summoning gate of matter would appear at the cats head. Pricia could feel her energy surge. All her mana returning and her body going back to a state before battle:
"The cat can do magic!" Iniko shouted:
"Yes. He's a skilled time mage." Xather said with a pained grin as the lava would still be on his leg:
"Seems like i could use some of that afterwards." Xather said:
"Iniko finish the male. I take care of the little princess." The blood born said:
"Yes...Lazlo." Iniko said grabbing Xather by the collar and pulling him to the side. The lava following along. She would pull him behind some bushes. She would place her hand above the lava trying to resist the warmth:
"Dispel." She said as the lava would slowly vanish into nothing. His leg was now showing. His pants would be burned up and his leg would be burned a bit. Seemingly he used the arcane runes aura to keep the heat and lava away from touching. He was unable to stand on it but it was still there:
"You protected your leg!?" Iniko said surprised:
"Yes. Why are you suddenly helping me." Xather asked:
"I don't know myself." Iniko said. Pricia would have recovered from her wounds and stood in front of the molten magus. Vax would jump down and run to Xather side again:
"Pricia of Hinz. Princess of the Temple elfs of Hinz and also a light user of the shield type." Lazlo said as he move his hand forward. The summoning gate appeared and the lava surrounded his arm. Pricia would grab to her hammer and keep her eyes on Lazlo:
"A molten blood born. Your from the hollow horn clan." Pricia said:
"So I'm that famous." Lazlo answered:
"It's not every day you see a dualstream magus." Pricia said. Lazlo would smile and place his hand on the ground:
"Conjure molten. Transmutation." Lazlo said as the ground under him turned into lava and slowly leaped forward towards Pricia. She raised her rosary book and made a shield. The shield would hold back the lava:
"What now?" Iniko asked:
"For now. I can't really stand up and Vax should save his mana a bit. So for now i just need to put my faith in Pricia." Xather said. Pricia would push her hand forward as the lava shot back. Pricia would rush forward towards Lazlo. Lazlo would smile and spin around. He would make a roundhouse kick to Pricia side. Pricia was shot to the ground. She would slide over the ground and sit up a tree:
"Conjure molten. Transmutation!" Lazlo said as he pointed his hand at the tree. The tree turned into lava. Pricia would quickly make a shield around herself. The shield protecting her. The lava heat would still go through and Pricia would grunt in pain at the baking heat. She would push her hands forward pushing the shield away from her and the lava too. She would grab her hammer and rush forward:
"It's true what he said. A weakling hiding behind fake images of pride." Lazlo said as he dodged her hits:
"Shut up!" Pricia shouted as she tried to hit Lazlo:
"Your pride is wrong. You dad have told you that all your life. Have pride in the Hinz name. Don't push it away!" He said as he continue to dodge and he hit her in the stomach with a knee the moment he ended the sentence. Pricia would gasp for air and fall backwards. He would smile as he grab her by the throat and threw her to the ground. Pricia would hit the ground and slide over it a bit:
"Your dad only needs your body. So i don't care how many times i have to kick you until you stay down." Lazlo said as he brushed of his knees and looked at her. Pricia would slowly stand up looking angry. She would grab her hammer. Her hold body shivering as she slowly tried to get her composure back. Xather would look at Iniko:
"She's not even trying." Xather said. Iniko would look at him:
"What do you mean?" Iniko asked:
"Look at her fighting style. It's random and full of anger. She won't win like that." Xather said:
"What was it your dad said i should say if you were gaining ground in the fight?" Lazlo said as he ponder for a second. Pricia charged forward screaming in anger:
"Rosary de pride." Lazlo said. Pricia eyes shivered and her face went pale. Lazlo took this chance to plant a knee into Pricia stomach. She would gasp and cough blood up. She would bend forward her eyes widened. Lazlo would move up a elbow and smash it down into her back. Pricia would fall to the ground. Lazlo would swing his leg powerfully and kick her in the head sending her flying back:
"It's fun. I don't even need to use my magic to win." Lazlo said rolling his neck. Pricia would slowly stand up. Her eyes widened as she would try to get her breath back. Xather would look annoyed:
