A heart is like glass

Don't take advantage of other people, this can have tragic consequences. i know people who learnt this the hard way, so i decided to right about it. there is a difference between mockery and jokes, so i hope there is people out there that have learnt from there mistakes.


1. A heart is like glass

A heart is like glass.

It cracks and is scratched.

It pulls through.

But after so much damage, it shatters,

It becomes broken.

It can’t be fixed.


A heat is like a rose.

It is beautiful and rich.

But eventually It will wilt.

When it wilts, it dies.

Once it is dead, it cannot come back.


A heart is like a bird.

It is colourful and majestic.

But once it is shot down, it falls.

Once it falls, it cannot get back up.

If it cannot get back up,

It is devoured by the stronger.


A heart is like iron.

It is strong.

But it rusts.

When it rusts, it weakens.

When it weakens, it crumbles.

When it crumbles, it cannot return to what it once was.


A heart is fragile.

It can break,

It can crumble,

It can fall,

It can die.

But somehow it can keep movie forward to the point when it yearns for deaths cold embrace.

To the point where it loses all determination and gives up.

Or it can go all out and fight to live,

It’s all up to the person who owns it.


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