The Chemical Dead

The Dead rise again


1. The Chemical Dead


Claret ran down the cracks of the pavement twisting and spinning into the all ready puddled street the crimson blood mixed with the tide in the gutter that flowed to the bubbling drains blocked with costa cups and fag butts.
Dark was the night neither the moon or star in sight, the rain kept bulleting down from the dense clouds that hung over the town. But this did not stop the rats ripping at the corpses that covered and lined the streets of this once vibrant hub. No lights shone from lamps or windows alike, fractured buildings stood like skeletons. A thick haze of toxic gas was on the air, released by a government on this now crushed town.
The corpses began to twitch and crack as limbs began to snap back from their grotesque positions, maggots crawled from eye sockets, rabid dogs began to flee as the walking dead stirred and rose upon their festering legs. 100s stood in foul pose and started to file down the high street their noses twitching for the scent of raw meat. The dogs were to fast but the odd rat was fodder for the undeads late night supper! drool hanging from decaying jaw bones as they chomped into the rodents exploding like water ballons.
The hunt for what flesh they might sight began the rank undead flowed from every street, alley, from broken door ways and garbage bins an army of dead made for a purpose. chemical warfare was out of hand!
The battalion of death marched hot on the scent of rancid meat, and the bright lights at the end of the street, a disorganised band of vile mercenaries they stumbled and crawled, the odd limb would simply fall away here and there.
As they gatheredby the lights the smell of flesh was intense, now crazed they rampaged up ramps into the rear of several lorries loaded with rotten pig carcasses they descended on the pork tearing at the skin and bone, the ramps raised behind them trapped! To be driven and unleashed in a foreign land.

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