"If my leg just wasn't hurt." Xather said. Iniko would look at Xather. Xather eyes were shining pure violet in anger:
"You don't like it. You wanna help." Iniko said. Xather nodded as his eyes were locked on Lazlo. Iniko would sit down next to Xather:
"For now rest. Until your cat have more mana." Iniko said. Xather nodded. Pricia would be unsteady on her legs as she tried to keep her focus on Lazlo. Lazlo would smile as he brushed his hand over his fist:
"Quite a dumb girl we have here. She is so heartbroken. Her emotions can swing from side to side like her body after these hits." Lazlo said lowering his hand:
"Nothing like your mother." Lazlo said. Pricia charged forward in anger and swung her hammer even more wild. Lazlo would catch her hammer by the handle and smash his fist into her stomach. He would follow up with a knee to her chin. She would fly back and land on the ground. Lazlo would smile:
"Your mother had pride and strength. Your only a shadow of her." Lazlo said:
"Don't you dare speak of my mother!" Pricia shouted. Lazlo would grin and prepare for her next assault. Pricia would try to lift herself off the ground but her arms were weak:
"Pridian the sin of pride." Lazlo said. Pricia eyes widen. Her body would tremble in fear:
"That was her name. The so-called sin of pride before you?" Lazlo said. Pricia would stand up not even mustering the power to hold her hammer. She would look at Lazlo with eyes full of empty void. It was like all life was sucked out of Pricia and her body was empty of mind and will. Lazlo would grin as he walked towards her. She would just look at him:
"You're a shadow of the former pride. You will never become your mother:" Lazlo said as he cracked his fist:
"Conjure molten." Lazlo said as his fist got covered in the molten lava. Pricia would try to raise her hammer but it was to late. She got a hit right in the solar plexus with the molten fist. The lava burning into her skin and pressure shooting her back. Pricia would crash to the ground and cough up blood. Lazlo would jump up and shot down towards her with his molten fist. Pricia closed her eyes but the sound she heard was not a fist colliding with her chest but a leg colliding with something above her:
"Xather!" Iniko shouted. Pricia slowly open her eyes and saw Xather stand on his burned leg as his other leg would have hit Lazlo and send him flying back. Xather burned leg would shiver again and again. His face full of pain as he slowly lower his leg and took pressure of his burned leg:
"Iniko get Pricia out of here!" Xather shouted. Iniko would run over and grab Pricia pulling her along. Lazlo stood up quickly and made a summoning gate shooting a wave of lava forward:
"I can't let you do that!" Lazlo shouted. Xather moved forward and spun around:
"Conjure arcane. Pulse!" Xather shouted as he send his fist forward hitting the air. A crack of lightning could be heard as the lava shooting towards him shot to all sides. Smoke would leave Xather hand as he slowly open his fist and looked at Lazlo:
"Oi dumb ass. I'm your god damn opponent now!" Xather said with a cold undertone as his eyes burned bright violet. Iniko would keep pulling Pricia:
"Snap out of it already!" Iniko shouted:
"What!" Pricia shouted as she suddenly came to her senses. She could see the injured Xather facing Lazlo. She also could feel herself getting pulled away from the fight:
"We will find a safe place where you can get a breather. Xather will keep him at bay for now." Iniko said:
"What...He saved me?" Pricia asked:
"Xather even with injured leg stood up and dashed over to save you." Iniko explained:
"He did?.." Pricia asked as she looked at him. Xather looked over his shoulder with a soft warm smile:
"Get going." She read Xather lips saying. Pricia eyes would blink as she saw him turn to Lazlo again. Iniko pulled her into the forest and they sat down:
"This is not good. Xather can't stand properly and lost a lot of mana. He face a person who haven't had the need to use his mana. Lazlo also is a dualstream. He's a scary man and also ruthless." Iniko said:
"We need to help him then!" Pricia shouted:
"No! Wait. We need to solve your damn problems first. Your no condition to fight if you don't have your intentions straight." Iniko shouted. Pricia would lose all power and sit down again:
"Yeah i know..." Pricia said:
"Now tell me what the fuck is going on in that head of yours." Iniko shouted.


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