The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


8. Glutost the sin of gluttony.

The town of Woodstung. The biggest forest human village. In the village was a shop known as statue and pots. It was a shop owned by a retired mage using the earth magic. He would make all of his statues and pots using his unique magic ability. Earth version creation. He walked around in the building slowly. There weren't many customer that day. He had short brown hair and blue eyes. He had a black vest with a white long shirt under. Brown pants and white shoes. His hands was cover in gloves without fingers in them. There was a glow to the gloves. A rune was inscribed on both of the gloves. He would smile as a few children came running into the building:
"Mister Glutost! We are here!" The leader of the kid said. It was a small girl with blond twin tails. She would have blue eyes and wore a green dress. She would smile and wave her hand enthusiastically at the brown haired man. The brown haired man smiled:
"You kids are early today. Free from school early i see?" Glutost asked with a grin:
"No. We just ran over here as fast as possible! You promised you would show us a bit of your magic today!" The girl up front said:
"Easy now Jasmine." Glutost said as he sat down on a chair and smiled. There were three kids. There was the girl up front in the green dress. Her name was Jasmine. She was a orphan her parents died in the crystal war of the north as they tried to claim the magic crystal for the forest lands. To her right was Berym. His parents died of same fate. A boy with brown hair and green eyes he usually walked around with a spell book in his hands and had brown tunic on and brown pants. Lastly there was Uyil. Her parents meet same fate. She was a pink haired girl with purple eyes. She had a dark green vest over a brown dress. She would have brown shoes on. These three was orphans from the same orphanage and they usually came to Glutost in there free time to help with the shop. They were all three students at the magical school of Woodstung to learn the ways of magic. Jasmine was a water mage with specialty in the healing form. So water version spring. Berym was a fire boy with the ash version. So he could create toxic ash and smokescreens. Uyil haven't unlock her potential yet but she had  the wind archive. Her specialty not known yet. Glutost would smile and beckon them over:
"Come here now. Let me see what you learned today." Glutost said. Jasmine proudly stood forward:
"Watch this. Conjure water!" Jasmine said as her hands began to glow. She would focus with all her might as a small beam of water would shot out her palm:
"Wow. You can conjure water out of the mana in the air now. That is something. What about you Berym?" Glutost asked:
"Um...Im...Yes." Berym said. Berym was mostly a shy and scared boy:
"Come on Berym. Try to be a bit more manly like Glutost!" Jasmine said:
"Easy now Jasmine. Berym is perfect just the way he is." Glutost said ruffling Berym hair. The small boy would show a bright smile. He would move his hand forward:
"Conjure fire!" Berym said as small cinder would appear on his fingertips:
"To be able to layer your magic is a nice touch. But your version of magic is ash. You must learn to use your lungs to spew out ash magic. If you only focus on the basic fire magic then you won't get closer to your specialty. Like layer is nice and all but its mostly only useful if your a ember magus." Glutost said. Berym nodded exited:
"What about you Uyil? Still no answer from what your specialty is?" Glutost asked:
"No...Its annoying. These two can begin to focus on their magic but i can't. I still have no idea." Uyil said her small voice sounding annoyed. She was a nice and warm girl but she also were nervous around people she didn't knew and also one who would cry with ease:
"Then show me what you have learned today." Glutost said. Uyil nodded as she clapped her hands together and placed one hand formed into a fist in front of her mouth. She began to blow air out. The air would be like a powerful breeze:
"To be able to make such a powerful breeze at such a young age. Your a quite talented mage Uyil." Glutost said. Uyil would giggle:
"Now come on! For once show us your magic powers!" Jasmine said Glutost would sigh:
"I promise you. So i might as well. Come here." Glutost said as he showed them outside. They stood in front of the shop. The kids have asked Glutost to show them his magic for a while but Glutost kept refusing. Today he promise to show them a bit of it. Glutost would clap his hands together and smash them into the ground:
"Conjure earth version creation!" Glutost said as the earth shot up from the ground and formed into human sized statues of the kids:
"Wow!" Jasmine said. Glutost would smile and look at them. They were life like. It really looked like them from head to toe. The kids was amazed and looked at the statues. Glutost sat down and looked at them:
"Youth. These three have no idea what they could get into. Magic is a wonderful thing if used right. No one say that Jasmine's healing spring magic should be used to heal warriors in war. She could use it as a doctor in town. No one say Berym's ash magic should be used to clear hundreds of mages in one spew. He could use it to help alchemist build buildings. Magus with ash magic usually use it to help Alchemists. The ash mages would blow a perfect amount of ash into the air which the alchemist can use to make buildings. Then about Uyil-" Glutost thought but he got interrupted as all three of them stood in front of him. The three kids smiled shinned brighter then the setting sun behind the horizon:
"What is it?" Glutost asked:
"We think we will head home before people begin to worry." Jasmine said:
"Well. Stay safe kids." Glutost said as he ruffled their hair. The three of them ran of. Glutost would stand up and smile as he looked at them:
"But i know what their dream is. They want to battle with magic. As all children wants to." Glutost thought and sighed. He then walked into the shop and began to clean. 

