The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


9. Grieve the sin of greed.

"It's coming. Keep running!" A human shouted as he dashed through the jungle. It was the Uruiman jungle. The most dangerous place for a human to sit foot in. It's also a test of courage. If you can be inside the jungle for thirty minutes and make your way out then you're seen as a true warrior. Uruiman jungle or better known as Tanglethorn jungle was the home of the Uruiman. Beast people. They are territorial people. So if you step into the jungle you as good as dead:
"Run!" The man shouted to his two companions. A figure moved towards them at high speed. The figure would swing in the branches and jump from branch to branch. Just behind them. They could see the sun at the end of this road. That meant the exit was near:
"Haven't we told you, humans, to stay away!" The figure shouted. It was a girl's voice. A spear came flying forward and impaled the man to the left from behind as she shouted that. There was a rope between the spear and figure:
"Conjure darkness. Version shadow!" The figure shouted as one of the men suddenly couldn't move. His shadow was connected to the shadow of the spear. It was the famous shadow lock. The figure jumped forward and bite into the man. Her fangs going through his skin. She would crack his neck with her fangs before standing up the blood dropping form her mouth. The last man was already gone:
"Damn it!" The girl shouted. The sun shinned on her. The girl had green short hair twirled into twirls. She had cat-like eyes. She had small fangs sticking out her mouth the blood dropping from them. She had dog ears hanging down the sides of her head. She had a green tunic on with a satchel around her stomach. She had a brown skirt on there was going to her ankles. She would be bare footed and she had a spear on her back. She also had a fluffy tail behind her. She would jump up into the trees and growl. She was not satisfied with that humans escape:
"Damn it! I thought i had them." She said her eyes burning with anger:
"Try again next time Grieve." A voice said. The sounds of wings could be heard:
"Come down already." The spear-wielding girl said. Down at her side landed a girl. She had yellow long hair and yellow wings hanging from her arms. She had talons like feet and eagle eyes. She would walk around in a sleeveless green shirt and quite loose pants so her talons could get through them. She would smile and look at Grieve:
"You saw it all didn't you. Orianna." Grieve asked. The bird nodded:
"Yes i did. Your losing your grip. The elder might get mad again. Your meant to be Takula. So you should train more." Orianna said:
"If you were watching you could help me." Grieve said annoyed as she would leap forward and jump from branch to branch even sometimes use her hand to swing herself forward. They would continue to move towards the village in the middle of the jungle. The village was named Branglewall. Grieve would land in front of the village and slowly walk inside. The bird women would land at Grieve side. The two would walk side by side:
"Your just out of shape. Its fine you get them next time." Orianna said happy:
"That is how it is to be Takula." Grieve said. Takula. The protector of the forest. Its the person who hunt humans there enter the forest. Grieve was the newly titled Takula of the Uruiman. Orianna was her best friend and wind magus. She sometimes would help Grieve shoo out the humans but the elder like tradition and Grieve is the only one allowed to kill humans:
"Grieve really have a hate for humans since what happen a year ago. She used to be so curious about humans. But now she hate them all. All because of him." Orianna thought. Grieve would walk with her spear on her back anger in her eyes:
"She haven't really smiled since then." Orianna thought. Grieve eyes was cold as she would walk towards a hut:
"One escaped." Grieve said as she walked inside. A old man would sit by a pit fire. He had a turtle shell on his back and was bold. His eyes was pure green and he would have a cane by his side:
"I'm disappointed but you can't get everyone." The old man said:
"Sorry elder Leodan." Orianna said as she stood by Grieve side:
"I see your here too Orianna." The old man said:
"Yes she is. She is my friend after all." Grieve said:
"Fine." Leodan said as he coughed:
"I will continue keep eye out. I will leave." Grieve said as she left the tent:
"She is not the same anymore. That girl." Leodan said:
"Of course not. She trusted a human and got betrayed." Orianna said:
"I should have protected her better. That man really was cunning." Leodan said:
"He is the reason we won't allow humans near the town?" Orianna asked:
"Yes. We trusted him and his expedition and Grieve grew fond of him. Then he destroyed our ancestral grounds and cut down more trees then we allowed. He began to use our people as workers. So we had to take action." Leodan said as he coughed:
"Yeah. Just sad that Grieve was the one to find him..." Orianna said:
"Yes they had a battle here in the jungle and Grieve killed him." Leodan said:
"She haven't smiled since that day." Orianna said:
"No...Come sit down child. I will make us a drink." Leodan said moving his fingers forward a summoning gate of water appeared:
"Conjure water." The old turtle man said as the water would pour down into two cups:
"Do you ever think Grieve will smile again?" Orianna asked:
"Yes...The water told me a newcomer will soon step into these forest and change her destiny." Leodan said:
"I must trust his word then. Leodan magic is water version vision. He can see into the future using pure water he create. Not all of the visions is correct but it always start out correct. So there will come a outsider." Orianna thought. She looked at the water and sighed:
"Hope Grieve doesn't kill him before he have a chance to speak." Orianna then thought.

Grieve would leap up into the tree crowns of the jungle and look out over the plains around the jungle. She would growl a fierce growl. The birds in the forest would begin to fly up into the sky at the sound of the growl. She would sit down on the branch and lean up to the trunk:
"Back on lookout duty," Grieve said as she closed her eyes and just listen to the forest. Her ears were so sharp she could hear if anyone would step into the forest. She would keep focus as she listened. Her mind trailing of:

"Grieve. That is a beautiful name." A male voice said:
"Thanks. Um..What's your name sir?" Grieve asked:
"I'm Sebastian. Pleasures mine. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." The man continued:
"Tihii...Stop your embarrassing me." Grieve sounded happy.

Grieve's eyes snapped open. She would have trailed off to sleep. She would have wake up if a human had set foot into the forest. She would clap her cheeks and look around. It was evening now:
"Sebastian..." Grieve said under her breath. The claws on her fingers cutting into the wood:
"There you are!" Orianna shouted as she landed on the branch:
"Been looking for me?" Grieve asked:
"Yes. It's late. Come let's return back to the village and get some food." Orianna said. Grieve would hesitate but then just nod. She would jump down from the branch and dive through the forest. She would suddenly grab a branch and swing forward on her way to the village. The two would move forward. Grieve would look a bit pale:
"You okay Grieve?" Orianna asked as she kept her speed on the same level as Grieve:
"Yes, just a bad dream," Grieve answered. Orianna knew what it was the moment Grieve said that:
"Sebastian." Orianna thought to herself. Grieve would make a front flip as her tail grabbed a branch and swung her on top of the branch. She would sigh:
"It was about Sebastian right?" Orianna asked as she landed at Grieve side:
"Yes....That man." Grieve said before she continues to jump forward. Orianna hesitated to move forward:
"Leodan whatever thing there is coming. It better be a humble and understanding soul and it better come quickly. Because it hurts to see Grieve in this state. In this hatred. I want to see this bright smile she usually wore before that man ruined her." Orianna thought to herself as an image of Grieve with the biggest smile on her face and a blush on her cheeks would appear in her head:
"Oh Grieve," Orianna said flapping her wings and moving forward.

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