A heart is like glass

Don't take advantage of other people, this can have tragic consequences. i know people who learnt this the hard way, so i decided to right about it. there is a difference between mockery and jokes, so i hope there is people out there that have learnt from there mistakes.


3. what you have done to me

I am smile outside but dying within,

i am cheerful but hurting inside,

i am laughing on the exterior but i am crying deep down,

i trusted you but you let me drown,

i loved you but you left me to burn,

i gave you my heart to protect but you strangled it instead

and now you have one,

what is done is done,

a blood stained dress billowing in the wind,

tears running down rosy cheeks,

a gun leaded, a rope tied, pills taken,

its time to say goodbye,

but before i go, you must know,

there was nothing ever good enough for you,

i no regret, just a request,

i hope you learnt from your mistake

and now a solemnly say, i hope to see you never,

and with those final words,

i fall dead with a smile, but my throat is caught with the taste of bile.

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