The evening would come around and Glutost had no one around. The shop was his home too. There was a second floor which had one room for him to sleep. He stood and counted the money. This was all his savings. He would lose the shop if he didn't sell something soon. The door to the shop opened and a small figure walked in. Uyil would look at Glutost:
"Oh your outside quite late," Glutost said as he looked at her. His eyes widen as he saw the tears in Uyil eyes:
"They took them," Uyil said.

Glutost would run through town. He remembered what Uyil said:
"There were three men who took the two of them. They want to make them into warriors. The rare spring magic was useful for them and the ash magic was even more useful somehow." Uyil had said. Glutost asked her to stay in the shop. Glutost would loosen his fist as he would slide his hand over the ground a boulder raising from the ground. He would slide over the ground quickly like a surfboard. He went to the place they got abducted. His memories flashed as he walked:

"Why is it you never fight Glutost. With your magic, you might be plenty strong!" Jasmine had asked some time ago:
"Well, i had to do something I regret. I don't see magic as a way of fighting anymore. I use it to help the village now. That is the least I can do. I don't like fighting. I would love to stay away from that path from now on." Glutost had answered. 

He now stood in front of a warehouse outside town. He could hear voices inside:
"Stand still!" A man growled:
"Make me. Conjure water!" Jasmine voice shouted. I could hear the man growl annoyed as a small water beam would have hit his face:
"Conjure Earth," Glutost said and kicked the door open. The three mages would look at Glutost. He would walk inside his eyes shinning blue:
"Glutost!" Jasmine shouted. The shop clerk would walk forward and tighten the gloves on his hands:
"What. You think you can just bash in here! Your one against three. You have no chance!" The mage to the left growled. Glutost would be silent. He would show a warm smile:
"Are you two okay? You aren't hurt right?" Glutost asked:
"Glutost...No were not." Jasmine said under her breath. The mage to the left moved forward and waved his hand. A fire summoning gate showed up and out of it shot a lightning bolt. Glutost would take the hit and then cough:
"Good you two are okay. Just get going okay." Glutost said as he stomped the ground and earth spike shot up breaking the chains. The two kids ran away from the three mages to hide behind Glutost:
"See kids. I want you to remember something. Fighting is not for fun. I have stayed away from the route for far to long now. You asked me many times for me to teach you how to fight. But i don't want to as i don't like fighting. Many kids in your age see fighting as a fun way of magic. To see who is the strongest. But the same time i don't see fighting as fun anymore. Not after what happen to me. Listen i don't say no to train you because i don't like magic. I like magic but i don't want to teach kids your age to fight like these three." Glutost said. The two kids behind him were surprised. Their eyes widened. Glutost would clap his hands together:
"But when you three kidnap kids and force them to become warriors that angers me. I will show you what happens to moron who is focused on war!" Glutost said as his brown hair would begin to glow and the wind around him growing more violent as his aura was raising:
"That posture. That is the earth manipulators stance. That means. He is!-" The mage to the right said:
"He is Glutost the sin of gluttony!" The mage in the middle said to finish his companions sentence:
"Conjure Earth version creation!" Glutost shouted as earth shot up from the ground under the mages and captured the three of them in a hand made of earth:
"Kids. Remember. Fighting is not the future." Glutost said as he looked at them:
"I will call the guards and make them imprison these fools," Glutost said:
"Take this. Conjure fire. Version lightning!" The mage said freeing his arm from the hand and shot lightning at the kids. Glutost eyes widen as he stood in front of the kids and moved his arms out. He took the bolts. They shot right through him and hit the walls. Glutost would kneel down and smile:
"You two okay?" Glutost asked. The two kids would shiver with tears in their eyes. There was flowing blood down Glutost back:
"Glutost...Your back..." Jasmine said as she shivered:
"I'm fine don't worry. Uyil get these two out of here!" Glutost shouted. Uyil who had followed Glutost anyway ran in grabbed her friends hands and pulled them out. Glutost would stand up and turn around his blue eyes cold as the winter. His gaze focused on the three trapped mages. The three mages would look scared knowing what was coming:
"You were gonna hurt them." Glutost said. He tighten his hand slowly and the only sound in the warehouse was the sound of cracking.

The next day:
"Were here!" Jasmine shouted:
"Oh hey, kids," Glutost said as he had the bandage on his chest:
"Are you okay Mister Glutost?" Berym asked:
"Yes, just a scratch. I had worse in my days." Glutost said with a smile. He then turned his attention to Jasmine who was holding something:
"Here this is for you!" Jasmine said as she holds out a jar of money:
"What. Where did you get all the money from?" Glutost asked:
"Well. We told the mistress at the orphanage about what you did for us yesterday. So we scraped some money together for your shop." Jasmine said. Glutost would kneel down and smile. He would take the jar and then pull the three kids into a hug:
"Thank you. That makes me happy." Glutost said:
"Oh, its not-nothing!" Jasmine said embarrassed.
"Another thing mister Glutost," Berym said:
"Yes?" Glutost asked:
"We wanted you to teach us some peaceful ways of magic. Those magic you don't use to fight with. Can you do that?" Berym asked. Glutost looked at them all three of them smiling. Glutost would smile:
"Sure. I can at least do that." Glutost said:
"These three kids are the future of this world and I think they know what fighting really is now after yesterday. So what path they might take is up to them now." Glutost thought as he began to talk about different ways of magic. 

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