Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy II

Peace doesn't last long! Katsu will be facing off with new villains such as new rivals. His adventure continues in A Hero's Legacy II!


1. Peace Doesn't Last Long



   One morning Katsu wakes up and he walks into the bathroom to get a shower. He takes off his bed cloths and he looks in the mirror. His eyes are crimson red. He blinks and looks clearer into the mirror. His eyes are red for sure. 

   "What the hell?" Katsu asks himself. He looks into his own eyes. Something isn't right. He walks into the shower and turns on the water. Yuki is still asleep, but Snowy is up eating some leftover fish. Katsu gets out of the shower and he gets dressed and heads toward the kitchen. He sees Snowy. He waves to him. 

   "You seemed to be in a good mood!" Snowy says cheerfully. Katsu smiles and opens the fridge. 

   "Of course! Its been almost eight months and there is peace." Katsu says. Snowy smiles. 

   "Well defeating Demigra did do us some good didn't it? You were awesome too." Snowy says. Katsu grabs a few snacks from the fridge he bites down on the bag of cookies and holds the other snack items. He sets them on the counter. 

   "Well we did managed to buy our own house." Katsu says. They bought the house soon after Demigra was defeated. Lettie and Natsu now have a daughter, and Gray and Marzela have twins, one boy one girl. The only single person on Team Natsu is Katsu. Erza's been going places without anyone noticing. She seems to be very secretive. Lucy has formed a relationship with Loki, wonders if that'll last. And as for Katsu, he's been alone. He doesn't seem to care for love and relationships at the moment. His excuse is he's too young to settle down and have kids. Zeref thinks Katsu just doesn't want to have kids and whatnot. Yuki walks into the kitchen. Her hair is unkempt, and her pink robe is untied. She looks over at Katsu eating all her snacks. 

   "Hey you big mouthed pig! I bought those cookies!" Yuki says. She smacks Katsu across the face and he drops the cookie bag. Yuki picks up the cookie bag and sets it on the table. "I bought these so they are mine!" Yuki yells. Katsu rubs his red cheek. 

   "I actually bought those." Katsu says. Yuki looks at the bag of Oreo's.

   "Nevermind then." Yuki says. She goes to the fridge and sees her cookies sitting on the shelf. She looks at Katsu and notices his eyes are red. "Whoa! Your eyes are red!" Yuki says. "Did I accidentally hit you too hard?!" Yuki says frightened. 

   "No. I walked into the shower and they were like this." Katsu says.

   "That's amazing though. How did your eyes change color?" Yuki asks. Katsu shrugs.

   "I don't know, and I really don't care." Katsu says.

   "Well okay then. I'm going to take a shower." Yuki says. She walks to the bathroom.

   "I see you still wear her outfit she bought you." Snowy says. Katsu looks at his outfit and then to Snowy.

   "Well yeah! It looks good on me." Katsu says.

   "You know one of these days you'll grow out of it." Snowy says.

   "Until that day comes I'll be wearing this." Katsu says.


   Later Katsu, Yuki, and Snowy are walking toward the guild. Yuki's phone rings. She takes it out and its her grandmother.

   "Its my grandmother! She must be wanting me to go see her." Yuki says. She opens her phone. As Yuki talks on her phone Katsu looks at the sky with his arms behind his head. Snowy is on Katsu's back looking along with his buddy. "My grandmother would like us to come see her! She's in another town, but it shouldn't take us long to get there. She wants you to see her too. Afterall you are my adopted brother." Yuki says smiling at Katsu. He looks at her. 

   "Sure it'll be nice to see her again. I haven't seen her in like a year." Katsu says. Yuki looks dumbfounded. 

   "A year? Remember your three year training with Zeref?! And your little adventure into another city?! I'm sure it was more than just a year!" Yuki says. Katsu rolls his eyes. 

   "Sure whatever you say. By the way I wasn't in that town more than three days tops." Katsu says. 

   "Anyways you coming?" Yuki asks. 

