The eight sins of Arcanheim

Arcanheim. The world of magic and the blade-magus. The mages who wield both weapons and magic. The eight ways of magic is what determinate what the future brings you. You are born with one of the fire elemental in your blood. Fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, light, arcane and matter. Those eight elemental are used by the eight sins of Arcanheim. The eight of them use each one of them. Join Xather in his adventure to combine the powers of the seven sins.


27. A sacrifice under the moon.

"Hurry up!" Veriana shouted. Slodia would move her hands forward and collect the dust. The dust would glow in her hand:
"Just a bit more!" Slodia shouted as her pure white eyes began to glow purple and red. Wratorian would look at her and growl:
"Damn it!" Wratorian shouted and dash forward towards her:
"Now!" Slodia shouted:
"Moon Fire!" Slodia shouted. She threw the dust into the air. The dust took form and became solid. A moon was created and grew in size. It began to glow and unleashed a massive purple fire from itself. Wratorian eyes widen as he was hit by the massive beam of fire. The fire would vanish and Wratorian would fall to his back:
"It gets my every time," Veriana said jumping up to Slodia side. Slodia would fall to her knees and breath out heavily:
"Damn that spell was hard on my mana," Slodia said breathing slowly:
"How sad. I nearly died there." Wratorian said standing up. He would look at Slodia:
"How could you survive such a massive amount of concentrate mana?" Slodia asked:
"A normal Elf wouldn't but I'm a Demon Elf," Wratorian said:
"Damn it!" Slodia shouted:
"Can you channel one more?" Veriana asked:
"No...Not right now?" Slodia said:
"Then sit down and relax," Veriana said.
"But what will you do?" Slodia asked:
"His power has fallen. With his injuries. I will be able to take him now!" Veriana shouted and jumped forward swinging her sniper at him. Wratorian would parry her sniper with his blades. The swords would begin to spin as he spun them around with his fingers. The blade would begin to produce sparks. Veriana would pull the sniper back and slam the barrel into his stomach:
"Wind Bullet!" Veriana shouted as she used her knee to send the mask up into the air. She pushed her head against it and blew air into it quickly. The bullet shot through Wratorian stomach. Wratorian would cough up blood but move his head forward and headbutt her. He would quickly grab her throat and slam her into the ground pushing her over the ground. Wratorian would let go of her head and throw her into a tree. Veriana coughed blood into the sniper pipe. Slodia would look at her and then look around:
"I need to do something." Slodia said as she saw Zealine lie on the ground. Slodia would throw her dust forward and teleport to another branch. She would look at Zealine. The girl was still unconscious:
"Conjure....Moon." Slodia said as she began to charge again. Wratorian didn't see it. He would swing his swords at Veriana. Veriana would dodge again and again. She would be a bit weak on the legs as she had taken a few hits. Wratorian would spin his blade forward towards her. She would dodge under the blade. The blade would cut through the tree and she would roll to her side to dodge his next swing. The tree would fall to the ground. Wratorian would look towards her and move towards her. Veriana would slide over the ground slowly as she breathes blood and wind into the sniper:
"Typhoon gun!" Veriana shouted and unleashed the tornado bullet. Wratorian moved forward and blocked with his blades. The blades would create sparks as both of them would hold back the tornado:
"My power...Have left me because of the fire...Shit!" Wratorian said as he slowly pushed back and shot the wind away. The tornado flew into the air. Veriana would nearly be out of breath:
"My mana...Is soon gone too." Veriana said. Wratorian would move forward:
"That is why Magus is weak. I have ember to empower my weapon but as soon the mana is gone your dead." Wratorian said:
"I have these. These are my only power but they are enough to kill you." Wratorian said:
"You really after our life?" Veriana asked:
"I didn't want to but you nearly killed Zealine!" Wratorian shouted:
"You're a horrible man!" Veriana shouted:
"Don't act like you can talk!" Wratorian shouted as he kicked her in the cheek. Veriana would gasp and fly to the side. She would drop her sniper. She would thereafter try to reach out for it. Wratorian would step on her hand:
"Ah!" Veriana shouted as her hand was stomped on:
"No not this time." Wratorian said as he moved his blade forward:
"No...No no no no!" Veriana shouted but it was too late. Wratorian slashed down and cut her hand off by the wrist. She screamed out in pain and disbelief as she could fell all the nerves bones and skin be removed and she couldn't move her hand there anymore. Slodia turned around in the middle of her channeling and saw the sight. The sight of blood flying and the hand flying too:
"No...He...He didn't." Slodia said under her breath:
"He cut her hand off." Slodia said in disbelief but then turned to look at Zealine focusing all her magic now. Veriana would scream and move back. She would grab her now handless arm with her hand. Her breathing was unstable:
"You...You cut off my hand...My sniper...My title." Veriana said in disbelief:
"Should I have asked for permission. Like you ask Zealine for permission to shot her." Wratorian said:
"What..." Veriana said:
"She wasn't a part of this. I killed your men and you still nearly killed her. Didn't you think she might not be involved? I don't care what I have done. Nothing I have done should be punished to another person." Wratorian said:
"She tried to defend you." Veriana said:
"And...You tried to defend yourself. Justice was done here." Wratorian said:
"Justice...Then you don't mind me doing this!" Slodia shouted. Wratorian suddenly realized that Slodia was gone. He turned to her and saw her nearly created moon magic be pointed towards Zealine. Wratorian moved quickly towards Slodia:
"Moon cleanse!" Slodia shouted. The moon was summoned again and began to glow purple. Wratorian knew he didn't make it in time to Slodia so he went for another route:
"NO!" Wratorian shouted as he moved in front of Zealine and spread out his arms. Zealien looked at Wratorian:
"What you doing!" Zealine shouted.
"Protecting....You." Wratorian said before a beam of pure light shot down and hit Wratorian. The man would move his leg over and let the ember move to his body again. He moved the ember up and protected his front. He would hold back the beam but the pressure would leave cracks in the ground:
"Die!" Slodia shouted as the light would become brighter and swallow Wratorian. Zealine would look up at the dark elf and scream:
"Wratorian!" Zealine screamed but it was too late. The light vanished and Wratorian body dropped to the floor a cloud of blood and ash leaving his mouth. Zealine saw his master drop to the ground and top of her. She would push him off and sit up. Her wounds would be sealed now because of the ember:
"Wratorian..." Zealine said. Slodia would drop down from the branch. She had only a small portion of mana left. Veriana would stand up and move towards Zealine:
"He...Took the hit for you." Veriana said:
"You stay back!" Zealine shouted as she grabbed to Ember and Cinder holding them up to try to make Veriana stay back:
"Don't worry...I'm not that stupid...To much blood had spilled today." Veriana said:
"I will let you go but I take the wrath to prison...Please just let me do that...He is a criminal." Veriana said:
"You asking me to leave my master to custody?" Zealine asked:
"Please...No more blood but let him serve his sins." Veriana said:
"I won't let you-" Zealine said but she suddenly felt a hit in the back of the head. Slodia would be behind her and hit her. She would have used a bit more mana but still not enough to die:
"We take him to prison and let the girl to a doctor," Veriana said:
"You let the man go! Even after all this!" Slodia shouted:
"Yes. As the guild leader, i order you to stand down!" Veriana said. Slodia would sigh but then just black out from mana loss. Veriana would shot up a flare from her bag and wait for help.

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