The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


19. Join me.

Xather would sit at the fountain in the middle of Tohak. His upper body bandaged quite good. Even some bandage around his head. He would flip a coin with Vax resting on his legs. Xather would not wear the coat and walk around in his white shirt. The shirt opens so the bandage was visible:
"Meow." Vax let out a satisfied meow as Xather pet him:
"Your right. It's finally over. Quite the fight wasn't it." Xather said. His right leg there was burned was cover in the bandage and even had wood pieces to support it. Xather had a cane at his side to help him stand. His leg was healed but he should not put to much pressure until the mana veins inside it had healed. The mana veins can't be healed that easily with normal healing magic. He would sit and enjoy the town:
"Still no good with the leg?" A voice called out:
"Oh hey, Iniko," Xather said. He looked at her. She would have purple hair still and her eyes shinned bright purple. She had a brown jacket on with a white shirt under. The jacket had short sleeves. She wore a pair of black pants and black shoes. She had a hair clip in her purple hair. A mark of the wisp hair clip. She would smile:
"Thanks for the money for new cloth," Iniko said:
"It was nothing," Xather answered:
"So your just sitting here are you?" Iniko said sitting at his side:
"Yes. The first person for my goal has been obtained." Xather said:
"Oh yeah. You two talked yesterday. How did it go?" Iniko asked:
"Well, it went well!" Xather said.

It was evening. The room was light by candles as Xather would sit inside the inn and relax. In front of him was a glass of wine. Vax would rest on the table and at its side was a bowl of milk. Xather would smile at his cat as the cat would snore away on the table. Xather reached out and took a sip from his wine:
"You wanted to talk with me?" Pricia asked as she came walking. Xather looked at her with a smile. She would have her yellow shirt on and long white loose pants. She would walk over and sit at Xather side:
"Yeah, i never got to tell you why I'm here," Xather said. The voices made Vax wake up. The cat took a drink of its bowl:
"Oh yeah and thank you. I could never have survived this if you weren't around." Pricia said:
"Well to cut it short. I want you to join me on my quest. I'm gonna save this world from destroying itself and I need you." Xather explained:
"Destroy itself?" Pricia asked:
"Its hard to explain and I really don't want to do it seven times. So I will get all the sins together and then i will tell what its all about. Just know the world hands is not in balance and this might result in the world breaking." Xather said:
"Wow...I don't know what to say." Pricia said. Xather would point to his stomach. The Wispborn rune shinning through the bandage:
"The Wispborn tattoo?" Pricia asked:
"It means a Wisp lend me its power. My father the Wisp itself wanted me to save this world. So i need seven strong fighters. I could go to the twelve celestial's or even maybe the four horsemen but i know the seven sins are who i need." Xather said:
"Really?! The four horsemen and twelve celestial's are so much stronger then the sins!" Pricia said surprised:
"Who said i needed strength?" Xather asked:
"Huh?" Pricia let out a confused sound:
"I need three key components for my mission. Strength, numbers and understanding." Xather said with a smile:
"Strength, numbers and understanding?" Pricia repeated:
"Yeah. I need the strength you all wield. I need only eight people and i need eight people who all have lived a sin. You have lived the sin of pride if it right. Hint the accident of Hinz?" Xather said with a smile:
"How...Do you know that?" Pricia asked:
"I know a lot. I took my time to research all of the sins. I don't do this for fun. I'm determinant to go through with this to the end." Xather said:
"So what your saying is that you know about what happen in Hinz?" Pricia asked:
"I know all of your sins," Xather said:
"Your really serious?" Pricia asked:
"Yes. I need you Pricia of Hinz." Xather said reaching out to grab her by the wrist. He bowed his head. Vax would sit up and bow its head too:
"I can't do this alone. I need your help." Xather said his voice serious as it can be. Pricia would look at him:
"Don't worry," Pricia said as she moved her other hand forward placing it in his hair:
"You saved my life. I own you this. I might not get the details before later. But you took the time to save my life even if we were strangers. I can't turn away from that." Pricia said. Xather would smile as he looked up:
"Thanks Pricia of Hinz," Xather said.
"Meow!" Vax meowed happily. Pricia would smile and place a hand on her hip with a grin:
"So what is next?" Pricia asked:
"I heard rumors of the sin of envy being a Nordic up in the Nordic mountains. So were going there next." Xather said.

"So that is how it went. We just talked back and forward after that." Xather said:
"I see. So you're leaving soon?" Iniko asked:
"Yes. When I'm able to walk properly." Xather said. Iniko would look at Xather. She looked like she wanted to ask something:
"I see you have a Wispborn hair clip," Xather said moving a finger up and poking her hair clip:
"Yeah. I should thank you too. I'm done with the hollow horn. I think I need to find a way for my dispel to help people." Iniko said. Xather would smile and nod:
"It's a good idea. A lot of people see dispel as a curse. But I see it as a gift." Xather said:
"A gift?" Iniko asked.
"You have the power to stop magic itself. The power to stop evil mages. To stop something like this from happening again." Xather said as he would look around town. The people walking around them all looked towards them. Xather would smile as he looked around:
"This town. It's innocent. Look at all the children and parents. All the shops and all the houses. All of this is just wonderful." Xather said:
"It just looks like a normal town," Iniko said:
"Yes. But every soul here has a wish. You can make their wish come true. Some people out there just want to watch the world burn and they use magic to make it happen. So people like you can change that." Xather said:
"Hey, guys," Pricia said as she came walking:
"Hey," Iniko said:
"Hello, Pricia," Xather said:
"I just told them I'm leaving the guard," Pricia said:
"I see," Xather said with a smile. Pricia sat down on the other side of Xather. The three of them would rest as the sound of water sounded behind them:
"Its funny isn't it," Xather said:
"What?" Pricia asked:
"Yesterday I was knees deep in lava. Now it's all so peaceful." Xather said as he tightens the bandage on his chest:
"You really took a beating huh?" Iniko said:
"Not really. My body just kinda breaks itself when I use Wispborn mode. It's not healthy to let so much pure mana go through your veins. The mana we use in the air is not completely pure. So when I channel it through my veins I can purify it and it's kinda bad for your veins. But the power the pure mana gives is more powerful than anything." Xather said:
"Wow. You're really strong then." Iniko said:
"Yes. It must be really hard to channel mana like that?" Pricia asked:
"Not really. There many kinds of runes. But this one is unique to me and the only one there allow purifying of mana." Xather said pointing to his chest. The Wispborn tattoo shinning bright:
"Really?" Iniko asked:
"I was born with this rune. Its a mark from a Wisp. Its kinda like Wisp setting a stamp on you to make you his son or daughter. The rune let you purify mana and also store large amounts of mana inside the rune. That is why my hold rune tattoo build up is around this one. Call it my core." Xather said. The three would bath in the sun for a few moments in silence:
"We will travel tomorrow," Xather said suddenly:
"You think your legs ready for that?" Iniko asked:
"Yeah. I will give you one day to decide." Xather said:
"Decide?" Iniko asked. But Xather just stood up and began walking away:
"Come to Pricia we better plan our travels," Xather said. Pricia would follow him. Both of them leaving Iniko at the fountain. 

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