The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


5. Lusifer the sin of Lust

The sound of soaked shoes was the only sound in the alley. The sound of dripping water made the man in the alley shiver. He looked at the tall and slim figure in front of him:
"I...I...I have never heard of anyone named the eight sin. There is only seven." The man said scared. The tall and slim figure smiled:
"Oh dear. Don't worry. I know you're telling the truth. But let me just say. Your scared face is so adorable...I would love to hear your scream." A smooth male voice said. The two red eyes glowed through the small pair of glasses:
"Why...Why are you doing this?" The man in the alley shouted. Behind them was the corpses of humans. The humans had lost their skin in some places and even the bones had melted:
"Why? Well...Let me ask you a thing...Why do you not think before you step on an ant?" The slim man asked:
"Wh-What?" The man replied scared:
"Well...I don't think about ants because there is so many and they are nothing to me...That is the same with you...Just another ant in the farm." The slim man said as he moved his hand forward. The liquid dripping from his fingertips. The small drop of liquid hit the ground and began to melt the earth:
"I don't know anything about the eight sins...Please...Just let me live." The man cried scared. The slim man would just walk forward:
"How adorable...I wanted to try something actually...Do you think I can inject plague through tear duct?" The slim man asked. The man in the alley began to crawl backward. His legs melted of:
"No...No...No no no!!!" The man continues to say before a loud screamed could be heard from the alleyway. A man walked into the alley and saw all the corpses but the slim figure was now gone. Up the wall in the back was a man. Gasping in agony. A few green tears rolling down his face as two wounds of finger shoved through the tear duct was visible.

"Seems like another flaw. So sad so sad. That man's screaming stopped so suddenly quite annoying." The slim figure said as he walked through the forest. He melted the grass he walked on. He placed a finger on the tip of his nose and pushed his glasses a bit back. The small pair of glasses without glass in it. He moved his hair backwards and kept walking:
"Xather. A boy who started to call himself the eight sin. How amusing. Thinking his one of us." The slim man said. He corrected his tie and smiled:
"No one survives my plague. It's so lovely." The slim man said as he kept walking. The forest behind him beginning to wither. His silver hair was spiky and rested down his face. His eyes was pure black with two red iris. The black from his eyes kinda leaked out of his eyes and travel down his skin so his face skin was a bit black. The black part looked like spikes. He walked around in a black shirt with a white short sleeved shirt under. A red neck tie and black fancy pants. His shoes patent leather shoes. There was a small pair of glasses on his nose tip they had no glass in them. There was a pair of brass knuckles hanging in his belt. The brass knuckles had long claws. So they were more like brass claws:
"Now let's see." The man said as he grabbed a paper from inside his jacket. There was a few names on the paper:
"These people might have a chance of knowing where this Xather is." The man said with a grin. He spits a small amount of spit onto one of the names on the paper. The spit melting the name away. The man put the paper back into his pocket and looked up. In front of him was three brutes of men:
"Hey small one. You look fancy ay?" One of them said as he grabbed a mace:
"Lovely day isn't it gentlemen." The slim man said as he placed his hair in front of his eyes hiding the pure black eyeballs:
"If you give us anything of worth we might not hurt you." The other brute said grabbing his sword. The slim man looked up and smiled:
"Oh, I'm interested now. Do your worst...I would love to feel the pain you're offering me." The slim man said. The last brute charged forward and hit the slim man in the face. The slim man flew backwards into a tree with a grin. He stood up and moved a finger over his lip:
"Oh some blood...Quite a nice hit." The slim man said as he looked up and open his right eye. The pure black eye shined and the red iris would glow. The slim man slowly taking of his white glove on both hands. One of the brute would look at the slim man and seem to think for a second:
"Come. Let's take him!" One of the brutes shouted and with the other one ran forward. Only the one thinking left behind. The one thinking snapped out of it and began to shout:
"No stop! We can't mess with this freak!!" The brute shouted but it was too late. The slim man moved forward and grabbed the arm of one of the brute. The sound of burning flesh quickly hit the air and the brute would scream as his skin would melt. The slim man moved up and grabbed the brute by the throat and forced him into the ground a lot of cracks appeared on the ground:
"Who is this freak?" The other brute asked moving backwards:
"That is Lusifer. The sin of lust from the deadly sins. He's a total masochist and serial killer. Also one of the dark magus." The brute there stayed behind answered:
"Oh am i that famous...And no I'm no masochist...I'm just a lover of pain...To others." The slim man said:
"And not only that. He's a Demonkin!" The brute who stayed behind shouted:
"A Demonkin?! You mean a human demon?!" The man up front shouted back. The other one just nodded. Lusifer walked forward. His demon eyes shining:
"Come now boys. Don't be scared. You offer me pain. Come let me have it..." Lusifer said licking his teeth. A small layer of toxic plague appearing on his teeth. The two brutes looked at their friend. His arm covered in a green liquid. The liquid melting everything it touch:
"Conjure water. Version plague." He said as his hands now was cover in a green liquid. The two brutes moving backwards slowly:
"Come now. Don't be scared...Hit me." Lusifer said as he moved forward. The green liquid being under his shoes. The liquid would melt the grass. The one brute up front growled and moved forward:
"We will avenge our friend!" The man shouted:
"No don't!" The last brute said. Lusifer smiled and pointed two fingers forward. He moved the hand forward and shoved his hand into the brute mouth and into the throat the liquid dripping inside. The brute would take a few steps back and begin to choke and cough violently:
"The liquid will melt its way through your organs....And slowly kill you. Now say Ahhh!" Lusifer said as he slowly sat down and enjoyed the painful look on the brute face. The last brute would move backwards slowly. The Demonkin looked up his red eyes shining through the glasses:
"Come now. Come closer and give good old lust a hug." Lusifer said:
"No stay back...Stay...Stay back!" The man shouted. Lust would grin. The only sound was the sound of the soaked shoes and the sound of the dripping plague from Lucifer's fingers. Lusifer would walk up to the man and force him up a tree:
"I have a question brute. You seem to know a lot of us sins. Have you heard of the eight sin?" Lusifer asked:
"The eight. I heard rumors but nothing special sir." The brute said scared. Lusifer would smile:
"Come on. What have you heard?" Lusifer asked:
"I heard that his a imperial human from the human capital of Strongarm. He seemingly walk around in search of the seven sins. He wields the Arcane Archive." The brute said. Lusifer would smile:
"I see. That is new information to me. It's your lucky day then." Lusifer said letting go of the brute:
"I'm done here. Have a nice life." Lusifer said as he walked of. He grabbed a book from his pocket this time and began to write down in it:
"Arcane user...Imperial human..." Lusifer said as he wrote that down in the book:
"Day for day i get closer to you...Number eight." Lusifer said as he grinned and closed the book. He began to whistle as he walked through the forest. Leaving a trail of withered plants behind him.

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