Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy II

Peace doesn't last long! Katsu will be facing off with new villains such as new rivals. His adventure continues in A Hero's Legacy II!


2. The Monster Within



   Yuki, Snowy, and Grandmother Kuroshimi watch in shock. Iori looks terrifying. Yuki clenches her chest and Snowy covers his mouth. Grandmother Kuroshimi steps back. Iori looks at his hands and then smirks at Katsu. 

   "Like what you see?" Iori asks. Katsu smiles. 

   "Haven't seen something like this yet. Its pretty amazing!" Katsu says. 

   "I promise you, this will be your end!" Iori says. He jumps in the air and slams his fists onto Katsu who puts his hands up to guard against the attack. "I'm going to crush every bit of you! Your bones will wither and break!" Iori yells. He forces his hands downward and Katsu jumps back and Iori's hands hit the concrete and is smashes to ruble. He looks up and dashes toward Katsu. He throws a punch at Katsu and he blocks it. Iori then grabs Katsu's leg. 

   "Shit!" Katsu yells. Iori smirks and holds him up by his leg. Iori smirks and he raises a hand. "Roar of The Flame Demon Dragon!" Katsu yells as his purple flames spew at Iori. He puts his hand on Katsu's mouth and he puts his other hand on Katsu's stomach. Katsu's eyes widen as a purplish magical ball appears and it hits his stomach. Katsu yelps out in pain. Iori then drops Katsu and kicks him under the chin sending him flying. Iori jumps up and grabs Katsu's head and drives him into the ground face first. 

   "I'm going to wash away your body into dragon dust!" Iori says. Yuki summons her axe. 

   "I'm going to help Katsu!" Yuki says. She runs toward Iori. He picks up Katsu from the ground. The right side of Katsu's face is bleeding and his hair is covers his right eye. Yuki takes her axe and slices Iori's back. He drops Katsu and Katsu wakes up from his dizzy spell. 

   "Iron Fist of The Flame Demon Dragon!" Katsu yells as he punches Iori across the face with his purple flaming fist. Iori steps back and Yuki cuts the back of his legs. Iori drops to his knees and Katsu does a flaming uppercut to Iori sending him on the concrete. Iori gets back up. 

   "Now I have two people to kill." Iori says. "This should be fun!" Iori clotheslines Katsu and Yuki. They are sent into a pond. Katsu gets up and he is instantly kicked by Iori. He grabs Yuki and holds her up. "Now I'll kill this girl first!" Iori says. He opens his other hand and a dark magic appears. Katsu puts his foot on the wall and jumps toward Iori. 

   "Don't you touch her you mutt!" Katsu yells. His body instantly surrounds in flames. "Devil Horn of The Flame Demon Dragon!" Katsu yells. He goes faster and he hits Iori in the chest. He drops Yuki. They go through a house and Katsu grabs Iori's tail. He swings him around. He slings him into the air. He jumps up in above Iori. "Brilliant Flame of The Flame Demon Dragon Slayer!" Katsu yells. He slams both flaming fists on Iori's head. Iori is sent on the house floor and it breaks the wooden flooring. Katsu lands on his feet. He is heavily breathing. "Stay down." Katsu says. Grandmother Kuroshimi looks in awe at her grandson's power. Iori gets back up. 

   "You think that's going to kill me?" Iori asks. He has blood running down the side of his snout. His pants are ripped and torn. The cloth has been torn to pieces. Katsu looks shocked. 

   "What do I do now?" Katsu asks himself. Iori laughs. 

   "You've met your end! I'm going to kill you here and now!" Iori says. He opens his mouth and a dark magic ball appears. He sends it at Katsu. It hits him and pushes him back. Katsu is trying to stand his ground. 

   "Dammit, I don't think I can hold this off!" Katsu says. He slides on the concrete. Yuki looks up and sees Iori's blast going toward Katsu. She gets up. 

   "Oh crap.....Katsu's getting bested." Yuki says. She summons ten swords almost like an Erza attack. They ignite in flames. "Ten Swords of The Phoenix Army!" Yuki yells. The ten sword fly toward Iori. Eight of the swords miss him and the others stab him. One stabs his arm and one on his leg. The blast gets weaker. 

   "Thanks Yuki!" Katsu says. Yuki smiles. He inhales. 

   "Roar of The Flame Demon Dragon!" Katsu yells. His breath attack hits the blast. He tries to push his attack to overpower Iori's. Yuki looks at how Katsu is still struggling. Katsu starts sweating from his lost of breath. Katsu ignites his left fist in flames. He cancels the breath attack and he jumps backward. "Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Demon's Raging Flame Fist!" His entire left arms turns into flames. He runs toward Iori's blast and he punches it. "Yeah!" Katsu yells. He forces his fist to go further and he actually overpowers Iori's blast. His fist collides with Iori's face making a crossfire. Katsu's attack still is going. Iori is flying across the town. Katsu's attack sends Iori forty yards and he soon collides with a cliff. The cliff falls apart and dust surround the area. Yuki looks in awe. 

   "Is Katsu okay?" Grandmother Kuroshimi asks. 

   "I think so." Yuki says. Snowy looks grabs Yuki and she grabs Grandmother Kuroshimi. Snowy flies toward the area Katsu's attack stopped at. The dust clears and Katsu's fist is still on Iori's face. Iori has reverted back to his human form, and he's knocked out. Katsu is heavily breathing. 

   "Now.....I've won." Katsu says. He staggers back and he falls back. Yuki smiles. 

   "He won!" Yuki says. Katsu opens his eyes and smiles at them. He does a thumbs up, smiling with both eyes closed. 

   "Way to go Katsu!" Grandmother Kuroshimi says. Snowy flies down to Katsu. 

   "He's destructive, but it always ends with him winning." Yuki says. Yuki smiles at Katsu. "You won once again." Yuki says. 

   "I always win!" Katsu says. He sits up and smiles again. They start laughing.

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