The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


7. Enya the sin of Envy

"Faster...I need to go faster." The girl thought as her legs moved with an incredible speed. She was running up the side of a mountain:
"Faster...Faster...Faster!" She began to shout this as her legs moved faster and faster. The red scarf with white tartan blew in the wind. The scarf was long and cover her mouth and it hangs behind her with a meter's length. Her foot suddenly slipped and she was falling backwards downwards. She was around thirty meters up into the air. She would smile and turn around. Her brown long ponytail would blow in the wind and her amber eyes would glow up. The black tie around her neck would blow in the wind and her black sleeveless shirt would hang on her shoulders. It was closed so it wouldn't blow of and she didn't have anything under it. So she didn't have extra weight on her. She had black skirt on with black pants under it and black shoes. She would spin around and smile:
"Ready!" She shouted and slammed her fist into the mountainside breaking it. The gauntlet around her arm would break through the stone easily. She had gauntlets on there went to her elbow. Her fingers was free from the gauntlets but that was no problem. She would make sure her arm was stuck enough before she would hang in it and look over the mountains and valleys in the Nordic mountains. The closest village being Frostguard her home town. Her scarf would blow in the wind and she would smile under the scarf:
"The world is so big...I wish i could climb so far up i could see everything. All of Arcanheim." The girl said her amber eyes shinning:
"Enya!" A boy called out. The boy would look up at her. He wore a scarf too. His scarf was blue. He had light blue hair and blue eyes. His shirt white and blue and his pants black:
"Oh hey Felix!" Enya shouted back:
"Are you ready to go! The others are going now?" He shouted at her. Enya eyes widen:
"I told them I'm not coming!" Enya shouted. Felix would sigh he would place both hands on the ground:
"Conjure water version ice," Felix said as a pillar of ice shot up from the ground, He stood on it as it rose him up to face Enya:
"You can't flee from reality forever Enya," Felix said:
"Shut up..." Enya said as she looked at him. Their eyes meeting:
"You have to face reality Enya. You killed him the least you can do is visit the grave!" Felix shouted:
"Shut up!" Enya said breaking her arm free from the mountainside jumping forward and pushing Felix of the pillar. The two of them would fall. Felix would clap his hands together:
"Conjure Ice!" Felix shouted as ice shot out his back. The ice poles would shot into the ground and stop them from falling as they would work as stabilizers:
"Enya!" Felix shouted and grabbed her by the collar:
"Felix!" Enya shouted back her amber eyes mad:
"Calm down..." Felix said. Enya would raise her fist but stop:
"Why did you come...You know i didn't want to talk about this?" Enya asked:
"Because I'm still your friend Enya...Even if you killed him! You killed-" Felix shouted:
"Don't say it!" Enya shouted:
"You killed my brother!" Felix shouted. Enya eyes widen all tension was gone from her body and she would lower her arms:
"Enya...Face it...You killed him..." Felix said:
"...Shut.....No....I didn't...." Enya would say in denial:
"Please Enya..." Felix said. Enya would jump backwards. Her legs only touching the mountain side for a second.
"Conjure wind. Version Speed." Enya said as she would run up the mountain again this time enhanced by her magic. She would get further. Not even having a problem with moving at hundred kilometers an hour:
"Damn it, Enya...Conjure Ice..." Felix said as the poles under him combine into one pillar. The new pillar would begin to raise him towards her. He would keep moving upwards to try to catch her:
"Enya!" Felix shouted as he jumped forward and made contact with the mountain side:
"Conjure Ice," Felix said as a wave of frost moved up the mountainside towards Enya. Enya would step on the ice and then slide. Enya's eyes widened:
"No...Why...Why did it have to be ice?" Enya said as she began to fall backward. An image of a boy smiling flashed in front of her face. The boy would have teal like hair and look at her:
"Enya...Let's try to get along...Okay." A male voice sounded in her head:
"Enstan," Enya said under her breath before she was caught by Felix and they both flew backward towards the snowy ground.

"Enya...Enya are you okay?" Felix asked as Enya would open her eyes. She had landed in a pill of snow. Felix would smile:
"Oh good, you okay," Felix said:
"What happened?" Enya asked:
"You talked about him in your sleep. Enstan." Felix said:
"Your brother," Enya said low:
"Yes...Come. Stand up." Felix said as he helped Enya up. Enya would place a hand on top of the scarf around her neck. Felix would smile but then turn serious:
"I still think you should come with me to his grave," Felix said. Enya would turn around:
"I won't," Enya said:
"After all this you still stubborn as ever!" Felix shouted:
"I won't Felix," Enya said:
"You killed him, Enya...Face it!" Felix shouted:
"I know okay!" Enya shouted:
"why don't you understand then!" Felix said grabbing her shoulder and turning her around. Felix was taken aback. Enya had tears in her eyes:
"I understand okay! His dead. I killed him in envy! But stop! I won't....Not for now..." Enya said turning around running away:
"Enya...." Felix said in disbelief as he lowered his arm. Enya would keep running whipping her tears away in her arm:
"In all my years...I haven't seen Enya cry. Only one person had seen her cry...And that person was struck by her fist." Felix said as he let an ice wind swirl around his hand:
"Oh, brother," Felix said and sighed:
"Its times like this. You should be here for her." Felix said as he tightens his fist and ran after her.

Enya would run through the snowy mountains and then sit down on a cliff side. Nordic humans had an amazing resistance to the cold. That is why Enya could be sleeveless in the icy wind. She would look over the mountains:
"I know I should visit his grave...But I have no place to sorrow who I killed. He even wanted the best for me. Then my envy took over..." Enya said to herself:
"Its funny isn't it...Enya the sin of envy. Took the man who should have become the sin of envy life. In envy." Felix said as he slides down to her side and sat down next to her:
"It's not funny," Enya said:
"His been dead for a year now and every time I wanna go to his grave you refuse to follow," Felix said:
"Yeah and?" Enya said as she turned her back to Felix:
"I understand now. Your not avoiding it because you hate him or can't face the fact you killed him. You avoid it because you don't think he would appreciate it. If you visited his grave?" Felix asked:
"The murder should not face the victim grave...It's just too low." Enya said:
"Then I won't force you. But you know my brother and he always welcomed you. You're been alone most of your life." Felix said. Enya grew up as an orphan. Her parents were killed early in her life and she now lived alone. She grew up alone. She meets Felix and Enstan after her parent's death. The two brothers took her in as not only a friend but family. Felix and Enstan were orphans too. A lot of Nordic either moved to the forest or imperial human areas and became part of their society or they died to mages. The imperial and forest humans wanted the rare magic empowering crystals from the Nordic mountains. The crystals are the symbol of Frostguard and the Nordic humans. So the Nordic defended the crystals. The war for the crystal had ended a few years ago and the Nordic was finally left alone but a lot of the Nordic was killed. Including Enya parents and Felix and Enstan parents too:
"Come let's just go home then. I can warm some soup and we can relax for today." Felix said standing up:
"Yea...Sure." Enya said:
"Enya the sin of Envy," Felix said:
"What is with it?" Enya asked:
"Funny if could have been Enstan the sin of Envy," Felix said:
"Don't rub it in dumb ass," Enya said. The two of them headed home to Frostguard.

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