A heart is like glass

Don't take advantage of other people, this can have tragic consequences. i know people who learnt this the hard way, so i decided to right about it. there is a difference between mockery and jokes, so i hope there is people out there that have learnt from there mistakes.


2. weeping rose

The rose are weeping,

the knot has been tied,

a heart bound in sickly sweet lies,

a gun loaded and its bullets fired,

a tear falling from blood ridden skies,

the sound of a scream in the dark,

i ghostly voice saying goodbye,

the sound of the wind howling at night

a wordless moan,

crimson words etched into stone,

a mourning women, bent over her dying child

a knife is drawn,

silver turns red,

stubborn noises within your head,

the heart of baby, ringed with thorns,

a life ended but reborn,

a girl locked in a curse,

death and birth, over and over,

waiting until the link is broken,

the rose is weeping red,

her body clutched with pain,

waiting to see him again.

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