   "I said sure." Katsu says. 

   "Urggh! I think your maturity level went down instead of up!" Yuki groans. She starts walking the other way. Katsu looks at Snowy. 

   "What's gotten her panties in a knot?" Katsu asks. 

   "I think she has you know......Her private thing?" Snowy says. 

   "Private thing? You mean shark week?" Katsu asks. Snowy nods. 

   "Yes, shark week." Snowy says. 


   A few hours later Katsu and Yuki arrive at her grandmother's house. Its not really a decent place to live. Its almost about to tear down. The roof is missing a whole side, and part of the walls are gone. Yuki's grandmother sees them approach her house and she opens the door for them. Yuki and Katsu both look around the almost ruined home. 

   "What happened Grandma?" Yuki asks looking at the half ruined house. Her grandmother sighs. 

   "Those damn lousy wizards! They think they can do what they want when they want!" Grandmother Kuroshimi says.

   "You should ask to get a better place Grandma Kuroshimi." Katsu says. He leans on the chimney. Snowy looks around the house for some fish. Grandmother Kuroshimi looks at Katsu.

   "Your grandfather built this house by himself. His work and dedication was poured into building this house. I can't just leave it." Grandmother Kuroshimi says.

   "I understand that, but this house isn't going to stand much longer. Grandma Kuroshimi you need a more stable place." Katsu says. Grandmother Kuroshimi nods.

   "I understand, but I would be so shameful if I left this house and watch it get destroyed by those wizards." Grandmother Kuroshimi says.

   "I'm not going to let it get destroyed." Katsu says. He gives Grandmother Kuroshimi a reassuring smile. Grandmother Kuroshimi smiles back. 

   "Thank you Katsu. You're as dedicated as your grandfather was." Grandmother Kuroshimi says. A figure lands on the roof. He has purple hair covering half his face, yellow fearsome eyes, and sharp fangs. He is wearing a black shirt with a tanish cloth wrapped around his waist. He is wearing white pants with black boots. He has a devilish smirk about his face. Katsu stands in front of his grandmother, Yuki, and Snowy. 

   "My name is Iori Satayuri." He bends down on one knee and lays his arm across it looking down at his prey. "I've come to assassinate Katsu Dragsteel." Katsu smirks. 

   "Better watch your tongue there buddy. Assassinate me? You look like you couldn't even assassinate a fly." Katsu says. He cracks his knuckles. 

   "But beware for I am the predator and you are my prey." Iori says. He leaps down and looks straight into Katsu's eyes. "I always wanted to kill a Dragon Slayer." Iori says. Katsu starting laughing. 

   "Oh, tell me you got more jokes, cuz that one is going to cost you." Katsu says. He punches his knuckles together.

   "That wasn't a joke." Iori's expression gets serious. 

   "Lets get ready to rumble then!" Katsu says. Iori smirks. 

   "Takeover: Orc Arm!" Iori yells as his right arm turns greenish and much bigger and muscular. He punches Katsu, but Katsu has his guard up and it only pushed him back. "Takeover: Phoenix Wing!" Iori comes rushing at Katsu with his wing attack. Katsu jumps over Iori's body and he looks back. 

   "Brilliant Demon Rage of the Flame Demon Dragon!" Katsu yells as both fist become surrounded by fire and he slams both fists on Iori's back. Iori faceplants. Katsu looks at Iori. 

   "You got lucky there my friend, but you will die!" Iori says. He goes for another attack. Katsu dodges and counters with an left exploding uppercut. Iori is sent out of the house and he runs out of it making sure he didn't do no damage. He sees Iori getting back up. "Just a lucky hit is all." Iori smirks. "Since you think that your Dragon Slayer skills can defeat me you're dead wrong!" Iori says. 

   "Looks like he's kicking your ass pretty well right now." Yuki says giggling. Iori shoots Yuki a terrifying stare.

   "You're next sweet cheeks." Iori says. Katsu steps his foot down.

