The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


28. A sin in chains.

Drip...Drip...Drip...The only sound in the room was a dripping liquid. Blood was leaking from all the cut wounds Wratorian had. He was chained to a wall and sat on his knees on the floor. His arms held in chains. His eyes were empty as he looked around the room. It was dark:
"I don't know how long-" Wratorian thought as he slowly stood up on his legs. The chains would loosen and he would lower his arms:
"I don't know how long I been in here," Wraotrian said to himself as he looked around the room. The chain was infused from the light archive. They were impossible to break. He would pull on the chains softly. The chains would rattle as he moved his arms forward:
"Be silent in there!" A man shouted from outside. Wratorian would finally remember:
"Moon cleanse," Wratorian said low to himself. He looked down his own body. It would be heavily damaged. His bones would feel sore and his red hair would hang down his head. The green paint around his eyes would be gone and he would only be in his pants. The rest of his cloth must have either been removed or burned by the beam. He looked around and realized he didn't have his swords:
"Ember...Cinder." He said to himself before he looked around the small dark room. It wasn't a big room and there was nothing in here. The only sounds in here were the dripping of Wratorian blood and the sound of the chains around his arms. He heard a knock on the door:
"There someone here to see you Dark elf." The man voice said. He then heard a familiar tone:
"Hello Demon elf," Veriana said from the other side of the door:
"So it's the sniper," Wratorian said:
"I hold my end of our bargain. I let the sound mage go." Veriana said:
"Okay...What do you want with me?" Wratorian asked as he slowly sat down and the chains would hold his arms up:
"Open it and leave us alone," Veriana said. The guard nodded and did as commanded. Veriana stepped into the cell. Her hand still gone and the wound cover in bandaged. She looked at Wratorian. The dark elf would look at her with his green eyes. Veriana looked at him as she brushed her hair to the side and the red scope eye was now visible:
"So what do you want?" Wratorian asked:
"I want to know more about. You...What are you?" Veriana asked:
"What I am?" Wratorian said afterward as he looked at his hands:
"Say what. I tell you on one condition." Wratorian said as he looked up at her and his eyes turned crimson red and the white in his eyes slowly turned black:
"Condition. I don't think you in a position to demand conditions." Veriana said surprised:
"You want information. I want something in return." Wratorian said:
"But you're our prisoner! You have to speak!" Veriana said as she grabbed a hand gun from her belt and pointed at him:
"Shot me if you want. Then you won't have the information." Wratorian said as his eyes glowed crimson:
"Damn. What do you want?" Veriana asked:
"I want my two swords to hang on the wall over there. So they in my sight." Wratorian said as he pointed at the wall furthest away from him:
"You want us to put two twin blades special made for the convict. Inside the convict room?" Veriana asked:
"Yes...I want my twin blades in sight." Wratorian said:
"You think we're stupid? We won't place two swords in a convict cell." Veriana said:
"Then I won't say a thing about myself," Wratorian said as his eyes glowed a bit. Veriana would look annoyed and then lower her gun:
"You're a demon in an elf body!" Veriana shouted:
"That is true!" Wratorian shouted:
"Wh-what?" Veriana said:
"Yeah, you heard me," Wratorian said as he pulled on the chains. Small cracks would appear on the wall:
"Such brute strength. Restrain!" Veriana shouted and chains around Wratorian arm would begin to glow with light as they forced him up the wall again. He slammed into the walls and cough up blood. He would look with a glare of pure hatred:
"You won with a dirty tactic." Wratorian said as he let blood leak out between his teeth:
"You cut off my hand!" Veriana shouted:
"Your sloth nearly killed my partner...I only lost our battle because I needed to play shield!" Wratorian shouted:
"You could let her die." Veriana said:
"She trusted me. So I didn't leave her to damage. You would have a hand now if sloth hadn't run." Wratorian said. Veriana eye snapped open as she took a step forward and planted a hit into Wratorian chest:
"Damn you! Don't blame this on Slodia!" Veriana shouted:
"Hit me as much as you want. You know she left you." Wratorian said:
"You're gonna rot up in here for a long time sin of wrath." Veriana said:
"Then let me rot. I don't care." Wratorian said:
"I will go." Veriana said as she left the room. The door closed and locked. Wratorian chains would relax and he would fall to the ground. He would cough up blood as he looked at the closed door. He slowly walked towards it but the chains would hold him from getting close to it:
"Damn it...Ember...Cinder...Julia..." Wratorian said as he looked at the door. It was in reach but his chains would hold him back. A chained animal in a cage. A chained beast in the dark:
"I will get free...Zealine." Wratorian said:
"Shut up in there." The guard said:
"Melt..." Wratorian said:
"I said shut up!" The guard shouted:
"Melt...!" Wratorian said a bit louder as his eyes burned red and his skin would begin to glow a bit white and red:
"Shut up!" The guard said:
"MELT!" Wratorian shouted as his ember would turn on and the chains would begin to glow. The guard opened the door and see Wratorian. He would burn the holy chains:
"It's no use. They can't melt." The guard said. The chains would not break or melt but the ember would heat more and more up:
"You're stuck." The guard said:
"I see..." Wratorian said as he fell to his knees the chains holding him up:
"You aren't gonna escape." The guard said:
"I know..." Wratorain said as he fell to his knees:
"Please let...Me see them." Wratorian said:
"Them? Family?" The guard asked:
"No...My swords...Just show me them..." Wratorian asked:
"...Fine..." The guard said as he walked into his office and brought out the two blades:
"Thank god they are safe..." Wratorian said as he head began to hang slowly:
"I sentence you to three years in prison or payment of ten thousand gold." The guard said:
"So be it..." Wratorian said as he lowers his head.

"Damn...Ten thousand gold." Zealine said as she looked a the bounty board outside the prison. You could see the convicts and how much it cost to get them out:
"You here," Veriana said as she came out. Zealine glared at Veriana:
"I will get the gold and free him!" Zealine shouted:
"Do it then," Veriana said as she left:
"Get the gold...But how." Zealine said sadly.


Well that was a fine side story

It's about time Xather arrive in the Nordic mountains

To find something beyond the world of living

in the mass of crystals.

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