A heart is like glass

Don't take advantage of other people, this can have tragic consequences. i know people who learnt this the hard way, so i decided to right about it. there is a difference between mockery and jokes, so i hope there is people out there that have learnt from there mistakes.


4. Insane love

Roses are red and violet are blue,

Puppies are sweet and so were you,

But now i know,

Those roses were stained red,

Red with blood of those hearts you stabbed,

And those puppies were dead,

Your heart was black and my soul is empty,

And suicide seems tempting,

My demons crave your blood,

Your corpse to be caked in crimson dyed mud,

Knives to be sharpened and throats to be slit,

Now i know it may be called a “psychotic fit”,

But it would be fitting, wouldn’t it?

Hearts to be torn and intestines to be crushed,

Your body will be pulverised into bloody mush,

I may crave may chaos,

And then turn genocide,

But it would be as effective as killing a bug with pesticide,

My psychiatrist said i have become a sociopath,

But to be honest, i don’t feel that bad.

Thinking back to the moments we had,

It makes me feel so very sad,

You through away our love and betrayed my trust,

You told me to not fuss,

You betrayed me and made me dead inside,

I built a wall around my heart and put on an insane smile,

Hacking away at my victims and letting out a crazy cackle,

But my throat is caught with the taste of vomit,

I long for you to say you need me but you never will.

Rose are wilted and violets are dead, my soul is hollow,

And death beckons me to follow.

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