   "Hey our fight isn't over yet. Besides I won't touch her if I were you." Katsu says. Iori smirks.

   "You're weak just like your brother said." Iori says. "You just got a few lucky shots in is all." Iori says almost laughing at his own words. "You're going to die, and it will be painful." Iori says. Katsu smirks.

   "My brother sent you to kill me? My whole family wants me dead then." Katsu says. Iori gets serious. He rushes toward Katsu and lands a few attacks. Katsu is pushed back. "Damn! This is tougher now!" Katsu says. Iori punches Katsu in the gut and his hand opens and a magical ball appears. 

   "Curse Magic: Nightly Dawn Breaker!" Iori yells as the ball becomes brighter and it is sealed onto Katsu's stomach. Katsu backs up and he looks at the seal.

   "What happened! I can't use my magic anymore!" Katsu yells. Iori laughs.

   "This is your death. I will kill you." Iori says. "Explode!" The seal starts to glow and then it explodes.

   "Katsu!" Yuki and Snowy yell. The smoke clears and Katsu is wiping his lip. 

   "That's all you got?" Katsu asks. He looks up and a bit of blood runs down from the side of his lip.

   "He ate the seal?!" Iori asks himself in shock. 

   "Did he just eat the seal?!" Yuki asks in shock. 

   "I think he ate the seal!" Snowy says in shock. 

   "What the hell?! Did my own grandson eat the seal?!" Grandmother Kuroshimi asks herself in shock. 

   "Look hotshot that seal you just put on me was consisting of demon magic. I am a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer though, but hey, thanks for giving me a boast in my magic energy!" Katsu smiles cheerfully. Iori backs up. 

   "Just what in the hell are you?!" Iori asks. Katsu smirks and wipes the blood from his lip with his thumb. 

   "My name is Katsu and it stands for victory. That's all you need to know." Katsu says. Katsu's body heats up with purple flames. "Iron Demon Horn of The Flame Demon Dragon!" Katsu yells as he rushes toward Iori like a lighting bolt. His head collides with Iori's stomach making Iori go flying across the street and then finally hitting a statue of an eagle. Katsu walks toward Iori. Iori stands up and his cloths are torn and ripped. Blood runs down the side of his left arm, and a little on his face and some blood runs down his left eye. Katsu smirks at Iori. His cloths are also torn from the explosion. His right sleeve is half way torn off. the jacket is unzipped and the ends are torn to length the middle of his back. His pants are torn on the knee and also on the side of his right leg. Iori looks at Katsu. 

   "Don't think this is over just yet. I have a Full Body Takeover spell that should give me the edge I need." Iori says. Yuki clenches her hands tightly. 

   "Another form?" Yuki asks. 

   "His magic is similar to the Stratus family." Snowy says. "He does seem even stronger than Mirajane." Snowy says. Yuki nods. 

   "He also has curse magic which should make him a demon. Probably one of Demigra's henchmen." Yuki says. Iori smirks. 

   "You should feel special. I never shown this form to any of my contracts until now. This form is also a Legendary Magic Skill. Its also forbidden too." Iori smirks more.

   "Sure whatever change into this form. I'm sure I'll still kick your ass." Katsu says. He stands straight up with his arms crossed.

   "Takeover: Mythical Full Body Takeover!" Iori yells. A strong purple aura surrounds Iori. He begins to change. His nose and mouth begin to grow into a snout, like a wolf's. Purple fur begins to grow and his ears become pointy and wolf-like. He begins to grow a tail that grows purple fluffy fur. He grows 11 inches taller. Katsu looks in shock. He stands with both legs spread evenly out, and his arms ready to engage in combat. Iori howls and he looks at Katsu. "Fear me now! You thought I was joking about my mythical form didn't you?" Iori says. Katsu and the others look in shock. Iori's magic energy dramatically increased. 

   "Oh crap.....This isn't going to end well....." Katsu says. Will Katsu have what it takes to take on such a beast? Has Katsu finally met his match? What will become of this battle? Find out in the next chapter release!

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